Planning a Last-Minute Kids’ Party

Planning a Last-Minute Kids’ Party

Last-minute kids’ party planning can be daunting, but with a little creativity and some helpful hacks, you can still throw a fantastic party for your child. Whether you’ve just realized your child’s birthday is coming up soon or you didn’t have time to plan ahead, don’t panic. We’ve covered you with great tips and tricks to help you plan a last-minute kids’ party without breaking a sweat. From quick decorations to easy activities, these hacks will save your sanity and ensure your child has a memorable celebration. So, let’s dive in and get started on planning a stress-free party that your child will love!

Keep your Last-Minute Kids’ Party simple

When planning a last-minute party, it’s important to keep things simple. Don’t try to plan an elaborate event with too many activities and decorations. Stick to a simple theme, and focus on the essentials, such as food, drinks, and easy setup manageable activities.

Choose a venue

Consider renting a party venue if you don’t have time to decorate your home or yard. Many venues offer packages that include decorations, food, and activities. This can save you time and stress and ensure your child has a great party.

Online invitations

Save time and money by using online invitations. There are many websites and apps that offer free, customizable invitations that you can send out quickly. Plus, you can track RSVPs and send reminders to guests. You can also design your own invitations using free online apps like Canva. Check out my shop for more printable invitations.

Free Panda Invitation Template

If you’re planning a panda-themed party for your child, you won’t want to miss this free panda invitation Canva template. It’s a great way to add a playful touch to your invites and get your guests excited about the celebration.

Quick decorations

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk:

Don’t have time for elaborate decorations? No problem. Buy some balloons, streamers, and simple decorations from your local party supply store. These can be set up quickly and will create a festive atmosphere. Print out party banners like these at home or your local print shop, cut them, and decorate your party. These party decorations can also double as photo backdrops!

Order Food

Ordering food from a local restaurant or catering company saves time and energy. Many offer party platters and packages that can be delivered or picked up quickly. Or, consider having a pizza party or a taco bar, which are easy to set up and manage. Lots of grocery stores offer party food and dessert at affordable prices.
If you insist on making something, Sweet and Savory Morsels, have some lovely recipes!


If you don’t have time to plan elaborate games and activities, consider setting up a craft table or a coloring station. You can also put together a simple scavenger hunt or have a dance party with a playlist of your child’s favorite songs.

Kids these days are wild about Bingo games as well.

Have a plan B

If you’re planning an outdoor party, have a plan B in case of bad weather. Consider renting a tent or having an indoor space available as a backup. This will ensure that the party can continue without interruption.

Enlist help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends or family. They can help with setup, cleanup, and managing the party. Plus, it’s always more fun to plan a party with others. If one of your friends bakes for a living, ask her to make a special cake for your kiddo.

Keep it short

When planning a last-minute party, keep it short and sweet. A two-hour party is plenty of time for kids to have fun and enjoy the festivities.

Enjoy the Party

Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the party with your child. Don’t stress too much about the details; focus on making memories with your family and friends.

Planning a last-minute party for your child can be overwhelming, but with these hacks, you’ll be able to create a fun and memorable event in no time. Remember to keep it simple, enlist help, and focus on having fun with your child and their friends. With creativity and a positive attitude, you can throw an amazing party your child will love and cherish forever. So, let’s get started and have a blast!

Spring Bingo Game with Cute Designs and Printable Tokens

Spring Bingo Game with Cute Designs and Printable Tokens

If you plan a shabby chic kids’ party this spring, consider adding a fun spring bingo game. A 5×5 bingo game with adorable pastel eggs, animals, and flowers can be a great way to entertain the little ones while adding some festive flair to your party.

spring bingo game printable

Here’s how to play the game:


  • Bingo cards (5×5 grid with adorable pastel eggs, animals, and flowers)
  • Printable tokens included in this file or spring or easter objects to be used as tokens
  • Calling cards (with corresponding designs to the bingo cards)
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Prizes (optional)


  1. Print out enough bingo cards and tokens for each player, making sure to have various designs. You can find printable tokens online or use the adorable ones included with your printable.
  2. Cut out the calling cards with the corresponding designs on them. Shuffle the cards and place them in a bowl or hat.
  3. Hand out the bingo cards and tokens to each player.
  4. Explain the game’s rules: The goal is to get five squares in a row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The caller will randomly select one calling card at a time and call out the corresponding design (such as “blue flower” or “yellow chick”). If a player has that design on their card, they cover it with a token. The first player to get five squares in a row yells, “Bingo!” and wins.
  5. You can give prizes to the winner(s) if you have prizes.

Get this free Spring printable for your party

Welcome guests to your party with this spring-inspired wall art


  • Make sure to have a variety of designs on the bingo cards and calling cards so that each player has a fair chance of winning.
  • You can customize the bingo cards and tokens to fit your party theme. For a shabby chic look, use pastel colors and floral designs.
  • If you have younger children playing, you can make the game easier by only requiring four squares in a row to win.
  • To make the game more challenging, you can require players to get a specific pattern (such as an X shape) instead of just five squares in a row.

A 5×5 bingo game with adorable pastel eggs, animals, and flowers can be fun and festive to your shabby chic kids’ party. The game is easy to play and can be customized to fit your party theme. So gather your little ones, print out some bingo cards and tokens, and let the games begin!

You can get the Spring Bingo printable here.

