Holiday Guide: Last minute gifts for kids that foster life skills!

Holiday Guide: Last minute gifts for kids that foster life skills!

Yikes,people! Less than a week before Christmas. It’s last minute scrambling to get the gifts for the kids. I love gifts that are practical,foster  imaginative play and teaches life skills. Below are some of my recommendations of the best practical toys for the kids that are all of these.You can get all these before Christmas if you become an Amazon Prime member. They offer a 30 day free trial. Try the trial, buy the gifts and cancel your membership. These info are as of December 20th. If you order your gifts December 24, most likely you will not get it before Christmas. Unless you got a Christmas miracle.

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practical gifts for life skills

Gifts that teaches life skills!

Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House Dust! Sweep! Mop! 6-Piece Pretend Play SetPractical Gift cleaning set

Yes, you can just let your kids use the ones you have at home, but these are perfect size for little hands. Having a set for the kiddos also let them to clean along with you so you could discreetly clean the little crumbs they left behind.

Melissa & Doug Cutting Fruit Set – Wooden Play Food Kitchen Accessory

I personally love this cutting fruit set. It’s great for muscle strengthening, eye hand coordination, and teaching kids about parts and whole. Not to mention hours of endless pretend play.

My 18 months have been playing with dining set since 6 months and my 5 year old still love to serve me “dinner” with the same dining set. These are one of those toys that can definitely grow with your kids because as they age so do their imagination and the same dining set can become something totally new. To my 18 month old these make great musical instruments. He also loves to transfer water back and forth between the cups and bowls. You know what else is great about these dining set? They are dishwasher safe!

A shopping car is another toy that will last you through the years. Not to mention you can use it as storage when the kids are not playing with it. You can also bring this cart with you shopping at Target so your kid doesn’t push your cart all the time. Hopefully, he doesn’t put all the toys in it!

StarPack Nylon Kitchen Knife Set (3 Piece) – The Perfect Kids Knife, Lettuce Knife and Safe Kitchen Knife

practical giftsThese are real knives that are safe for kids to cut real food, but don’t cut their skin. Great starter knives. My sons are getting these for Christmas since they love helping me cook.

Learning Tower Kids Adjustable Height Kitchen Step Stool with Safety Rail 

The learning tower is so wonderful for our household. It allows the kids to safely stand while prepping dinner or washing the dishes. We built ours from an Ikea step stool, but this one from Little Partner is great cause the height is adjustable.

Compact Sewing Machine

This machine is great for kids learning how to sew. It’s light, has 10 built-in stitches, and has a guard to protect little fingers from sharp needle. Pair this with a sewing kit and they’re set to sew anything they want. For younger kids, adult supervision is needed and maybe the kid can help with one step of the sewing. When my son was a year old, he would just watch the needle move up and down. That was the most exciting part of his day. And when he got older, I would let him step on the pedal.


practical gifts for life skills

There are so many more practical gifts, but these are the ones that I personally love for my kids.

What am I missing from my guide that you feel will be great as a practical gift for kids to learn life skills?

Happy last minute shopping.




Cutest Personalized Gifts for Baby Boys!

Cutest Personalized Gifts for Baby Boys!

Cute Baby Boy Gifts

Last week I did a post on 10 awesome personalized gifts for baby girls, so it’s the boys turn. Here are some of the cutest personalized gifts for baby boys!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure.

1. Name printable – This shop has some of the cutest nursery art, including the one below.

2. Personalized hat  – This hand-stitched name hat would make the perfect gift for newborn baby.

3. Personalized blockThe name block is beautiful as a part of any baby’s room.

4. Personalized baby blanket – You’ll want to take photos every day with this name blanket.

5. Personalized outfit – oh deer! This outfit is just too adorable not to wear for holiday pictures.

Cute Personalized boy outfit

6.Name print- Sometime all you need is something simple to spruce up the nursery.

cute personalized gift

7. Personalized frame This personalized frame is made with scrabble letter tiles and wooden hearts.

cute personalized gift

8. Pesonalized milestone blanketTreasure your baby milestones with this cute monthly milestone blanket.

cute baby gift

9. Name puzzle – Great puzzle for 18 months and up. Number of pieces depends on the age of the child. Each puzzle has two designs.

personalized gifts

10. Personalized Wall Decals – These wall decals are removable and you can arrange them any way you want. personalized wall decal

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Personalized Gifts for Baby Girls!

Personalized Gifts for Baby Girls!

Nothing says you really put some thoughts into a gift than a personalized one.

My one place to shop for personalized gifts is Etsy. It is where I started my shop. It’s where I buy fun, cute gifts for family and friends.

Some of my friends are expecting baby girls in the Spring so I have been browsing Etsy for some awesome personalized gifts. Below are some of my favorite gift ideas.


1.  Personalized bow and headband holder – Have all the hair accessories in one place with this gift.


Personalized bow holder a2d2designs



2. Personalized Embroidery Hoop – This would make a great addition to the nursery.


personalized hoop raindropsonrosesB


3. Personalized baby outfit. There are no words to describe this adorable, floral outfit! Just perfect!


personalized gifts, baby gift, baby outfit


4. Personalized hoodie. Seriously will be the hit of nursery school with this hoodie on!


personalized gifts, baby gift, baby hoodie


5.Personalized Ornaments. The ornaments can be customized for any occasions and can be hung on a hanger in the nursery.


personalized gift, baby gift, baby ornament


6. Personalized milestone blanket. This is one beautiful photo prop. What is great is you can take pictures as early as 1 week until your munchkin is 12 years old!


personalized gifts, milestone blanket


7. Name headband. An outfit isn’t  complete without one of these cute headbands.


personalized gifts, baby headband


8. Personalized newborn gown.


personalized gifts, newborn gown

9. Personalized pillow. Beautiful in a shabby chic nursery, don’t you think?


personalized gifts, baby pillow

10. Personalized gift sack. Can’t finish the list without something to put all above gifts in. This sack will last days/years after the gift gifting is done.  Can be used to store stuff animals, legos, or the abundance of laundry!


personalized gifts, baby gift bag


11. Personalized unicorn. If you got a unicorn loving kid you need to get this plush unicorn.


Personalized unicorn roseandlilyboutique


12. Personalized first Christmas ornament. A beautiful ornament for baby’s first Christmas tree.


Personalized ornaments beautiful gift shop

13.  Initial Baby Bracelet.


Personalized bracelet Bryn Lee Bees


14. Personalized outfit with bow hat.


Personalized outfit with hat Skylar n me


15. Personalized baby hat.


Pesonalized hat Karen Fudge


16. Personalized Birthday Stat Pillow.


Personalized Pillow Sweet Summer Lee


What personalized gifts have you given your family and friends?

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Wild One Themed Birthday Parties!

Wild One Themed Birthday Parties!

One-year-olds can be WILD. Celebrate their wildness with these super adorable Wild One Themed Parties!

*Post contains affiliate links.

Adorable Boho Wild One Party

wild one party - Shabby Mint Chic Party

Wild One Jungle Themed Party

Wild One Jungle Themed Party

Wild One Themed Party

Wild One Themed Party

Where the Wild Things Are “Wild One” Themed Party

Wild One Themed Party- Where the Wild Things Are

Another Cute Wild One Party

wild One Themed party - Shabby mint chic party

Wild One Woodland Party

Wild One Themed Party - Woodland Party

Wild One Adventure

Wild One Themed Party - Wild Adventure

Another Wild Thing First Birthday Party

Wild One Themed Party

Jungle Wild One Party

Wild One Themed Party


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