DIY Personalized Halloween Coloring Bookmarks: It’s Easier Than You Think

DIY Personalized Halloween Coloring Bookmarks: It’s Easier Than You Think

Come up with something quick and easy to give away as party favors or treats during this spooky season. A DIY personalized Halloween coloring bookmark is a great idea. I’ve created a video tutorial on how to make your own personalized coloring bookmarks in no time.

If you have kids and want to keep them entertained this Halloween, why not make them their own personalized coloring bookmarks? You don’t have to be an expert illustrator or graphic designer to do so – just sign on to Canva and watch my coloring bookmarks video tutorial.

Design Personalized Halloween Coloring Bookmarks in Canva

You can follow the steps below or watch my Youtube tutorial.

Click here to watch the video Tutorial if you don’t see it above.

Step 1: Create a bookmark template in Canva using the table feature

If you’re creating several bookmarks, it’s best to create a template in advance, so you can be sure each bookmark is consistent. If you’ve never used Canva before, it’s a simple online design tool used by graphic designers and bloggers to create social media images and advertisements. You can use their free trial to create your personalized bookmark template by following these steps: – Click on the “Create a new design” button.

– Put 11×8.5 inches in the custom size

– Select the TABLE feature using the keyboard magic menu (/).

– Select 4 columns since we’re going to make 4 bookmarks. Each bookmark will be 2.5×7 inches so each table cell should be the same size.

Step 2: Add your text

Add the child’s name or saying you would like on the bookmark. Use an outline font if you want the name or saying to be colored in. Adjust the font size to be big enough to color in.

Step 3: Choose line art or colorful graphics with a bold outline

A coloring bookmark is meant to be a fun activity, so you should use images that are cheerful and enjoyable. We suggest using either line art or colorful graphics with a bold outline so they’re easy to color. Avoid anything too detailed or overly intricate. This will make it difficult for your readers to color, and they may end up frustrated instead of enjoying the activity.

Step 4: Download as a flattened PDF and print it out.

Once you’re done with the design, download your personalized Halloween coloring bookmarks as a flattened PDF file, and then print it off using your home printer. You can either print it on plain paper or use coloring book paper if you have it. Now you can give this bookmark to anyone as a gift or party favor. You can include the coloring bookmark in a party favor bag with a Halloween-themed book, or place it in a bag of candy to give out on Halloween.

Celebrate Halloween with these free printables

Halloween flags
5 Free Halloween Activity Pages for kids
Free Printable: Halloween Cupcake Toppers

Have a safe Halloween!

Free Printable: Halloween Cupcake Toppers

Free Printable: Halloween Cupcake Toppers

Make Your Halloween Cupcakes Spook-tacular with These Free Cupcake Topper Printables

The perfect easy and simple food to make for your upcoming Halloween party is spooky cupcakes! All you need are some mixed or standard cake recipes, plus these free printable Halloween cupcake toppers that will give them the spook-tacularly look. And don’t worry about being a great designer – I’ve got everything right here including scary cute decorations on top of each sweet treat so no one can resist eating their way through this collection before they know what’s coming up next…

mockup of Halloween cupcake toppers

I created these cupcake toppers 2.25″ so that you can use a 2″ hole puncher. There are 5 designs to choose from. When you download you’ll get 1 pdf file with 6 pages. Each page has 9 cupcake toppers with the same design. The last page has 9 cupcake toppers with all the different designs.

These Halloween designs could also be used as gift tags or stickers to decorate party favors. You can also use these as stickers to decorate a plain white, yellow, orange, or black cup.


You will need the following supplies if you plan to use them as cupcake toppers.

White cardstock
Cupcakes or donuts or your favorite dessert!
tape or washi tape
Halloween cupcake toppers (link at end of the post)
Toothpicks or lollipop sticks or straws
Scissors or Paper Cutter

If you are using these round Halloween party favor tags, you will need:

Small Hole punch
Clothespin (alternative to punching holes)

For stickers

sticker paper (if you want to use the toppers as stickers on party favor bags)


Print out your cupcake toppers printable.
Use a 2″ hole puncher or scissors to cut out the cupcake topper.
Glue or tape the cupcake topper onto the toothpick.
Stick a topper into your pretty cupcake.

If used as a gift tag, punch a hole at the top of the topper and tie it to a Halloween gift.

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mockup of halloween cupcake toppers

Get the matching Halloween banner and sign here.

Trick or treat 8x10 wall art freebie

More Halloween Cupcake Toppers

Layered Halloween cupcake toppers
Emoji ghost cupcake toppers

Love the Halloween clipart and patterns?

You can get the Halloween patterns here and the Trick or Treat font here.

Your cupcakes will be the hit of the party with these fun and festive free printable cupcake toppers! With all these different designs to choose from, you can easily create a spook-tacular look that everyone will love. So get your printers warmed up and let’s get started!

Make Kids Halloween Party Invitation in Canva

Make Kids Halloween Party Invitation in Canva

With the spooky season just around the corner, you’re probably looking to plan out your own personal kids’ Halloween party. In this post I’ll show you how easy it is create your own Kids Halloween party invitation in Canva!

make your own halloween party invitation in Canva for free

Canva is an awesome free online editing program to create your own personal kids’ Halloween party invitation. It only takes a few minutes and you can have the perfect design for sending out spooky invitations!

