Free Printable First Day of School Signs 2021

Free Printable First Day of School Signs 2021

Free First Day of school signs for the new school year.

Is it really the start of school already? The first day of school is the start of a new journey. It can be tough, so lighten things up by putting sweet notes in your kids backpack. Make a fun back to school craft together the night before. Or have the yummiest First Day of School breakfast.

And take some adorable back to school photos with these adorable animals wearing masks First Day of School signs. There are 15 signs in total for Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten to 12th grade.

child holding First Day of School Sign- Animals with masks

Printing and Usage

I recommend downloading the files onto your computer and then printing them out instead of printing from the browser. A lot of people experience funky print outcomes when printing from the browser or even from your phone or tablet. So the best is using your desktop to download and print the First Day of School signs.

These First Day of School signs would look adorable just printed onto copy paper. If you want more vibrant color and sturdiness, I recommend printing them onto double-sided photo paper with a matte finish. I like the double-sided photo paper because you can use both sides. You get more uses out of one sheet. (Normally photo paper would have the brand name on the back.)

You can simply have your kids hold up the printable or frame it then have your kid post with it.

Free First Day of School printable signs animals with masks
free printables First day of school 2021 animals with masks
first day of school cute animals with mask 2021 school year

Secret tips for taking awesome first day of school pictures (when your kid hates taking photos, like mine:

1. Make it seem like it’s all their idea to take the photos. How are you going to do that? By taking them shopping for their favorite backpack and clothes either in store or online. Take a picture wherever they want. In the bathroom? SURE!

2.Take it any other day except the first day of school. The day before…the day after….it’s ok. No one will know…except you and your kids.

It can be quite overwhelming the first day of school so you might forget to take the first day of school pictures or your kids just doesn’t want to do it. So taking it before or after the first day is relaxing and fun for everyone!!! And if your child doesn’t want to take it either of those two days try again on another relaxing day! No biggie!

3. If you are a little bit tech savvy, you can modify a picture using a free online program like Canva to put the First Day of School sign next to your kid. Basically you take a picture of your child next to blank wall or anything with white space. Upload your kid’s picture and the First Day of School sign onto Canva and have fun!

Canva does not accept PDFs, which my files are, so you have to convert them to JPG.

I use this free program to do that.


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Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week!

shabby mint chic party - printables for your party and home

Free Printable 4th of July Sticker Sheet

Free Printable 4th of July Sticker Sheet

Happy Independence Day or 4th of July to you and all your family! How are you celebrating 4th of July? Are you watching the fireworks? Watching a parade? Or Are you have a little gathering with family and friends for some bbq fun and pool party? If yes then print this 4th of July sticker sheet out to add to the fun.

independence day stickers

I wanted to create my own cliparts for Independence Day so I started with the simpliest design: a star, the cone, and then the jar. The red, white, and blue color themed is for the colors of the United States flag. The stars and stripes are perfect for celebrating American pride. Of course, I had to add some flowers to make it beautifully shabby chic. The flower cliparts are from Creative Fabrica.

These 4th of July stickers are trendy, fun, and can be used as a great decoration or party favor! Put them on your car’s window or laptop to show your patriotism. It doesn’t have to be used just for Independence Day!

Supply and Instructions

Print this Independence Day sticker sheet onto sticker paper. Use a scissor to cut out the stickers. You can put these into goodie bags or let the kids stick them onto their cups and use as name labels. Seal your goodie bags with them. So many fun ideas!

Turn these into tattoos by printing on tattoos paper.

Did a quick party decoration? Print these onto cardstock. Cut them out. Punch holes and use a string to make a mini banner or as gift tags. Glue to toothpick to use as cupcake topper.

More Indepenence Day printables

Free Floral Independence Day Wall Art Printable
July 4th Printable
15+ free 4th of July Printables
25+ Independence Day wall arts

Have a wonderful celebration with your family and friends this Independence Day weekend. Put on your firework music and have fun!

shabby mint chic party - printables for your party and home

How to edit your coloring pages in Canva

How to edit your coloring pages in Canva

So you bought a super cool coloring pages from my shop and now need to edit it for you kid’s party or homeschool. Here are the steps on how to open your template in Canva and how to edit the coloring pages. If you haven’t, click here to buy it so you can follow along.

Access your coloring page template

When you bought the coloring pages in my Etsy shop, you should have received a PDF that looks like this:

coloring pages link in canva

When you click on Unicorn Coloring Pages, you should see the following pop up.

access to the canva coloring page

Click on USE TEMPLATE. This will open up your coloring pages.

Watch this quick video to see how I do open the template.

Editing Your Coloring Pages

To change the text that is already there, simply select it by double clicking on your mouse, highlight the text and type in your own text. Click out of the blue text box to see your final result.

If your text is too long, you can resize it by dragging the corners of the blue text box.

Changing font type and size

Once you highlight the text, your text options will show up on the top with the name of the current font, it’s size, color, etc. Simply change these settings to what you want.

See video below:

How to change how much your text is curve

If the text highlighted, the text options shows up on top of the color pages, select EFFECTS then scroll down to CURVE. Move the bar below it to control the text’s curve.

How to save your final coloring pages

Once you are done editing your coloring pages, click on the download button on the top right corner. Select PDF print. You can select to print all the pages or print only one page, etc. Click Download.

You did it!!! Yay! Now it’s time to print them out for your kiddos!

Here is a bonus tip for you!

You can add more graphics such as stars, hearts, and rainbows straight in Canva. On the left hand side menu, click on ELEMENTS. Search for what you want and click on the three lines next to the search bar to filter only FREE elements. The ones with the yellow crown will cost you $1. If you want to use them for free, I recommend doing the 30-day Pro Canva trial. This will allow you personal use of all the yellow crown elements. If you want to use these elements for commercial use you have to follow Canva’s licensing.

Printing Your Coloring Pages

If you are just using it around the house, you can simply print these coloring pages on copy paper.

For parties, I recommend heavier paper, such as these 32 lb. paper or even sturder cardstock. I use the later for my party decorations.

Buy your unicorn-themed coloring pages here.

More Coloring Pages

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Free Father’s Day Coloring Card for Preschoolers
Free Coloring Printable: Fall Monogram Wall Art
Dinosaurs Coloring Pages

Free Printable Lemonade Home Wall Art

Free Printable Lemonade Home Wall Art

Summer is officially here. Time to make lemonades from all the lemons given to you. Print out this beautiful printable Lemonade Home wall art for your home and porch.

Printable Lemonade wall art

Supplies and Instructions

White cardstock

Displaying your Printable Wall Art

1. I like to use big frames with mats for my printables. This way I can use it two different size printables. If I buy an 11×14″ frame with a 8×10″ mat, I can use it for a 8×10 printable as well as an 11×14″ printables (without the mat). It also make displaying it easier. I don’t have to trim down my 8.5×11″ cardstock to 8×10″. I simply print and I put into a frame with a mat.

2. Use magnetic poster hanger frames.  I have these in several different sizes. It’s so easy to change signs with the magnetic poster hanger frame.  Just put your sign between the two magnetic pieces of wood and hang it up on the wall. I like that they are really light weight and has no glass that my kids can break. Only the 4 pieces of wood strips that hold the printable and a string to hang. It’s very simple.

3. Use washi tapes for a creative and fun way to display your printable wall art. Washi tapes come in many different sizes and designs. I am loving these right now.

More Printable Wall Arts

Free Floral Independence Day Wall Art Printable
Free Printable Hello Spring Wall Art
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