Donut Worry. Be Happy!

Donut Worry. Be Happy!

I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been obsessed with donuts. No, not the kind you eat. Donut cliparts and quotes. I don’t have a sweet tooth for donuts, but donut prints are SWEET!

Here are some of the irresistible donut prints and decorations that I’ve found around the internet.

Donuts prinables

Donut boxes and messages {via in the playroom}


Donut Twister {via StudioDIY}

Donut Ever Let Me Go donut printable

Donut Ever Let Me Go printable {via live laugh rowe}

Donut buddies printable

Donut Buddies [via Oh Happy Day}

Donut Party decoration printables

“Donut I’d Do Without You” party decoration printables {via Natalme}

donut worry printable

Donut Worry. Be Happy. {via Shabby Mint Chic Party on Etsy}

Don’t you just want to eat them all?

I love donut art so much that I’ve decided to put the above print onto a throw pillow. You know what else? I’ve decided to give it away to one of my readers. Enter the giveaway below to win this soft velveteen throw pillow. The quote “Donut Worry. Be Happy!” is on both sides of the pillow.  If you love donuts and the song “Don’t worry. Be Happy!” you’ll want this pillow!Don't Worry. Be Happy Cushion

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How to personalize printables using Picmonkey

How to personalize printables using Picmonkey

Today, I’m going to show you how to personalize my printable (either the free one or the one purchased from my Etsy store) for your specific needs, like a birthday party.

Why am I showing you how to do this instead of just making you pay me extra to personalize it for you?! Because I want you to see the benefits of buying printables over physical print. I feel that you can get more bang for your buck with printables because there are so many things you can do with them.

Normally, designers have a disclaimer saying you can’t modify their printables. However, I feel that if you can modify it for personal use and save money in return, it’s fine and dandy with me. Just don’t modify my printable, claim it as your own, and then resell it. That is not cool in my book!

Picmonkey Tutorial Panda

Let’s get started, shall we? I’m going to show you how to make the print below using Picmonkey (affiliate link. See disclosure policy), an online photo editing program. I truly love it and would highly recommend it if you are looking for something EASY and FREE!

Update 2/29/2018: Picmonkey is no longer free! However, they do offer a 7-day trial.

Picmonkey tutorial. Before and after print

You can download the Panda printable below for free if you would like to use it to follow along the tutorial.


1. Go to the Picmonkey website. It will look something similar to below.

2. Click on Edit option at the top of the page. picmonkey tutorial. Website.

3. Upload the printable from your computer onto Picmonkey. This program only accepts JPEG or PNG files. No PDFs, AI, PSD, etc. Your screen should look something like this with the options on the left sidebar. Click on Tt to get to the TEXT menu. Picmonkey tutorial open file

4. Now lets add some text. You can either use your own font by clicking on Yours or use Picmonkey’s font by clicking on Ours. Choose the font you would like your text to be. Then click on Add Text. Then type in what you want to say. Picmonkey tutorial. Picking font.

5. If you look below, I’ve decided to use the Sacramento font. There is a Text box with tons of options.  You can change the color, the size of the font, blend the text. Play around with it. If you want to go back to the previous action, there is a undo button at the top.Picmonkey tutorial using font options

6. I used the Emily’s Candy for the word ONE to make it stand out. Voila!!! Done! Picmonkey Tutorial.

7. But wait! Lets say you want to add a cute little banner behind ONE. Just click on the butterfly (highlighted in blue below). Click on Banners. Change the color and fading! Now, you got an even cuter printable!panda-party-hat-star-banner tutorial

8. Lastly, save it to your computer! The Save option is at top of the page. Remember to save it a different name then your original file. Once you save it, you can’t re-open it in Picmonkey and then undo your mistakes! You have to start from scratch. What you can do is save several versions of your work along the way so that you can just upload from that point instead of starting over!

After you save the file, you can play around a little more by adding hearts, fireworks, etc. The options with the crown in the corner means you have to be a Royale member to enjoy those benefits.

I created the other printables you see in the first picture the same way. The bunting in the Happy Halloween printable is under Banner in the Overly option (Butterfly Icon). When you click on the banner it gives you an option of changing the flag color.

Was that not fun or what?!

Now that you’ve learned how to personalize your printable, what will you be putting on yours? Would you like more tutorials like this? Comment below.

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Easter Crafts-10 of the easiest and cutest ideas here!

Easter Crafts-10 of the easiest and cutest ideas here!

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Easter Sunday is approaching very fast.

No doubt, I’m sure you are having family and friends over for an egg-cellent party! You’ll be busy, so I want to provide you with a list of crafts that are fun for kids and adults alike. These are simple with minimal supplies, but are loads of fun.Easter Crafts - 10 Easiest and Cutest Ideas here!


  1. Bunny paper bag/purse via Mer Mag
  2. Bunny basket via Mer Mag
  3. Bunny ear favor bags via Oh Happy Day
  4. Hand-painted easter egg balloons via Shop Sweet Lulu
  5. Clothespin bunny via One little Project
  6. Paper plate Easter wreath via The Resourceful Mom
  7. Easter bunny garland via Urbane Jane
  8. Easter egg bunnies via Urbane Jane
  9. Easter egg tree via Walk in Love
  10. Naturally dyed Easter eggs via Babble

What crafts will you be doing this Easter? Share on instagram with the hastag #shabbymintchicparty. blog signature

How to make mini buntings from free paint color samples.

How to make mini buntings from free paint color samples.

How to make buntings from free paint swatch samples from your paint or home improvement stores.

Happy Saturday!

It’s a beautiful day here in lovely NYC. It’s in the 50’s. No bulky coat today. 

You know what else happened today? My 3 year-old son actually wanted to stay with his grandma overnight! OVERNIGHT! The kid who would cry every time I leave him at daycare. The one that would cry whenever I go to the bathroom! You know what else is amazing? He actually said to me “I stay with grandma. You go. I won’t cry! Good Bye!” So we left him…at Grandma! I hope you make it through the night, mom! Thank you for giving us a day off in 1.5 years!

Even before this happened, I had a plan on what my post would be about today: how to make mini buntings using free paint color samples from the paint or home improvement store. I wanted to layer them in back of my “Treat Yo Self” banner that I made using my Silhouette Cameo. Who knew that it would be so fitting for what happened today.


How to make buntings from free paint swatch samples from your paint or home improvement stores.


  1. Cut a semi-circle out of your paint swatches. The Sprout swatch sample is a 5×5 square so you can get two semi-circles.How to make buntings from free paint swatch samples from your paint or home improvement
  2. Cut little strips at the bottom of the semi-circle to make little frills. How to make buntings from free paint swatch samples from your paint or home improvement
  3. Make two holes at the corners at the top of the semi-circles. How to make buntings from free paint swatch samples from your paint or home improvement stores.
  4. Thread yarn or twine through the semi-circle bunting.
  5. Do the same thing with the triangle bunting or any other shapes you want. Go crazy!

I made the “Treat Yo Self” using my lovely Silhouette Cameo. You can just cut out your letters by hand, punch holes. Pull string through twine.

How to make buntings from free paint swatch samples from your paint or home improvement stores.

I treated myself today by buying that ultra cute cactus (the only plant that will survive in my HOT apartment) and eating all of those mini donuts!

How are you treating yourself this weekend?

{*Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link meaning if you purchase something through my link I will earn a small commission. This allows me to create new and special content like this for Shabby Mint Chic Party. See disclosure policy.}

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