40+ Beautiful and Free Christmas Printables

40+ Beautiful and Free Christmas Printables

These 40+ beautiful and free Christmas printables make decorating last minute sooo easy!

Been busy and seriously have not decorated or ready for Christmas at all? It’s ok. I’m also a last minute person. Honestly, even if I decorate way before hand, I always come up with something I really want to do several days before Christmas. It can be stressful so I want to make it easy for you this Christmas.

I created these printables that will allow you to take a break from the stress of looking for that special decoration while still celebrating the holiday season in style. I also have some printable gifts, such as milestone stickers and closet dividers that would look lovely with a cute kids’ outfit.

Over the years I’ve created many free Christmas printables. Here are all of them for you to download and enjoy!


Peace love and Joy Christmas Wall Art Prntable

Christmas Deer Wall Art

Merry & Bright Wall Art

Free Christmas Wreath Wall Art Printable

Merry Christmas + Free Printable

Cute Deer Christmas Wall Art

Floral Christmas Wall Art

Ho Ho Ho Santa hat Wall Art


free printable NOEL bunting for christmas banner

NOEL Banner and Christmas cupcake toppers


Target gift card holder printable freebie

Target Gift Card Holder


Christmas gift tags free printable 9 different designs and sizes

Minimalist Christmas gift tags

Fun and Colorful 2021 Christmas Gift Tags

Free Square Christmas Penguin Gift Tags

Fox and Floral Gift Tag

Woodland Animal Gift Tags

Free Printable Christmas Cat Gift Tags

Free Christmas Advent Calendar Tags

Free Printable Watercolor Christmas Gift Tags

Free Printable Colorful Christmas Gift Tags

Christmas floral gift tags

christmas gift tags with cat designs

Free Printable Reindeer Christmas Gift Tags

Christmas Angel gift tags

Free Cute Animal Christmas Gift Tag Printable

Winter Berry Gift Tags

Winter Branches and Heart

Cute Animal Gift Tags

Cozy Christmas Gift Tags

JOY Christmas Gift Tags

Fun Cat Christmas Gift Tags

All things Christmas Gift Tags

Christmas Tree Gift Tags


5x7" printable note with angel, toy soldier and christmas tree with and without lines free printable

Neutral Rainbow Monthly Milestone stickers/cards

Neutral Rainbow Closet Dividers

Woodland Milestone Cards

Free Printable Christmas Gift List

Free Christmas-Themed Printable Notes

Christmas coupon book for kids

mockup of a baby bodysuit and a 1 month rainbow baby stickers for photo props

Watercolor floral milestone stickers/cards

Kawaii Fruits Closet Dividers


dinosaur themed christmas activities for preschoolers 7 pages

Free Christmas Mandala Coloring Pages

MERRY CHRISTMAS puppy number sequencing puzzle

Dinosaur-Themed Christmas Activities for Kids

Free Printable Winter and Christmas Coloring Bookmarks: 3 Designs to Color

Free Cute Floral Bookmarks and Gift Ideas for Readers


For the printable wall art, I recommend printable on these photo papers for a crisp and colorful result.

Use these sticker papers for your baby milestone stickers.

There you have it. 40+ Christmas printables to make your holiday a little bet less stressful.

Relax and enjoy your Christmas!

Free Christmas-Themed Printable Notes

Free Christmas-Themed Printable Notes


Send a warm letter through the mail this holiday season with these cute Christmas-themed printable notes. Here are 4 different designs for you to choose from. They also come with or without lines. Each note measure 5×7″.


Nordic Christmas note printable freebie with line and without lines 5x7"

Download the nordic gnome notes here.


Penuin, gifts, and christmas tree printable notes with and without lines free printable

Download the penguin note here.


You can use these lined or unlined writing paper for:

  • journal writing
  • class note taking
  • brain dump
  • doodling your ideas
  • penpal mailing
  • errands
  • daily to-do
  • grocery list

Unlined paper is perfect for drawing and sketching. It is especially good for illustrating a journal page because it provides the writer with a blank canvas.

