17 Free Father’s Day Printables

17 Free Father’s Day Printables

If you don’t know by now, Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 17. As always, I’m always behind in giving you freebies. Other bloggers, get their posts up and running a month before a special occasions. I’m the person that waits til the last minute to do things. But, I’m sure I’m not the only one that leaves things for the last minute.

Here are some easy Father’s day printables for dads. Some are easy crafts for the kids to do for dad, others are cards.

1. Father’s Day Candy Tie

What dad would not want a tie filled with candy? Wear and eat candy all day long at work.

2. Father’s Day Printable Book

Love books where the kids fill out what they think about dad. You’ll really get a kids perspective about how old he thinks daddy is. It’s so funny to have daddy read and then to have the kids read when they’re older. I’m sure there would be lots of giggling.

3. Father’s Day Candy Tags

No time? No worries. Get dad some of his favorite candies and wrap these gift tags around them with a nice little card and you’re done.

4. Father’s Day Geometric Card

Got a cool dady? Give him this modern geometic Father’s Day card.

5. All About Dad Booklet

Another fill it in book. This one is a little bit longer and has coupon that daddy can redeem.

6. Father’s Day Foldable Card

This card is for the all handy daddy: a foldable tool Father’s Day card.

7. Dad 3-D eyeglasses

Have daddy wear this all day long to let everyone that he’s a cool dad. Goes really well with the candy tie in #1.

8. Father’s Day Breakfast Printables

Besides moms, dads also deserve breakfast in bed. Make him some pancakes with bacon or buy some donuts. Stick this Father’s Day tag on top along with a “newspaper” about how great he is.

9. Father’s Day Banner

Hang up a banner before daddy wake up to surprise him for his special day!

10. Father’s Day Portrait

It would hystical for dad to see what his kids drawing of him would look like.

11. Father’s Day Bowtie Box

Put anything in this cute bowtie box and dad would love it.

12. Father’s Day’s Upside Down Banner

The Father’s Day banner is big and definitely let daddy know that he is cool and wacky!

13. Father’s Day Bowtie Card

A simple card with a little bowtie craft for the kiddo to do.

13. Etch A Sketch Father’s Day Card

For the daddy who used to play with this when he was a little boy. Let him know he’s old, but cool!

14. Father’s Day Vintage Car Card

Let daddy know that he’s one of a kind and they don’t make daddy like him anymore!

15. Father’s Day “Hey” Card

This is just a cool and vibrant card to say, “Hey, Dad. You’re cool. Happy Father’s Day”.

16. Father’s Day Black and White Pattern Card

Simple and monochrome for the modern dad.

17. Father’s Day Popsicle Card

This card is for the coolest pop in the whole wide world.

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Free Spring Floral Party Invitations

Free Spring Floral Party Invitations

*This post contains affiliate link. Please see my disclosure policy.*

Spring showers, bring May flowers or lots of party invitations. Since my son’s started school, he’s been getting lots of party invitations for his classmates’ birthdays. You know those cute little invitations with the handwritten information on them. There’s just something so personal about them. Don’t get me wrong, I love the electronic invites as well for the their own benefits. I’m planning a post on some of my favorite online invitation sites in a future post.But for now, here are some simple blank invitations I created for you. You can fill these out by hand or type the information on them using an editing website, like PicMonkey.

Party Invitation

Party Invitation

Printing out your invitations

There are two invitations on one 8.5×11 paper. The invitation is 5×7 inches, but you can resize it smaller by adjusting your printer setting. To achieve the best quality invitation, print out on cardstock and choose “Best Photo” if you have that option on your printer. Cut on the trim marks. Write your information. Send out.

Party invitation

party invite

These invitations are great for Sunday brunch, birthday party, spring and summer parties.

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Calendar obsessions!

Calendar obsessions!

My goal this year is to make and give you all more printables. I started making all these 2018 calendar back in December 2017. Posted the shabby chic calendar below and totally forgot about the other two that I was working really hard on. It’s April now, but it’s better late than never. I hope you enjoy them.

This calendar is for the shabby chic floral lover.
shabby chic floral calendar jan frame

Then I started creating this lovely buffalo check or buffalo plaid calendar for the plaid trend that is going oh so strong in 2018. 2018 calendar buffalo check

This calendar was such a big hit last year, I updated it for 2018. It’s for the Lisa Glanz fan, which includes MOI!

