10 Awesome Donut Themed Party Ideas

10 Awesome Donut Themed Party Ideas

Are you looking for some awesome donut themed party ideas?

Here are 10 donut themed party ideas you can try at your next party. After looking at these you might want every party to be a donut themed party!!!
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1. The donut wall display

What a great way to go vertical with your food display! Put your donuts on pegboards against the wall or stack them up for a wonderful donut display.  You can buy donuts to fit your theme color and make it a photo backdrop. You’ll be Instagram worthy!




donut theme party donut holder

source: Hob Knobin


2. The Donut Balloons

You can’t have a party without balloons. Make these donut balloons with just paint and crepe papers.

Donut Themed Party - Balloons

source: Studio DIY


3. Healthy Donuts 

Healthy and Donuts don’t really go together. However, you can make one with less calories and sweetness. Try this recipe from Brit + Co. Not the healthiest,but better than your regular donuts. After reading the article, you might want to get a cute little donut maker like this one or this.

Donut Themed Party healthy donuts

source: Brit + Co


4.The donut Invitation

The all important invitation is the first sign letting your guests know what to expect from the party.  Make sure it’s FUN, like this pastel color invitation from Tiny Mint Shop. Check out some other cute donut themed party invitations here.


5. The donut banner

The banner puts the spotlight on the person who’s party it is for. The banner below by Liza Bits Designs is so beautiful with the many layers and gold glitter paper.


6. Donut cake topper

Donut Theme Cake Topper

source: Smashed Cake


7. Donut favor bags and tags

To thank everyone for coming, donut you want to give them something? Donut let your guests leave without a little treat. Treats always taste better if packaged beautifully, like this party favor bag from With Love and Confetti.



8. Donut pinata

How fun would it be to get sweet surprises out of these donut pinatas? Here are two easy DIY pinatas.

Donut Theme Party Donut Pinata

source: Aly Dosdall


Donut Theme party pinata

source: Studio DIY


9. Donut favor

Your guests might be all donut out by the end of the party, so give them a cute plush donut to remember what a fun party it was.

10. Donut cake

Besides the donut wall display, the cake is probably the big highlight of the party. There are so many colorful donut cake ideas, but this donut cake is so subtle, sophisticated, and sweet.



Here is my free printable for you:

“Donuts Make Me Happy” printable. Could be used on a dessert table, hung up in the kitchen or nursery.

Donut theme party printable

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17 Free Father’s Day Printables

17 Free Father’s Day Printables

If you don’t know by now, Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 17. As always, I’m always behind in giving you freebies. Other bloggers, get their posts up and running a month before a special occasions. I’m the person that waits til the last minute to do things. But, I’m sure I’m not the only one that leaves things for the last minute.

Here are some easy Father’s day printables for dads. Some are easy crafts for the kids to do for dad, others are cards.

1. Father’s Day Candy Tie

What dad would not want a tie filled with candy? Wear and eat candy all day long at work.

2. Father’s Day Printable Book

Love books where the kids fill out what they think about dad. You’ll really get a kids perspective about how old he thinks daddy is. It’s so funny to have daddy read and then to have the kids read when they’re older. I’m sure there would be lots of giggling.

3. Father’s Day Candy Tags

No time? No worries. Get dad some of his favorite candies and wrap these gift tags around them with a nice little card and you’re done.

4. Father’s Day Geometric Card

Got a cool dady? Give him this modern geometic Father’s Day card.

5. All About Dad Booklet

Another fill it in book. This one is a little bit longer and has coupon that daddy can redeem.

6. Father’s Day Foldable Card

This card is for the all handy daddy: a foldable tool Father’s Day card.

7. Dad 3-D eyeglasses

Have daddy wear this all day long to let everyone that he’s a cool dad. Goes really well with the candy tie in #1.

8. Father’s Day Breakfast Printables

Besides moms, dads also deserve breakfast in bed. Make him some pancakes with bacon or buy some donuts. Stick this Father’s Day tag on top along with a “newspaper” about how great he is.

9. Father’s Day Banner

Hang up a banner before daddy wake up to surprise him for his special day!

10. Father’s Day Portrait

It would hystical for dad to see what his kids drawing of him would look like.