Journal pages are never completed in one sitting, so your page won’t have to be either. Start by writing the date at the top of the page. Then draw a picture or write about what happened on that day, whether it was a happy or sad moment in your life.

A journal page provides a space for all your thoughts and feelings, without taking up too much room. It is simple to use and can be filled up in just minutes.

Choose unlined paper for your journal page to let your thoughts flow freely without getting stuck on the lines.



5x7" printable note with angel, toy soldier and christmas tree with and without lines free printable

Download Christmas angel notes here.


letter to santa 4 versions

Download Letter to Santa template and notes here.


You don’t need special paper or printer for these Christmas-themed printable notes. Any printer will do. Copy paper is fine. If you want it a little bit heavier, consider printing on 32lb. paper. Your download file will contain 2 5×7″ notes on one page for quick and easy printing.

These are also great for family writing time. Children as young as three can scribble or doodle on it, while older kids can start to write alphabets or words, sentences, while mommy and daddy write their thoughts. It would be a fun family activity to facilitate the love of reading and writing.

Have a wonderful Christmas and happy writing!

Free Christmas Advent Calendar Tags

Free Christmas Advent Calendar Tags

We’re getting in the holiday season spirit at my house and want to share this with you! I’ve designed a set of Christmas advent calendar tags to help you get excited this holiday season. Simply download, print, and cut out our free advent calendar tags template. You can either attach it to your Christmas tree or display it on your desk. Happy Holidays!

Christmas advent calendar tags

What is an Advent Calendar?

Advent calendars are a tradition that dates back to the 1800s. The original purpose of the advent calendar was to count down the days until Christmas. The advent calendar was a sheet of paper with a square for each day of December leading up to Christmas Eve.

Advent calendars are a tradition in many countries that takes place in the four weeks before Christmas Day. It’s a countdown to the big day.

A search on Pinterest will give you tons of ideas on how to make a Christmas Advent calendar. The simplest that I see is using brown paper bags, like these from Stephanie Hanna. Aren’t they the cutest?!

You can do something similar using the brown paper bags and taping or clipping your free Christmas Advent calendar tags to them.

Ideas of things you can put into these little brown treat bags

  1. Scavenger clues for each day

2. These My Little Pony figurines are perfect for the kid who love ponies!

3. Write down fun family activities to do each day until Christmas. For example, read a Christmas boo, watch a Christmas movies, drive around town looking at Christmas lights and decorations, make Christmas cards for family and friends, make ornaments, etc.

4. Build these cute animals with your kiddo!

5. Put on of these Christmas-themed erasers in your advent calendar drawer or bags!

6. I don’t know about you, but I would love to get 25 cute festive holiday socks. If that’s too much for you, you can get the 12 days Advent Calendar socks, like these Gudetamma socks and mix them with other trinkets.

I just purchased these super cute gnome ornaments to put in my Advent calendar for the kids to decorate the tree each day. There are only 10 gnomes. You can always mix them up with other gnomes above.

I hope you get some good ideas on what to include in your Christmas Advent Calendar.

Download your free Christmas Advent Calendar Tags

Terms of use: This printable is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. If you would like to share these with your family and friends please direct them to this post and not directly to the file. Thank you!

More Christmas Printables

Christmas Gift List

Christmas Mandala coloring pages

Christmas Gift Tags

Have a lovely and fun time using your Christmas Advent Calendar!

28 Beautiful Christmas Stockings for Every Member of the Family

28 Beautiful Christmas Stockings for Every Member of the Family

28 Beautiful Christmas Stockings

Deck your mantels or walls (cause we all don’t have mantels. Boo!) with these gorgeous stockings for everyone in the family.

Christmas stockings are a tradition for many holidays and celebrations. They usually contain small, inexpensive gifts or treats like chocolate, mints, or gummy bears. This tradition began because people used to hang up stockings to dry by the fireplace in their homes before electric heaters were invented. Now it’s a must-have for most family; even if you don’t have a mantel in your house.

A personalized Christmas stocking is the best way to make this year’s Christmas morning a lot more special. The perfect gift for anyone who has everything!

Some of these can be kept up all year round.

