Soul Byrds and Free Mother’s Day Card Printables

Soul Byrds and Free Mother’s Day Card Printables

Time for another installment of S(etsy)day. Today’s Etsy shop find is Soul Byrds, a shop run by Lisa Hartley from Australia. She makes lovely clay necklaces and cactus decorations.

soul Byrds-Etsy shop


Give mom some flowers, brunch, and one of these Mother’s Day cards.  One is for the modern chic mom and the other card is for the cottage chic mom. These print on 8.5 x 11 paper.  You trim down to 4×5.5 card size.

Mother's day cards



Yes, you do need to sign up in order to get the password for library access. However, they are FREE. You get these cards and other cute freebies.

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Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and all moms out there!

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S(etsy)day: Todd Borka + Free Baby Milestone Sticker Printable

S(etsy)day: Todd Borka + Free Baby Milestone Sticker Printable

Free Milestone Stickers and Todd Borka

Happy S(etsy)day again everyone.

I’ve been behind in my posts lately, but I’m always looking forward to S(etsy)day to promote my favorite Etsy shops. I also love giving you free stuff from my shop. I have a feeling you love what I’m giving away today!

Today’s S(etsy) day shop is Todd Borka. I love the drawing on baby portraits as well as the couple tattoos and custom portraits. I’m thinking I will do the car drawing when my little one arrives in June.

S(etsy)day - Todd Borka & Free Baby Milestone Stickers

Here is the freebie from Shabby Mint Chic Party. First time on the blog I’m giving you these baby milestone sticker printable.

S(etsy)day baby milestone


Instructions on how to use the printable:

1.Print on 8.5×11 sticker or label paper. These can be bought at your office store like Staples, Office Max, Target.

2. Cut out the stickers.

3. Stick it on your baby’s onesie.

4. Takes tons of photos.

Alternately you can just print it out on card stock. Use double-sided tape to adhere to onesie.

Click here to download baby milestone sticker. This link expired.

Remember, my free printable expires two Saturdays from now when a new printable will be posted. However, you can still purchase this in my store. Or you can subscribe for access to all the free printables and other goodies that I will share only with my subscribers!

Happy Saturday. Share pictures of your cutie pie with the milestone stickers in the comment or on instagram with the hastag #shabbymintchicparty


How to personalize printables using Picmonkey

How to personalize printables using Picmonkey

Personalize any printables using Picmonkey

Today, I’m going to show you how to personalize my printable (either the free one or the one purchased from my Etsy store) for your specific needs, like a birthday party.

Why am I showing you how to do this instead of just making you pay me extra to personalize it for you?! Because I want you to see the benefits of buying printables over physical print. I feel that you can get more bang for your buck with printables because there are so many things you can do with them.

Normally, designers have a disclaimer saying you can’t modify their printables. However, I feel that if you can modify it for personal use and save money in return, it’s fine and dandy with me. Just don’t modify my printable, claim it as your own, and then resell it. That is not cool in my book!

Picmonkey Tutorial Panda

Let’s get started, shall we? I’m going to show you how to make the print below using Picmonkey (affiliate link. See disclosure policy), an online photo editing program. I truly love it and would highly recommend it if you are looking for something EASY and FREE!

Update 2/29/2018: Picmonkey is no longer free! However, they do offer a 7-day trial.

Picmonkey tutorial. Before and after print

You can download the Panda printable below for free if you would like to use it to follow along the tutorial.


1. Go to the Picmonkey website. It will look something similar to below.

2. Click on Edit option at the top of the page.

picmonkey tutorial. Website.

3. Upload the printable from your computer onto Picmonkey. This program only accepts JPEG or PNG files. No PDFs, AI, PSD, etc. Your screen should look something like this with the options on the left sidebar. Click on Tt to get to the TEXT menu.

Picmonkey tutorial open file


4. Now lets add some text. You can either use your own font by clicking on Yours or use Picmonkey’s font by clicking on Ours. Choose the font you would like your text to be. Then click on Add Text. Then type in what you want to say. Picmonkey tutorial. Picking font.

5. If you look below, I’ve decided to use the Sacramento font. There is a Text box with tons of options.  You can change the color, the size of the font, blend the text. Play around with it. If you want to go back to the previous action, there is a undo button at the top.

Picmonkey tutorial using font options

6. I used the Emily’s Candy for the word ONE to make it stand out. Voila!!! Done!

Picmonkey Tutorial.

7. But wait! Lets say you want to add a cute little banner behind ONE. Just click on the butterfly (highlighted in blue below). Click on Banners. Change the color and fading! Now, you got an even cuter printable!panda-party-hat-star-banner tutorial

8. Lastly, save it to your computer! The Save option is at top of the page. Remember to save it a different name then your original file. Once you save it, you can’t re-open it in Picmonkey and then undo your mistakes! You have to start from scratch. What you can do is save several versions of your work along the way so that you can just upload from that point instead of starting over!

After you save the file, you can play around a little more by adding hearts, fireworks, etc. The options with the crown in the corner means you have to be a Royale member to enjoy those benefits.

I created the other printables you see in the first picture the same way. The bunting in the Happy Halloween printable is under Banner in the Overly option (Butterfly Icon). When you click on the banner it gives you an option of changing the flag color.

Was that not fun or what?!

Now that you’ve learned how to personalize your printable, what will you be putting on yours? Would you like more tutorials like this? Comment below.

If you enjoy this tutorial, please subscribe below for future ones.  You will also gain access to my Free Printable Resource Library. Maybe there is a printable in there for you to personalize using Picmonkey!

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