11. Father’s Day Bowtie Box

Put anything in this cute bowtie box and dad would love it.

12. Father’s Day’s Upside Down Banner

The Father’s Day banner is big and definitely let daddy know that he is cool and wacky!

13. Father’s Day Bowtie Card

A simple card with a little bowtie craft for the kiddo to do.

13. Etch A Sketch Father’s Day Card

For the daddy who used to play with this when he was a little boy. Let him know he’s old, but cool!

14. Father’s Day Vintage Car Card

Let daddy know that he’s one of a kind and they don’t make daddy like him anymore!

15. Father’s Day “Hey” Card

This is just a cool and vibrant card to say, “Hey, Dad. You’re cool. Happy Father’s Day”.

16. Father’s Day Black and White Pattern Card

Simple and monochrome for the modern dad.

17. Father’s Day Popsicle Card

This card is for the coolest pop in the whole wide world.

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Beautiful Hair Bows  and Headbands for Girls

Beautiful Hair Bows and Headbands for Girls

My gal friend just had a baby girl. She’s so tiny and sweet. I want to give something for the baby that is small and doesn’t take up space. We all know how many things newborn gets these days. Clothes are just overly given.

Through my research on Pinterest, I found that hair bow and headband are the answers to my gift dilemma. What is also great about hair bows or headbands? They make great a photo prop. They go great with a white shirt or a naked baby. So below, I researched for you and for myself (gift ideas for the little ladies in my life), the cutest and sweetest hair bows for girls for every day, special photos, or a party.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I will receive a small commission should you purchase by clicking any of my links. This will cost you nothing extra. Please see my Disclosure Policy.

Each of these hair bows is hand painted! That is talent right there. Love every single bow in this shop. And I just can’t get over the shop name. Quite creative and catchy.
This shop makes cute headbands and hair bows, some of which come with matching barefoot sandals. There is also a monthly bow subscription. Starting at $11.99 a month with free shipping in the USA. The more months you sign up the more you save and you get bonus bows. Check out the info here.
This shop has some of the prettiest bows for any occassions. The flamingo and unicorn hair bows are my favorites.
Love that this shop has dinosaur bows. The glitter background really makes everything pop.
This shop has vibrant and playful bows. I’m so happy just looking at them. It also has my favorite bunny pattern on on a bow. Can you find it in the store?
These bows are available as headbands or hair bows. I’m particularly fond of the hand tied bows.
There you have it. Six Etsy shops that sell the cutest, prettiest, most adorable hair bows and headbands. I’ve only included 24 bows and headbands here, but each shop offers so much more. These would make such wonderful baby shower or birthday gift for a young little lady.

Pin this for later reference or share it with someone you know who needs pretty hair bows or headbands. I even provided you with a nice Pinterest pin below:



What are your feelings regarding  hair bows and headbands? What is your favorite shop to get hair bows?



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The Ultimate Cheap or Free Mother’s Day Gifts

The Ultimate Cheap or Free Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s day is just several days away. If you haven’t gotten mom something yet, consider these simple gifts that she will love you for. Give her some flowers, handcrafted gifts from the kids and one of these. Mothers far and wide will love these!

This post contains affiliate links. This just means that I get a small commission should you buy something by clicking through my links. There is not extra cost to you. Please see my disclosure policy.

What’s so great about these gifts is that you can get them at your local Target, beauty store like Sephora, restaurants, or even Amazon. The trick is to package it beautifully.


1. Manicure/Pedicure

Mother's Day Gift nail color

Photo by Sabina Ciesielska on Unsplash

Give mom a gift certificate to her favorite nail salon. If you don’t know what her favorite salon is, just give her a Visa’s gift card that she can use anywhere. Or if she likes doing her own nail, then put together a nice personal at home nail salon.


2. Give her a box of her favorite treats

Mother's Day Gift treats

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

Give her the whole box of cookies and tell her you’ll take the kids out for two hours so she can eat the whole box by herself…in peace.


3. Spa day

Give her a gift certificate to the spa so she can be relaxed and happy to see you and the kids again. If you can’t afford a spa treatment then put together a spa kit that includes a face mask so she can wear it while binge watching her favorite show and eating her favorite box of cookies.