1.  For the lover of natural linen and bows. Stockings from Porter Lane Home.

Natural Linen Christmas stockings with bow from Porter Lane Home shop on Etsy

2.  For the plaid loving family. Stockings from Eugenie 2.

Christmas Stockings eugenie2

3. For the minimalist family. Stockings from Good Wishes Quilts.

Nordic socks stocking by Good Wishes Quilts

4. For the family who vintage Christmas. Stockings from Twins Design Studio.

Vintage Christmas stockings from Twins Design Studio on Etsy

5. For shabby chic farmhouse lover. Stockings from Vintaged Inspired VIC.

shabby chic floral Christmas stockings from Vintaged Inspired VIC

6. For the person who love everything about Christmas and winter.  Stockings from Lottie Ann Designs

christmas stocking lotti ann designs

7. For the lover of cute Christmas characters. Stockings from Twins Design Studio.

Christmas/winter animal personalized stockings

8. For the buffalo plaid lover. Stockings from Baby Squishy Cheeks.

Personalized buffalo plaid Christmas stockings from Baby Squishy Cheeks on Etsy

9. For the dog. Stockings from Burlap Babe.

dog christmas stocking burlap babe

10. Let’s not forget the cat. Stockings from Burlap Babe.

christmas stockings good wishes quilts

11. For a person who loves a little pom poms. Stocking from  Alma Home Vintage.

pompom stockings from ALma Vintage Home

12.  For the cowboys in the family.  Stockings from Eugenie 2.

Cowboy stockings from Eugenie2

13.  For the family that loves buffalo plaid.  Stockings from Dibsies.

Christmas Jester stockings from Dibsies

14.  For the cute Christmas design lover.   Stockings from Simply French Market.

chenille christmas stocking from simply french market on Etsy

15.  For the Nordic family.  Stocking from Fern Leslie Studio

christmas stocking fern leslie studio

16.  For the baby boy.  Stocking from Photo Book Shop Gifts.

Personalized Christmas stockings for baby boy or girl

17.  Another one for the quilt lover.  Stockings from Admirable Embroidery.

quilted stockings from Admirable Embroidery

18.  For the person who loves gnome.  Stockings from Eugenie 2.

Christmas stocking gnome design from Eugenie 2

19.  For the family that loves “The Night Before Christmas”.  Stockings from Shiny Things By Jess.

christmas stocking shiny things by jess

20.  Another one for the reindeer lover.  Stocking from the Xmas Stocking Co.

baby reindeer stocking by The Xmas Stocking Co

21.  For the lover of chevron, polka dots and stripes. Stockings from Hung by The Chimney.

christmas stockings hungbythechimney

22.  For the sports lover.  Stockings from Pinkismart.

christmas stocking soccer Pinkismart

23.  For the lover of gold and silver.  Stocking from Pippero Products.

gold and silver Christmas stockings

24.  For the burlap lover.  Stocking from The Pretty Please.

Burlap and quilted Personalized Christmas stockings

25.  Another one for the dog in your life.  Stockings from Snuggles of Love.

christmas stocking snuggles of love

26.  For the person who loves the curly elf shoes.  Stocking from Sugar Plum Faire.

Christmas stocking by Sugar Plum Faire

27.  For the nautical lover.  Stockings from Hung By The Chimney.

christmas stocking Hung by the Chimney

28. For the beach lover. Stocking from Lublini Bespoke.

beach theme Christmas stocking by Lublini Bespoke on Etsy

29. Unicorn, Dino, llama, and slouch stockings from Let’s make memories.

Dino, unicorn, slouch, and llama christmas stocking from Let's Make Memories

30. For the dinosaur lover. Stocking from Lil Giggles Couture.

Dinosaur Christmas STockingFirst xmas stocking by Lil Giggles Couture

31. For the rustic woodland lover. Stocking from Wishing Tree by Beth.

personalized woodland with chrystals by Wishing Tree by Beth

32. For the lover of winter scenery. Stockings by Sugar Plum Faire.

Elf Christmas stockings shabby chic trees

Now that you’ve found your stockings, don’t just hang it on anything, read my post on stocking hangers.

Merry Christmas. I hope you get lots of goodies in your Christmas stockings!

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