2018 Calendar mockup

2018 Calendar mockup

You can hang them with clothespin or put them in a nice 5×7 picture frame.

2018 Calendar mockup

2018 calendar printable

Here are some more calendar from my fellow bloggers.

For the moon  and zodiac lover.

2018 calendar

Moon calendar via intuitive-collective.

For the watercolor and animal lover.

2018 calendar

Download Animal Calendar via The Cottage Market.

For the modern chic gal.

2018 calendar

Download modern chic calendar via Your Marketing BFF.

Hope you print these out and start planning your exciting year! What are some exciting things are you hoping to achieve this year?!


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10 Beautiful Easter Printables

10 Beautiful Easter Printables

Easter is just around the corner.  I’ve put together some beautiful printables to dress up your house for Easter.

*This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through my link I get a small commission. Please see my Disclosure Policy.

1.Easter bunny floral

Easter printable

2.Brown Easter bunny

3. Easter Bunny holding balloon.

4.Easter bunnies and eggs. Easter printable bunny and eggs

5.Gift tags easter printable

6.Easter bunny with party hat.easter printable

7.Easter floral wreath. Easter printable

8. Egg hunt bunny. Easter printable

9. He is Risen.Easter printable risen

10. Happy Easter floral wreathEaster printable wreath
You can download all the above printables by signing up below.

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Simple Valentine’s Day Decorations + Free Printables

Simple Valentine’s Day Decorations + Free Printables

January is coming to a close soon so it’s time to seriously start thinking about decorating for Valentine’s Day! Here are 15 simple Valentine’s Day decorations for your home that takes less than 30 minutes to make yourself.

1. “Wool you by my Valentine?” cards with a surprise in the middle. Valentine's Day party favor

2. Very easy XOX garland.Valentin'es Day decorations

3.Stitching heart plate.Valentine's Day plate heart

4.Kids heart art. Valentine's Day heart art

5. Valentine’s Day garland.Valentine's Day garland

6. Heart Cone Trees.Valentine's Day heart tree

7. Heart String Art. Valentine's Day string heart

8. Arrows.Valentine's Day arrows

9. Clay Valentine’s Day hearts and garland. Valentine's Day clay hearts

10. Cheery heart garland.

11. “Love you Around the World and Back Again” globe.Valentine's Day World Globe

12. Old book heart garland.

Valentine's Day old book garland

13. Pattern hearts printable.Valentine's Day pattern heart

14. Valentine’s pom pom pillows. Valentine's Day pom pom pillows

15. “I chews you” heart.

Valentine's Day I chews you


Here are some Valentine’s Day printables I created for you.

Valentine's Day Printable


Fill out the form below for your free printables.

Looking for more designs? Check these Valentine’s printables in my shop:

Valentine's Day Alphabet Printable

Alphabet I heart you

Valentine's Day Pink Heart

Neon heart 




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Free 2018 Shabby Chic Floral Calendar

Free 2018 Shabby Chic Floral Calendar

This 2018 calendar is for my flower loving friends. I’ve searched high and low for some cute floral calendar, but found none so I decided to design my own. It’s fairly easy to make using Canva. They have a calendar template. The floral images are from Pixabay and Unsplash.

shabby chic floral calendar jan frame


shabby chic floral calendar feb frame

Here is the calendar. Best printed on cardstock or photo paper.

Shabby Chic Floral Calendar Jan


Shabby Chic Floral Calendar feb 2018


Shabby Chic Floral Calendar Mar 2018

MARCH 2018

Shabby Chic Floral Calendar April

APRIL 2018

Shabby Chic Floral Calendar May

MAY 2018

Shabby Chic Floral Calendar June

JUNE 2018

Shabby Chic Floral Calendar July

JULY 2018

Shabby Chic Floral Calendar Aug 2018


Shabby Chic Floral Calendar Sept


Shabby Chic Floral Calendar Oct


Shabby Chic Floral Calendar Nov


Shabby Chic Floral Calendar Dec



There you have it, the whole year in beautiful flowers. So set your printer and print them all out!  If you’re a newsletter subscriber, you will find these in one big file in the free Printable Resource Library. If you’re not a subscriber yet, fill out the form below. I will send you the password and your 35% off promo code to use in my shop.

Happy 2018, everyone! To a healthy and happy new year!



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