Free Christmas Pennant Flags

Free Christmas Pennant Flags


Paper pennant flags are so fun and festive during the holidays. They are also very easy to make, especially with the printables I created for you. These Christmas pennant flags are great for photos with the kids waving them around. Babies would surely love to hold these with or without the dowel attached.

free printable Christmas pennant flags with words JOYFUL, MERRY AND BRIGHT, MERRY CHRISTMAS in red and pink

This is a simple Christmas decoration that the kids will love making together with you as a family.

Depending on what you plan to do with your flags these are some of the supplies you need.


  • printer
  • cardstock
  • transparent tape or washi tapes. I used these!
  • dowel
  • ribbons, pompoms, etc to decorate your flags
  • Christmas pennant flags printables (download at the bottom of this post)

These pennant flags are 6.6×10.3 inches. Yes, weird sizes I know. This was done in Canva, which was hard to size perfectly to what I needed.

You’ll be getting three Christmas flag pennants with the following saying: MERRY & BRIGHT, MERRY CHRISTMAS, and JOYFUL. There is one flag per page.


Print these out on white cardstock, as it will hold up better.

Use a scissor or paper trimmer to cut out the flag.

Use tape or washi tape to stick to a dowel.

Add some ribbons, yarns, pompoms, and Christmas bows to jazz up your flags!

You can also scale these down to a smaller size and use them as decorations around the house. I’m sure your kids will have fun placing them around the house.

Here are some suggestions:

Put them into a nice vase and they can be the centerpiece of your table.

Use as props for adorable photos.

Attach your flags to string to make a Christmas banner. Attach some family photos to the banner.


My free printables are for personal use only. Please do not copy or resell them! Thank you.


Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Free Printable Fall Activity Book for Preschoolers

Free Printable Fall Activity Book for Preschoolers

This fall activity book for preschoolers will keep the little ones entertain while you’re cleaning up the house or prepping your Thanksgiving meal.

preschool fall activity book printable

This Thanksgiving might be different for many of us, including my family. We’ll celebrate with just the four of us. We won’t have our parents or other kids around to entertain our little ones so we’re going to need little extra help entertaining them.

This printable fall activity book for preschoolers will keep my 4 year old entertain for at least 30 mins. Although I made it for my preschooler, my 7 year old enjoyed it as well.

preschooler busy book fall theme printable


White cardstock
Scissors or Paper Cutter


  • You can print all the pages out all at once or print one at a time when you need them.
  • For the memory game, you print out two copies and then cut out all the squares.
  • You can make a book simply by stapling all the pages together. To hide the staples, cover them up with washi tape.
  • Alternatively, you can use a binder with a sheet protector to use these over and over again.


Before clicking on the download link, sign up for exclusive freebies.

* The files are for personal use only. You may not use them for commercial purposes. If you would like to share with others, please send them to this post so that they can download the files themselves. Downloading the files means you understand and are agreeing to the Terms of Use.

Download activity book here.

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Free Unicorn coloring pages (11 total pages)
Free Coloring Pages for Kids and Adults during the 2020 Quarantine

Have a wonderful thanksgiving if you celebrate it. Stay safe!

shabby mint chic party - printables for your party and home
Simplify Your Thanksgiving with Free Kids’ Placemat – Keeping Little Ones Happy While You Cook!

Simplify Your Thanksgiving with Free Kids’ Placemat – Keeping Little Ones Happy While You Cook!

Print this Thanksgiving placemat that will keep your kids entertained while you mingle and prepare your Thanksgiving meal.

Thanksgiving activity placemats for kids

Thanksgiving is a special time when families come together to share gratitude and savor delicious meals. However, for parents, it can also mean a whirlwind of preparation and bustling around the kitchen. One of the challenges during this festive season is keeping your little ones entertained while you cook up a storm in the kitchen. They may not fully grasp the hours of effort and love that goes into crafting that perfect turkey, but one thing they do understand is their rumbling tummies and the anticipation of a scrumptious meal.

Engaging Kids with Thanksgiving Fun

To make your Thanksgiving gathering stress-free and enjoyable for everyone, we’ve got just the thing: a free Thanksgiving color and activity placemat designed especially for your kids. This nifty placemat is not only a creative outlet but also an engaging way to keep your little ones occupied, allowing you to concentrate on the culinary magic happening in the kitchen.

Printing Made Easy

All you need to do is print these placemats on sturdy cardstock, and voilà, your kids are all set for hours of holiday enjoyment. You can do this well in advance or even on the day itself, as it’s quick and hassle-free.

thanksgiving placemat for kids free printable with mazes and coloring activities

Creative Fun

Your kids can dive into the world of creativity by coloring in various Thanksgiving foods. Let them add their own personal touch to classic dishes, and they’ll take pride in the colorful, artistic spread on their plates.

Friendly Competition

How about a friendly game of tic-tac-toe to keep those little minds engaged? It’s a great way for siblings or cousins to bond while waiting for the turkey to roast to perfection.

Word Play

Unscramble letters to create Thanksgiving-themed words. It’s not just a brain teaser but also a fun way to build their vocabulary.

Navigate Mazes

What’s a holiday without a little adventure? Let your kids play their way through two thrilling mazes that will keep them entertained while you put the finishing touches on your Thanksgiving feast.

Express Gratitude

Thanksgiving is all about being thankful, and your kids can join in the spirit by writing down what they’re thankful for on the special “grateful pumpkin.” It’s a lovely way for them to connect with the meaning of the holiday.

