Hi there!

You like my blog enough to find out more about the person behind it. I feel honored. Although you might also be here trying to find out who is the person behind these awful posts. Either way, welcome!!!

Oh. Now you want to know a little about….my store! Shabby Mint Chic Party. What’s up with that name?

I wish I can tell you in a few sentences or two, but it’s complicated. Maybe I will dedicate a post just on the shop name! For now, I’ll just share this little info.

My Etsy shop was born in 2014 when I was trying to find an avenue to still maintain my self as an individual who loves to make crafts and  my new role as a mom. It was more of a hobby than an actual store.  I started out selling hand-stamped cupcake toppers and party banners. I was getting orders here and there. Then my repetitive injuries and De Quervain syndrome (fairly common among new moms) worsen. I was forced to re-evaluate my shop. I started making printables aka digital downloads. I still love making physical products that is why you will see them in my shop.

Here are five random facts about MOI:blog-profile-pic

  1. I’m petite. 4ft 11 inches. My doc tells me I’m 4ft 10 inches. Whatever, doc!
  2. I wear kids clothes and shoes (size 1).  Although I fit into petite clothes right now. YAY for being pregnant.
  3. People have called me KNOCK since 3rd grade when I moved to a new school. That was how my teacher, Ms. Gonzalez, introduced me to class.
  4. I used to hate wearing girly clothes until I went to college. I have two brothers. I rather be wearing jeans and watching sports!
  5. I love watching Grimm, Once Upon A Time, and Castle. I only watch them on Tuesday and Thursday when my son is in daycare and I’m on ME time.

There you have it, folks. The gist of it all.

If you’re reading it to the end, that means you still like me. Or you’re my family and friends. Not people that actually counts. Just kidding, mom!

If you’re here for some free printables, party and home craft and diy, I know we’ll have FUN together.

As a gift for reading through this ABOUT ME page, I’ve created a Free Printable Resource Library for you. Just subscribe below and you’ll have free access to everything in it. blog signature



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