A fun thing about Canva is that it’s really simple, which means even if crafty isn’t one of your skills at hand yet or you just want something quick because there’s less than two weeks until All Hallows Eve–you still might be able get yourself a spook-ta-cular invitation.

Watch the video below to design your Halloween invite in Canva. I will walk you step by step from setting up your invitation to downloading it onto you computer.

In the video, I talk about downloading it to print. If you want to send this as a digital invitation to include it in your email or social media, save it as a JPG file.

Once you designed your kids Halloween party invitation, and download it onto your computer, it’s time to print it out.

Materials and Printing Instructions

White cardstock
Scissors or paper cutter

In the video I showed you how to create one 5″x7″ invitation and 2 invitations on one page as well as a double-sided invitation. I will show you how to print and cut each one.

1. 5″x7″ invitation – You can print this invite directly onto 5″x7″ cardstock without having to trim it down. Or you can print on 8.5″x11″ cardstock and trim it down.

2. 2 invitations on one page – Print out on cardstock and cute out cards.

3. double-sided invitation – Print out the front of the invite. Turn the cardstock over and align it according to your printer’s manual (not all printers are set up the same to handle double-sided printing). Print the back of the invite.

Now you’re ready to mail the invites to your guests!


Here are some more Halloween invitations, party decorations, and activity pages you might like.

Halloween invitation templates
Halloween preschool activity pages
Halloween cupcake toppers
Halloween witch flag

I hope you enjoy creating your very own Halloween party invite in Canva. It’s going to be a scary good time!

Free Father’s Day Coloring Card for Preschoolers

Free Father’s Day Coloring Card for Preschoolers

Looking for an easy activity for your preschooler to do for dad this Father’s Day? Print out this 5×7″ foldable Father’s Day coloring card for preschoolers to color in.

Father's Day coloring card with the words My dad rocks free printable

While this coloring activity looks like just a fun activity for kids to do for dad, it offers many benefits for preschooler.


child coloring in father's day card

1. Helps develop hand strength- Preschoolers are just beginning to build their muscles so coloring will help them strengthen their hand strength. Hand strength is important for so many activities, especially handwriting. It will also help them with develop proper pencil grip.

2. Encourages creativity- Coloring offers kids creativity. Even if you give 10 kids the same exact coloring pages, each one will look different in the end. One child can color the sun purple, while another color it yellow. Some might color everything in black. Another child might want to draw something new and color that in. Coloring let the kid be control of what their art look like.

3. Helps with early writing skills – Eye-hand coordination and pencil grip are important aspect of handwriting. With coloring, a preschooler practice control of the crayon (how much pressure is exerted on the crayon to make darker color or lighter color), the speed, and the direction. Not only does coloring prepare preschooler for writing, but also use of other utensils, such as scissors, grooming and hygiene tools,

4. Promote patience and focus – Coloring for preschooler as well as for older kids and adults is a great activity to slow down and focus on one task. It takes patience to color within the line and focus to bring the final result from the child’s mind onto paper.

5. Language development – Coloring and discussing their final result helps the child use descriptive words to describe and rationalize why they choose a particular color. When you look at your child’s finish art piece instead of saying how nice it is, say, ” I see you color this in purple, why did you pick that color?” Or you can simply say, “Can you tell me a little bit about your art?” and see what your child says. It might surprise you at to why they do things.

6. Self expression- Drawing and coloring is a form of self expression. This is their way of expressing how they feel when they can’t find the right words. My friend’s kid was sad when she sees all the animals at the shelter not getting adopted so she drew a picture and color it in. This helped her mom to see how she’s been feeling and thus leads to discussion on feelings, animal adoption, etc.

7. Color recognition – Coloring helps them understand what primary colors are and explore color combinations.

8. Bilateral Coordination – Coloring promotes the use of both hands, which is a very necessary skill for writing, cutting, and daily activities. When coloring, a child hold the paper with one hand while the other hand colors.

Father's Day coloring card back and front of card says my dad rocks

This Father’s Day coloring card is 5×7″ when folded. I’ve also include the same design in 8.5×11″ size in PDF and PNG files. You can digitally color the PNG files in Procreate.

Supplies and Instructions

Creating the card is fairly simple.

1. Print it out on cardstock either at home or at a printing shop.
2. Cut out the card with a paper trimmer or scissors.
3. Fold it half.
4. Have your child color it in using crayons, color pencils, or markers.
5. Write inside card.
6. Give to dad!
7. If you want to put it inside an envelope, I recommend these. You can also make your own envelope.

Father's day coloring card daddy rocks front and back

More Father’s Day Coloring Cards

Father's Day coloring cards  on etsy

You can find these Father’s Day coloring cards in the shop.

More Free Father’s Day Cards

4 Free Printable Father’s Day Cards
Father’s Day Printables
Free and Cool Father’s Day Cards!

Happy Father’s Day!