9 Money Saving Hacks for Etsy

9 Money Saving Hacks for Etsy

Etsy hacks to save money on your next shopping trip.


Are you as obsessed with all things Etsy as I am?

Love all the unique and cool stuff you can find on Etsy? Like this ceramic unicorn figure from Barruntando or this first birthday high chair banner?

But then you feel bummed because you don’t have the money to spend on it right now?

Yup. I know how you feel. That’s why I started putting the items I love into my “favorite” list. Then something magical happened.

I received emails from Etsy telling me my items that I favorited are now having a sale or is offering discounts.


I’ve never received these emails before?

When did this happened?

So I went into research mode and found all the goodies I can find into how the shops on Etsy do sales campaigns or promotions.

Of course, as a seller on Etsy I also started implementing some of these special promotions in my shop as well. I’ve had fun finding items at a discount. And offering my buyers huge discounts as well!


Here are the 9 money saving hacks for shopping on Etsy!


Etsy hack #1. Put the item in your favorite list

If you love an item, click on the heart, which on your desktop is on the top right hand corner of the listing.

Depending on the seller, you might receive an email with a promotion. I’ve seen 10% off to free shipping.


Etsy hack #2. Buy your item off-season.

I favorited some Christmas wreaths in November for this article that I was writing. Load and behold February came along and I started getting emails from Etsy saying this item and that item is on sale.

So if you know what you want to buy for next Christmas, Halloween, etc, favorite that item by clicking on the heart.

You might see a discount for it in the near future. It’s now March and I’m getting sales notice for Christmas stockings.

Remember not all shops do this. Sales and promotions are done by individual shop, not Etsy.  If you are buying something that is one of a kind, you might not want to wait for a possible promotion.


Etsy hack #3. Add that item in your cart.

If you’re hesitant to buy it because it might be on sale later, add it to your cart. Wait for a day or two.

You might get an email telling you you’ll get this at discount if you finish purchasing it.


Etsy hack #4. Sign up for the shop’s newsletter.

You can find the link to sign up in several possible places :

The announcement section

The About section

The Updates section

In the listing image

In the listing itself

In the shop’s cover image.

Not sure where these are? Check my image below.


Money Saving Hacks on Etsy- Looks for discounts


Once you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll be happily surprised by the extra benefits of subscribing to the newsletter. Some of these includes:

Free printables.

Early discounts for subscribers.

Discounts for subscribers only.

Helpful tips.

For example, if you sign up for my newsletter, I send you shop updates, free printables on my blog, newsletter members’ exclusive printables, and access to my printable library.

New subscribers get 35% discount.

That’s a lot of cool stuff.

Here is what my newsletter opt-in look like. Sign up and see all the FREE wonderful things!

So the next time you are on an Etsy shop, look for the newsletter link or a link to their website.

From there you should see a link to sign up for their newsletter.

Some sellers also sell more items at a lesser price on their own website.

So take the time to find that website or the subscriber link and SIGN UP for the newsletter.


Etsy hack #5. Look for discount codes, freebies, or bundle deals

You can find these information in the same places as Etsy hack #4.


Etsy hack #6. Find discount by using Etsy search function.

Yup. You can just type in “discount”, “sale”, “% off” and whatever product you are looking for.

Here is a screenshot of what I got when I search for mermaid party decor sale.

By the way if you write “sale mermaid party decor”, Etsy will somehow autocorrect it to SCALE.

You won’t get as much sale listings that way!

etsy hack Mermaid party decoration

Etsy hack #7. It SAVES to read the product listing.

I’m guilty at not reading the whole listing before hitting the “BUY” button then realized it’s not I was looking for.

If you don’t read the whole listing you might miss out on the fact that you could have bought something for a lot less or even free!

Some owners will tell you that the items are free if you use a link that redirects to their website.

If you read the whole listing descriptions you might end up getting what you want and saving lots of money.


Etsy hack #8. Buy in bulk.

I don’t mean buying a lot of items from different stores. Individual store will offer a set/bundle deal.

Here are some ways to find them:

  • You can browse through the listings for one that says “SET” or “BUNDLE” like the listing below for the Mermaid mason jars.