Thanksgiving coloring and activity placemat free printable

Enjoy a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is notorious for its hustle and bustle, but with these no-prep Thanksgiving placemats, you can ensure your kids remain happily occupied, leaving you with more time to enjoy the holiday and the company of your loved ones. Say goodbye to the stress of entertaining your kids on Thanksgiving and say hello to a delightful, hassle-free get-together with our free printable Thanksgiving placemats.

Make This Thanksgiving a Cherished Tradition

This Thanksgiving, don’t let the chaos of meal preparation dampen your spirits. Instead, let your kids embrace their creative side and engage in some friendly activities while you create a feast to remember. It’s a win-win for everyone, and it’s sure to become a cherished holiday tradition in your home. So, simplify your Thanksgiving and keep those little ones happy with our free printable placemats.

Download the Thanksgiving Placemat

This Thanksgiving placement is designed to be printed on 8.5×11 letter-sized paper or cardstock. I recommend printing on cardstock if your kids will be using markers and if you want it to be sturdy enough to serve as an actual placemat.

More Thanksgiving Printables

Here are some printable Thanksgiving activity pages for kids that will keep them busy and happy all day long.

Fall Busy Book for Preschoolers

I spy Woodland Animals

Printable Thanksgiving Decoration for Your Home

Thanksgiving banner

Woodland Thanksgiving banner

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends!

Spruce Up Your Space with a Mint Pumpkin Wall Art

Spruce Up Your Space with a Mint Pumpkin Wall Art

Have you ever wondered if pumpkins come in other colors besides orange? Well, they do, at least in this free fall printable, I designed for you!

It’s that time of year when we get to cozy up our homes with all things fall.

And guess what? I’ve got a treat for you that will make your home feel like a warm autumn hug.

Introducing our adorable mint pumpkin wall art printable, set against a backdrop of classic black and white buffalo check background.

This free printable is about to become your new favorite piece of seasonal decor.

Let’s dive in together and make our homes even cozier with this charming creation!

Fall free printable mint floral pumpkin with black and white buffalo check bacground

Today I’m sharing with you this lovely mint pumpkin with white and mint floral with a hint of faux gold foliage. The lovely mint pumpkin sits in front of a black and white watercolor buffalo check background, which really makes the mint color pop.

The fall art printable is 16×20. It has a high resolution of 300 dpi meaning that you can scale it to any size up to 16×20 without losing printing quality.

I am including the two common sizes: 16×20 and 8×10 in PNG and PDF. You need the PNG file if you choose to print it at a printing shop or online.

For best quality, I recommend printing your 8×10 on 8.5 x 11″ high-quality cardstock

( I recommend this one).

fall lfree printable mint pumpkin wall art

What You’ll Need

White cardstock
Scissors or Paper Cutter

How to Print and Hang Your Mint Pumpkin Wall Art

-Download and print out the mint pumpkin wall art printable onto white cardstock. I have a $40 HP (discontinued) and a more expensive Canon printer and I must say the HP didn’t disappoint.

-The Canon printer definitely has better printing quality. But once I put the printables into frames and up on the wall, I couldn’t tell the difference between the HP and Canon printables.

If you have an HP printer with wireless printing, you can subscribe to their monthly ink program. Basically, when you sign up HP will send you a new HP ink cartridge. Once you install this new ink cartridge, it will monitor and keep track of how many pages you print. Depending on your plan, you are allowed to roll over a certain amount of pages. My plan lets me roll over 300 pages. I realized I’m not using all my allowed pages so I’m going to downgrade to a cheaper plan.

When it detects that your ink is running low, HP will send you another one. And it doesn’t matter if you print in black or color, so you don’t have to worry about wasting your color ink. They charge you for pages, not ink usage.

-The PNG version is for uploading onto online printing services or printing at a local print shop or photo company.
If you like to use these in your digital planner, you would need to download the PNG version.
The PDF version can be printed easily at home onto letter-sized cardstock.

Displaying your Wall Art Printables

-Put these wall art in a big frame with a white mat for 8×10 photos. This way you can just print the design onto 8.5×11 cardstock without having to trim it down to fit an 8×10 frame. I use a fine-point dry-erase marker to write out my plans.

-Here are some beautiful frames that would be lovely for this printable. Some are 8×10 and one is 11×14.

2. Use magnetic poster hanger frames.  I have these in several different sizes. It’s so easy to change signs with the magnetic poster hanger frame.  Just put your sign between the two magnetic pieces of wood and hang it up on the wall. I like that they are really lightweight and have no glass that my kids can break. Of course, the downside of these is that I can’t use them as erase boards since there is no glass involved. Only the 4 pieces of wood strips that hold the printable and a string hang. It’s very simple.

3. Print the printable onto magnetic paper so you can put it on your refrigerator or any magnetic board.

4. Use washi tapes for a creative and fun way to display your printable calendar on the wall. Washi tapes come in many different sizes and designs. You can also use these for your planners or cut them out as stickers for the kids. I am loving these right now.

5. Use a string and paper clips for a quick display of your printables. I actually have string lights that came with paper clips to hold photos. It’s no longer available at Target, but it’s similar to this one.

6. The simplest way is to use regular tape to put your printables up on the wall.

Alternatives to hanging it up on the wall

1. Use as a printable planner cover or divider.

2. Use as a digital planner cover, divider, or sticker. You can convert this pdf into an image such as JPG or PNG by using any free online pdf converter program. I use this one.

Download Your Wall Art Printable Freebie

*Please remember that these printables are for personal. use only. *

Download your 16×20 files here.
Download your 8×10 files here.

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Thanks for stopping by.