Freshen Up Your Decor with a Free Hello Spring Printable

Freshen Up Your Decor with a Free Hello Spring Printable

Welcome the new season with a bang! Adorn your home with a beautiful and free Hello Spring printable! It’s the perfect way to bring the world back to life and celebrate this beautiful time of new beginnings and fresh starts.

free Hello Spring wall art printable

Let’s get into the fun: decorating your home with this “Hello Spring” wall art! Here are some creative and easy ways to display this beautiful printable in your home:

  • Create a gallery wall:
    • Gather your favorite prints, photos, and artwork – especially those with a springtime feel – and create a stunning gallery wall! Start with this beautiful “Hello Spring” printable as the focal point of the display, then select frames that will harmonize with the colors in the print. This way, all the elements of the wall will come together to create a unique and eye-catching look.
  • Add to a Mantel Display:
    • If you’re lucky enough to have a mantel with a fireplace, why not make this beautiful wall art the star of your spring mantel display? For the finishing touch, add some fresh flowers, greenery, and other seasonal decorations – you’ll have a stunning mantel in no time!
free printable wall art with floral wreath and the words Hello Spring on a mantel
  • Hang it In the Entryway:
    • Welcome your guests in style this spring by adorning your entryway with this eye-catching “Hello Spring” wall art! Make it even more inviting by adding a vase of fresh flowers, a vintage tray, or a festive seasonal wreath.
  • Use it in a Spring Vignette:
    • Why not add a cheerful touch to your living space with this printable! Place it in the center of a table or shelf, then surround it with decorative pieces like bird’s nests, faux flowers, and books with spring-themed covers.

Get the Matching Banner and card

Complete your spring decor with a matching banner and greeting card set!

  • Create a DIY sign:
    • Make your own sign with ease! Print out our “Hello Spring” wall art, then use transfer paper or tracing paper to transfer the design to your wood or chalkboard surface. It’s an easy way to create a unique and special sign.
  • Hang it In a Nursery:
    • This “Hello Spring” wall art would be perfect for adding a sweet touch of shabby chic charm to a baby’s nursery. It would look great with some classic books, a wicker basket, or a distressed wooden sign!
  • Use as a Gift:
    • What an adorable way to welcome in the new season! Surprise a special friend or family member with this sweet “Hello Spring” wall art. Print it, frame it, and tie a bow — voila! A perfect gift for someone who adores shabby chic decor.



  1. Download the free Hello Spring wall art printable by clicking the download link provided in the blog post.
  2. Save the file to your computer or mobile device.
  3. Open the file using your preferred photo-viewing software or app.
  4. Click the “Print” button.
  5. Select your printer and the desired print quality. Make sure to use 8.5 x 11-inch photo paper or cardstock.
  6. Click the “Print” button to print the Hello Spring wall art.
  7. Use scissors or a paper cutter to trim the edges of the print, if necessary.
  8. Choose a picture frame that fits the size of the print. Remove the backing and any paper or cardboard inserts from the frame.
  9. Place the Hello Spring wall art print in the frame and secure the backing.
  10. Hang the framed print on the wall using a nail or picture hanger.

With these simple steps, you can easily create a beautiful and stylish piece of wall art to add a touch of spring to your home decor. Enjoy!

More Free Spring Printables

Spring printable tulips and other flowers in bucket with words Hello Spring
free pastel spring birthday gift tag printable-01
The Purrfect Valentine’s Day Gift Tags

The Purrfect Valentine’s Day Gift Tags

It’s February, and the time of hearts and cats takes over. Valentine’s Day is coming up, and what better way to celebrate it than gifting some love to your friends and family and attaching this Purrfect Valentine’s Day gift tag to it.

Valentine's Day rectangle gift tag with a cat holding hearts with the saying You're Purrfect to Me!

Tell your kiddo, spouse, friend, or anyone how purrfect you think they are this Valentine’s Day with this adorable cat holding hearts and the saying, ” You’re Purrfect to me!”.

Discover the versatility of this Valentine’s Day gift tag for kids. Unlike other themed tags, this purrfect tag allows you to attach it to any gift or surprise. Use it as a traditional gift tag or get creative by placing it in a lunch box with a sweet message. This unique tag offers endless possibilities for expressing your love this Valentine’s Day.

VAlentine's DAy cat lunch note free printable

Valentine’s Day Tag Information

This tag comes with eight per letter-sized page. Each tag measures 3.4″x2.1″.
You’ll get these instantly in PDF form when you click the download button at the bottom of the post.
This tag is for personal use only.
Created using Canva.


  • Download the gift tag file below.
  • White cardstock to print your tags onto. Copy paper is too thin, curled up, and is less vibrant than printing on white cardstock.
  • A hole punch.
  • Ribbon or baker’s twine.
  • Paper trimmer or scissors. I just got a new Fiskar paper trimmer, and it’s so much better than my previous one. This one has a metal wire, so you know exactly where you’re cutting.


  • Print your gift tags onto white cardstock.
  • Punch a hole with your hole puncher.
  • String a ribbon or baker’s twine.
  • Write something sweet on the back of the tag.
  • Attach it to your gift box or bag.
  • If you want to make a lunch note, you have to print it and then cut it out—place it in a lunchbox for a sweet surprise.

If you love this cat Valentine’s Day gift tag, check out these four adorable cat-themed tags.

Purrfect Valentine's Day Gift Tag cat themed free printable

Download Valentine’s Day Tags

Valentine's Day rectangle gift tag with a cat holding hearts with the saying You're Purrfect to Me!

This Purrfect Valentine’s Day gift tag printable is for personal use only. Do not distribute or sell these tags. Please refer others to my blog to download the tags instead of directly to the file. Thanks.

Have a lovely day!

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