As you can tell from the image, buying a set of 10 mermaid mason jars is cheaper than buy 10 indvidual ones.

  • Look through all the image listing pictures. You should go through every listing pictures because it will give you information about your potential purchase, but also how to get free or discounted items.

  • You can find the information in the listing itself.  It might say something on the line of “buy 2 get 1 free with code freebie”, “Looking to buy more than one? Click on this link!”. Remember to read the listing carefully. It really does pay off!

Here is an example from my shop.

It’s not advertised as a bundle,but you can see that there is a deal for 3 donut printables for $9.00 compared to 3 for $18.75. Bear in mind, that you can use the 35% off code if you sign up for my newsletter for this $9 listing as well.

If you don’t want to sign up, you might get another discount by just putting in your favorite list listing or leaving it in the cart.

By the way, Etsy doesn’t let you use more than one code.

So do all the hacks and see which one gives you the best bang for your buck!


ETsy hack buying in bulk

  • Lastly, you can find discount information right at the top of the main shop page in the cover picture.


9. Click “ON SALE” on Etsy search result page. 

Right before I hit published on this post, I found this one last hack.

Just type in what you want, hit “SEARCH”, You’ll get a tons of results. Now filter them for sales items by clicking “ON SALE”. Your results will now only contain items with sales.  Easy peasy.

Etsy money saving hacks - special offer

There you have it. Nine hacks for saving money on Etsy.


Remember to do all the money saving hacks above on your next shopping trip.


Over to you:

Have you tried any of these?

Do you have other tricks, besides emailing the seller and begging pretty please for a discount?

Happy saving!

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Beautiful Hair Bows and Headbands for Spring!

Beautiful Hair Bows and Headbands for Spring!

My gal friend just had a baby girl. She’s so tiny and sweet. I want to give something for the baby that is small and doesn’t take up space. We all know how many things newborn gets these days. Clothes are just overly given.

Through my research on Pinterest, I found that hair bows and headband are the answers to my gift dilemma. What is also great about hair bows or headbands? They make great a photo prop. They go great with a white shirt or a naked baby. So below, I researched for you and for myself the cutest and sweetest hair bows for girls for every day, special photos, or a party.

Each of these hair bows is hand painted! That is talent right there. Love every single bow in this shop. And I just can’t get over the shop name. Quite creative and catchy.

Chubby Bunny Happy Home

This shop makes cute headbands and hair bows, some of which come with matching barefoot sandals. There is also a monthly bow subscription. Starting at $11.99 a month with free shipping in the USA. The more months you sign up the more you save and you get bonus bows. Check out the info here.

The Fairy Patch Boutique

This shop has some of the prettiest bows for any occassions. The flamingo and unicorn hair bows are my favorites.

Bow Sew Cute Designs

Love that this shop has dinosaur bows. The glitter background really makes everything pop.


Splendid Bee

This shop has vibrant and playful bows. I’m so happy just looking at them. It also has my favorite bunny pattern  on a bow. Can you find it in the store?

My Monday’s Child

These bows are available as headbands or hair bows. I’m particularly fond of the hand tied bows.

There you have it. Six Etsy shops that sell the cutest, prettiest, most adorable hair bows and headbands. I’ve only included 24 bows and headbands here, but each shop offers so much more. These would make such wonderful baby shower or birthday gift for a young little lady.

Pin this for later reference or share it with someone you know who needs pretty hair bows or headbands. I even provided you with a nice Pinterest pin below:



What are your feelings regarding  hair bows and headbands? What is your favorite shop to get hair bows?


Colorful floral baby milestone printables

Colorful floral baby milestone printables


If you have been following my blog, you know I’ve been on a calendar marathon. I made so many different calendars. I have more but I will give you guys a break.


I haven’t done baby monthly milestone sticker printables for a while so I went ahead and made tons of those this week. Be on the look out for more free baby monthly milestone printables.


Today, I want to share with you these really vibrant and colorful floral wreath monthly milestone sticker printables.


vibrant floral wreath milestone mock_1-01


vibrant floral wreath monthly milestone printable


This free printable can be printed on sticker paper to use as milestone stickers.  You can also just print it on cardstock and place it next to the baby.


