Beautiful Hair Bows and Headbands for Spring!

Beautiful Hair Bows and Headbands for Spring!

My gal friend just had a baby girl. She’s so tiny and sweet. I want to give something for the baby that is small and doesn’t take up space. We all know how many things newborn gets these days. Clothes are just overly given.

Through my research on Pinterest, I found that hair bows and headband are the answers to my gift dilemma. What is also great about hair bows or headbands? They make great a photo prop. They go great with a white shirt or a naked baby. So below, I researched for you and for myself the cutest and sweetest hair bows for girls for every day, special photos, or a party.

Each of these hair bows is hand painted! That is talent right there. Love every single bow in this shop. And I just can’t get over the shop name. Quite creative and catchy.

Chubby Bunny Happy Home

This shop makes cute headbands and hair bows, some of which come with matching barefoot sandals. There is also a monthly bow subscription. Starting at $11.99 a month with free shipping in the USA. The more months you sign up the more you save and you get bonus bows. Check out the info here.

The Fairy Patch Boutique

This shop has some of the prettiest bows for any occassions. The flamingo and unicorn hair bows are my favorites.

Bow Sew Cute Designs

Love that this shop has dinosaur bows. The glitter background really makes everything pop.


Splendid Bee

This shop has vibrant and playful bows. I’m so happy just looking at them. It also has my favorite bunny pattern  on a bow. Can you find it in the store?

My Monday’s Child

These bows are available as headbands or hair bows. I’m particularly fond of the hand tied bows.

There you have it. Six Etsy shops that sell the cutest, prettiest, most adorable hair bows and headbands. I’ve only included 24 bows and headbands here, but each shop offers so much more. These would make such wonderful baby shower or birthday gift for a young little lady.

Pin this for later reference or share it with someone you know who needs pretty hair bows or headbands. I even provided you with a nice Pinterest pin below:



What are your feelings regarding  hair bows and headbands? What is your favorite shop to get hair bows?


St. Patrick’s Day Printables: Wall Art + Card Freebies

St. Patrick’s Day Printables: Wall Art + Card Freebies

Hello, there!

Today, I created these St. Patrick’s Day printables for you: A colorful rainbow Lucky wall art and a Lucky card.


I’m feeling really luck this year to have such wonderful readers that actually reads the silliness that I write. Thank you so much.



St. Patrick’s day Lucky printable




Hope you’re lucky to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


This printable is 16x20. You can print this Lucky wall art in size 4 x 5, 8 x10, and 16x20. You shouldn’t  print larger than 16 x20. The printable will come out blurry.


You can also try other sizes smaller than 16x20. All you have to do is select your paper size. Then click on fit to page. Of course every printer is different read your printer manual for correct setting.



Lucky St. Patrick’s Day card

St. Patrick's day printable card


This St. Patrick’s day card has a cream texture background with freckles for that fancy card look.

There are trim marks ready for you to make the perfect cut. Just print, cut, and fold in half. Your St. Patrick’s card is ready to go!

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I get asked all the times what card stock paper I recommend for all my printables to give it a nice vibrant color. I personally use this card stock from Amazon for all my printables.


Check out these posts for more St. Patrick’s day printables:


I’m Not Lucky I’m Blessed wall art by The How To Home

Shamrock wall art and banner by Paper Trail Design

St. Patrick’s Day Lunch Box Printables by Kristen Duke Photography


shabby mint chic party - printables for your party and home


Free Party Planning Printables

Free Party Planning Printables

No matter how small your party is, you need a plan to execute it. You want to keep track of who to invite, who responded, who is allergic to what food, what decorations to use, and how much food do you REALLY need for the party.

Here are some party planning printables for you to plan and execute a non-chaotic and lovely party!

Every party must have guests. Write down all your guests so that you don’t forget Aunt Susie for Charlie’s first birthday party!

It’s a very simple guest list because all you need are names, contact info and their responses. Under “Response/Remarks” I would also include guests that might have allergies to food or other preferences.

Put all the details of your party down so that you don’t miss something on the day of the party.


I recommend you place all your party, games, and eat-ware all in one place so you’re not running around looking for that pinata last minute.


I went to a party at a karate studio and  the parents forgot the candle to the birthday cake. Luckily,in the end there was a candle that got blown out!  Here’s hoping that does not happen to you. Put everything in one place!!


If you’re having a party at home or in a park, it’s always good to have a few games in mind to play if the kids get antsy. I found out from experience that you really just need 1-2 games. Most of the time kids just love runny around and they will entertain themselves. So if you’ve planned 10 games for that 3 hour party, don’t feel bad if only 1-2 games were played!

birthday reminder printable


Here’s an added bonus for downloading my free party planning printables.This cute birthday reminder printable. What a beautiful way to keep track of everyone’s birthday so that you’re all ready to plan the next party with these free party planner printables.

Love the graphics? Here's how to get them.

These rose graphics are from Pretty Little Lines. You can access them for free by signing up to the newsletter. You will be blown away by the beautiful graphics ,Kris Lauren, the illustrator,  is giving away for free!

Here is a sneak peak into what you get when you sign up to Pretty Little Lines’ newsletter. The flowers and gold leaves on the free party planners are from the “Grace and the Garden” collection.

pretty little lines graphics



To sign up for her newsletter go to “The Goodie Bag”. Enter your address and you shall receive an email with more information to access her beautiful graphics.


prettylittlelines newsletter




Save the pin below to your Pinterest board for later.

Party Planner Printable


Happy party planning.

shabby mint chic party - printables for your party and home


Free Printable: Rose Alphabet Banner

Free Printable: Rose Alphabet Banner

Free printable rose alphabet banner for all occasions.


It’s almost the end of winter here in the Northeast. Spring will soon be here and so will longer days. Thank goodness! I love long daylights to enjoy the beauty of all the spring flowers.


To help you celebrate spring, here is a free printable watercolor rose banner that includes all the alphabets!


You will fall in love with these alphabet banners. You can make any words with it. You only have to print these free alphabet banner out to celebrate Spring, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, birthdays, new baby new bride. 



rose alphabet banner printable 2


You can put the letters together to make a name for the baby’s nursery.  Or make a cute a little welcome garland for the door.

Got a dollhouse? Downsize the alphabet banner by adjusting your printer setting, to make miniature size of everything I’ve mentioned so far.

Here is an example of a banner for a baby shower.

Love the graphics? Here's how to get them.

These rose graphics are from Pretty Little Lines. You can access them for free by signing up to the newsletter. You will be blown away by the beautiful graphics ,Kris Lauren, the illustrator,  is giving away for free!

This one celebrates spring, which we would like to come really soon!

Please pin this to your Pinterest board.

rose alphabet banner printable


What will you be using these alphabet banner for? Comment below.

If you use them, please tag #shabbymintchicparty. I would really love to see what you created with them.


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