Free Best Dad Ever Father’s Day Banner

Free Best Dad Ever Father’s Day Banner

Father’s Day is a special occasion to show appreciation and love for the amazing dads in our lives. And what better way to honor them than with a personalized homemade banner?

Father's Day banner blue gingham pattern ties with the letters spelling out Best Dad Ever

In this tutorial, I’ll guide you through creating a charming Father’s Day banner featuring blue gingham pattern ties and the letters spelling out “BEST DAD EVER.” With a free printable template as your starting point, you’ll enjoy a fun and creative process while crafting a heartfelt tribute to your dad. So, let’s gather our materials and dive into this step-by-step guide to make a memorable and stylish banner for your beloved father.

Now, let’s get started on this delightful DIY project that will make your Father’s Day celebration even more special!

Materials you’ll need:

  1. Free printable banner template (with tie shapes and letters spelling out “BEST DAD EVER”)
  2. Printer and paper
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue or double-sided tape
  5. Ribbon or string
  6. Hole puncher
  7. Optional: markers, colored paper, or additional decorations for customization


Step 1: Download and print the free printable banner:

Step 2: Cut out the tie shapes and letters:

  • Carefully cut along the outline of each tie shape and the individual letters spelling out “BEST DAD EVER.”
  • Take your time to ensure clean and precise cuts.

Step 6: Customize and decorate (optional):

  • If you’d like, you can further personalize your banner by using markers, colored paper, or additional decorations.
  • Add doodles, patterns, or messages to the tie shapes or letters to make them unique.
Printable Father's Day banner with tie shape pennants and the words Best Dad Ever

Step 7: Punch holes and string the banner:

  • Determine the spacing you’d like between each banner piece.
  • Use a hole puncher to create two holes at the top corners of each tie shape or letter.
  • Thread the ribbon or string through the holes to connect the banner pieces together.
  • Leave extra ribbon or string at both ends for hanging.

Step 8: Hang and display your Father’s Day banner:

  • Find a suitable location to hang your completed banner.
  • Secure the ends of the ribbon or string to hooks, nails, or tape.
  • Make any necessary adjustments to the spacing or positioning of the banner pieces.

And there you have it! Your Father’s Day banner with blue gingham pattern ties and the letters spelling out “BEST DAD EVER.” It’s now ready to be displayed and celebrated on Father’s Day.

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4 Free Turtle-ly Cute Printable Father’s Day Cards

4 Free Turtle-ly Cute Printable Father’s Day Cards

June 18th is Father’s Day. What are you and the kids making for Dad?

The kids and I are creating a special card for Daddy! And the theme seems to center around a turtle!

So of course, we created all these Father’s Day cards with all kinds of turtles in mind!

These Father’s Day cards are turtley cute.


1. The “You are Turtley Cool” message with what looks like a flying turtle Father’s Day card

Free Father's Day card turtlely cool!

2. The “Daddy You are Turtley Cool” dancing turtle card.


Father's Day Card- turtley cool


3. The “Dad I Turtley Love You” card.

Father's Day Card - Turtle Love you white card

4. The ” I Just Can’t Hide It! You Are One Turtley Cool Dad” with a very shock turtle card.

Father's Day Card- I can't hide


Supplies needed to make these Father’s Day cards:

Free printable Father’s Day cards (download bottom of the post)

Printer ( I have this Canon printer)


scissors or paper trimmer (this is the one I have and love)



How to make the Father’s Day card

1.  Grab the printable Father’s Day cards at the bottom of this post.

Once your pdf open on the web browser, download it to your computer.

2.  Open up your PDF in your adobe reader. If you don’t have it, you can download it for free here.

3.  Print out your PDF on thick cardstock. Please check your printer first to see what kind of paper weight your printer can handle.

Scroll down to the card that you want. Click print. Select current page or the page range that you want to print.

4.  Cut out the 5×7″ card following the trim marks on the cardstock.

5.  Have the kid(s) write a message on the back of the card.

6.  Place in a cute envelope and give to dad.



Looking for some more Father’s Day cards?

Here is a really out of this world rocket card for dad.

For the dad who loves to fish, this card would be perfect for him.

Daddy would love to wear this tie card.

Happy Father’s Day!

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Free and Cool Father’s Day Cards!

Free and Cool Father’s Day Cards!

Need a last-minute Father’s Day card? Well, I’ve found some FREE Father’s Day cards for every kind of dad. Just click on the picture or the link for the tutorial on how to make these cool cards.


1. “My Dad is My Hero” tie.

2. Father’s Day toolbox.

3. Cool DAD eyeglasses

4. Daddy you Rock” card

5. “If You Mustache. My Dad is RAD!” card.

6.“Dad, You Got Good Genes!” card.

7. “You Are The Coolest Pop” card.

Father's Day- Coolest Pop Card

Happy Father’s!

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Father’s Day Gifts Under $40 from Amazon

Father’s Day Gifts Under $40 from Amazon

Father’s Day is this Sunday.

You didn’t get dad anything yet?

You’re stuck deciding if you should give dad something the kids made or buy something cool and not kid-relate?

Why not do both? Have the kids make daddy a cute card or craft and buy him something cool as well.

And since you are so last minute on this gift idea, lets go to the one place we know will deliver it quickly, AMAZON!

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can get these gifts in 2 days or less. If you’re not, just do their free 30 days trial and cancel when you are done shopping for dad.

Here are some really cool Father’s Day gifts under $40 from Amazon that dads are sure to love.


The engraved hammer – This “Thank You for Helping Me Build My Life” hammer is perfect for the handy man, especially if your husband is like mine, who uses a child size hammer for his work around the house.


This Star Wars inspired T-shirt – Every Great Father…Teaches the Force.


The Favorite Child mug


The Dad grill set – Give the bbq-loving dad this excellent Dad grill set.


Dad guitar pick – Give dad this stamped, “I couldn’t pick a better dad” guitar pick if you have a guitar-loving dad.


Multi-tools pocket knife – My husband always carry one of these around. And it get confiscated all the time since he forgets to leave them at home when we go to the airports or special events. So daddy can never have enough these multi-tools pocket knife. Here is another popular pocket knife on Amazon.


Best Dad Ever mug


Father’s Day keychain – “If Daddy Can’t Fix it, No One Can ” keychain.


Colorful socks – Daddy can’t help but give a big smile when he sees these really colorful socks.


Minimalist Wallet – Give daddy a nice minimalist wallet this Father’s Day. After all, less is more!


Bluetooth beanie hat – This gift will allow dad to listen to music or  talk on the phone while jogging, doing hardwork, biking around, or just hanging around the house. I want one!


Wine opener


What I love about you book – Get your kids’ funny answers to the prompts about what they love about their dad.


Donald Trump mug – Let Donald Trump tell dad what a great guy he is.


If you only knew mug – This gift will have dad pondering what other stuff you’ve done that he’s not aware of.


Daddy joke book – Give him a gift that only dad will find funny.


Funny Father’s Day card – If for some reason you want to give daddy a card that’s not from the kids or me, like these turtle flat cards, or these rocking father’s day cards then you can buy them on Amazon.


Owl poop – If you want to give daddy something to do with the kids for hours, then let them find out what’s in an owl poop.

I hope you found some great gift ideas for dad in this post.

Pin the image below for later.

Happy Father’s Day!

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