4. Order her favorite meal

Mother's Day gift food

Photo by Heather Schwartz on Unsplash

Give her a meal to enjoy while binge watching her favorite show, wearing the face mask and eating cookies. And if you’re ultra nice you’ll order meals for the whole family for the week.


5. Set up a bath for her

Buy that bath tray and put all the essentials, including the wine glass and bottle. Give her the whole day to just lie there to watch her favorite shows or read her favorite book.


6. Give her a gift card

If you’re not sure which of the above you want to do for her just give her a Visa’s gift card. Mom will take care of her gift herself and she will not have to return your present. You can find gift cards almost everywhere these days. I personally know that Walgreens and Rite Aid have them. The gift cards range from restaurants to movies.


7. Give her a “One Line A Day” journal

This type of journal is all the rage right now. Give it to her and let her jot down her memories. Her one line for Mother’s day might just be : “Receiving the One Line a Day journal and leaving me to write down my thoughts in a quiet space is the best gift I received on this Mother’s day.”


8. Drop her off at her BFF’s

Photo by Colin Maynard on Unsplash

If you think mom will be bored if you leave her alone, then drop her off at her bff’s so they can be “bored” together.


9. Give mom a theater treatment

Be it a Broadway show or a movie. Just leave her somewhere alone so she can watch a movie or fall asleep at the movie theater.


10. Don’t wake her up

Mother's Day Gift breakfast

Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash

If you truly love mom, don’t even bother waking her up to wish her a happy Mother’s Day. Just let her sleep past 7 AM. And let her wake up to a ready-made breakfast, a clean house, and no screaming children.Bring the kids back right before their bedtime.

There you have it. Ten gifts that any mom would love. Give her one or all ten gifts. The most important part of all these gifts is that you leave her alone to enjoy them! Believe me, she will love you for it.

Check out my other Mother’s Day gift ideas:

Natural Health Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Gifts that I personally would love!

Free printable Cards for Mom:

Last Minute Mother’s Day Printable Card

Another Free Mother’s Day Printable Cards

Mother’s Day cards in the shop:

Blue Floral Mother’s Day printable card

Funny Mother’s Day Cards

Have a great Mother’s Day!


Over to you:

What are you getting mom for Mother’s Day? If you’re a mom, would you be happy with these or would you want something more? What is your biggest wish for Mother’s Day?

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10 Gender neutral birthday shirts for kids

10 Gender neutral birthday shirts for kids

This post contains affiliate links, which mean if you purchase through my links I get a small commission – at no extra charge to you. Read full disclosure policy.

My baby boy will be turning two this June. How times fly! I will miss the first year, but I’m sure the second one will as adventurous and fun for him and me! Can’t wait to see what 2 has in store for us. To celebrate his birthday, I want to get him a cute birthday shirt. I’ve searched the internet and found some really cute ones that I want to share with you. All of these shirts would be great to wear all year round, not just for birthdays.

1. The gold foil against the black shirt is what makes this shirt coooool. Has great reviews on Amazon. 4.8 out of 5 with 148 reviews. Read the reviews here.

2. If you got a dinosaur lover this would be a perfect shirt for a fabulous dinosaur party. The birthday party hat is the perfect addition to make the shirt wow. Check out the dinosaur shirt reviews.

3. Sometimes simple is best, like this Two.Cool. shirt. You can get this shirt in 18 color options. Check some of the colors here. birthday shirt two

4. This “Let’s Party!” shirt design is wildly popular. Check this and tons of other cute shirt out here. birthday shirt two party

5. Love the hand-drawn look of the number 2. The red sleeves will really let everyone know who the special birthday boy or girl is. Shop the look here. birthday shirt 2 awesome

6. This shirt is for your little super hero boy and girl. Check it out here. birthday shirt

7. The sunglasses got me. It is too cute. Link to shirt here. Birthday shirt two cool

8. Can’t get any more simple than just the number 2. Shirt by Spill the beans, etc.Birthday shirt number 2

9. No need to tell people how old you are. Just say it on a shirt. This screen printed shirt looks so comfortable. Get the details here. Birthday Shirt Ahoy Amigo

There you have it. Some of the cutest gender neutral birthday shirts I found and love. Which one is your favorite? I can’t really decide. They’re two cool!!!



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