What else can you do with these free baby monthly milestone printables?

MONTHLY printables pinterest 1


Here are some other uses for these monthly milestone printables:


1.   Make a first year birthday garland with baby’s picture.
2.   Scale these to smaller size and put them into a frame with baby pictures.
3.   Divide baby clothes by month by making a slit on the printable and putting it over the top of hanger.
4.   Tape these outside of drawers to separate clothes by months.
5.   Scale these to smaller size to put into a scrapbook.
6. You can print these onto magnet paper and turn them into refrigerator magnets to hold all of baby’s cute pictures or important note.


What are some other ways you can think of to use these floral wreath monthly milestone printables?

Where to buy these floral graphics


These beautiful bright color floral graphics are from Design Cuts.  They come with these already made wreaths, but you also get individual flower cliparts. You can design something totally different from these floral wreaths! You can make invitations, thank you cards, wall arts, number cards.If you want me to make any of these, let me know in the comment. I will surely see if I can make it happen for you!



Type of sticker/label paper

I personally love the sticker paper from Online Labels.

Best cardstock


The best cardstocks that I have been using are from Neena. I recommend the 65 lbs thickness to make sure that your printer doesn’t jam.  Most printers have trouble printing thicker cardstock so make sure to check with your printer manual for proper paper usage.

Best magnet paper


Printable magnet paper are the best. Turns any pictures or documentation into a magnet. Here are some magnet papers that would work great for this floral wreath baby monthly milestone printable.


If you love this printable please share it on Pinterest or Facebook.

floral baby monthly milestone printables



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10 Beautiful Mobiles Gifts For a Baby Girl Nursery

10 Beautiful Mobiles Gifts For a Baby Girl Nursery

Are you looking to give something extraordinary for a new baby girl?

If you are, check out these BEAUTIFUL mobiles.


1.  This mobile from Lolly Cloth might seem a little bit expensive, but did you know it contains 100 Swarovski Crystals in shades of light pink, mint green, white and grey? It is handcrafted from organic fabrics and the hanger on top is handpainted and can be customized.


10 beautiful mobiles for baby girls

Photo Source: Lolly Cloth


2. Beautiful elephant mobile with a lovely color combination from BabyLova.


mobile gifts - babylova

Photo source: BabyLova


3. This floral mobile by NiNuBo looks so pretty I would lie in the crib and look at it all day!


mobile gifts from NiNuBo

Photo source: NiNuBo


4. This ballerina and unicorn mobile by Little Boo Decor is so subtle and lovely.


mobile gifts by little Boo Decor

Photo source: Little Boo Decor


5. Feather dream catcher mobile from Boho Feather Decor is perfect for a boho-themed nursery.


Mobile gifts for new baby girl - dreamcatcher mobile

Photo source: Boho Feather Decor

6.  A very minimal and relaxing mobile by The Felting Dorcas.


mobile gifts - the felting dorcas

Photo source: The Felting Dorcas


7.  This animal mobile from Sunshine and Vodka has awesome details. It took 7 hours to make. Wow!


mobile gifts - sunshine and vodka

Photo source: Sunshine and Vodka

8.  A very colorful circus mobile by Minimez Shop
mobile gifts - Minimez shop

Photo source: MiniMez shop


9. Black and white mobile by Little Boo Decor is great for a minimalist nursery.


mobile gifts - black and white mobile

Photo source: Little Boo Decor


10.  Very beautiful and colorful house mobile by A Continual Lullaby.


mobile gifts - a Continual Lullaby

Photo source: A Continual Lullaby


11. I had to add this one mobile last minute because just looking at this picture makes me giggle with delight.  This mobile is from Pink Cheeks Studio


mobile gifts - angelic ballerina pigs

Photo source : Pink Cheeks Studio



Need a wall art to go with, there might be something in the shop for you.


Or check out my free Printable Resource Library by signing up below. You will also be updated with new posts and freebies.


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mobile gifts for baby girl nursery


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