Personalized Gifts for Baby Girls!

Personalized Gifts for Baby Girls!

Nothing says you really put some thoughts into a gift than a personalized one.

My one place to shop for personalized gifts is Etsy. It is where I started my shop. It’s where I buy fun, cute gifts for family and friends.

Some of my friends are expecting baby girls in the Spring so I have been browsing Etsy for some awesome personalized gifts. Below are some of my favorite gift ideas.


1.  Personalized bow and headband holder – Have all the hair accessories in one place with this gift.


Personalized bow holder a2d2designs



2. Personalized Embroidery Hoop – This would make a great addition to the nursery.


personalized hoop raindropsonrosesB


3. Personalized baby outfit. There are no words to describe this adorable, floral outfit! Just perfect!


personalized gifts, baby gift, baby outfit

4. Personalized hoodie. Seriously will be the hit of nursery school with this hoodie on!


personalized gifts, baby gift, baby hoodie

5.Personalized Ornaments. The ornaments can be customized for any occasions and can be hung on a hanger in the nursery.


personalized gift, baby gift, baby ornament


6. Personalized milestone blanket. This is one beautiful photo prop. What is great is you can take pictures as early as 1 week until your munchkin is 12 years old!


personalized gifts, milestone blanket


7. Name headband. An outfit isn’t complete without one of these cute headbands.


personalized gifts, baby headband

8. Personalized newborn gown.


personalized gifts, newborn gown

9. Personalized pillow. Beautiful in a shabby chic nursery, don’t you think?


personalized gifts, baby pillow

10. Personalized gift sack. I can’t finish the list without something to put all the above gifts in. This sack will last days/years after the gift gifting is done.  It can be used to store stuff animals, legos, or the abundance of laundry!


personalized gifts, baby gift bag


11. Personalized unicorn. If you got a unicorn loving kid you need to get this plush unicorn.


Personalized unicorn roseandlilyboutique


12. Personalized first Christmas ornament. A beautiful ornament for baby’s first Christmas tree.


Personalized ornaments beautiful gift shop

13.  Initial Baby Bracelet.


Personalized bracelet Bryn Lee Bees


14. Personalized outfit with bow hat.


Personalized outfit with hat Skylar n me


15. Personalized baby hat.


Pesonalized hat Karen Fudge


16. Personalized Birthday Stat Pillow.


Personalized Pillow Sweet Summer Lee


17.  Baby Girl Gift Set with blankets, burp cloth, hat, bracelet, barefoot sandals, pillow

Baby girl gift set


18.  Personalized Rainbow Blanket and Bodysuit

personalized blanket and bodysuit set by Katy Ferrari


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personalized baby gifts for girls

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Father’s Day Gifts Under $40 from Amazon

Father’s Day Gifts Under $40 from Amazon

Father’s Day is this Sunday.

You didn’t get dad anything yet?

You’re stuck deciding if you should give dad something the kids made or buy something cool and not kid-relate?

Why not do both? Have the kids make daddy a cute card or craft and buy him something cool as well.

And since you are so last minute on this gift idea, lets go to the one place we know will deliver it quickly, AMAZON!

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can get these gifts in 2 days or less. If you’re not, just do their free 30 days trial and cancel when you are done shopping for dad.

Here are some really cool Father’s Day gifts under $40 from Amazon that dads are sure to love.


The engraved hammer – This “Thank You for Helping Me Build My Life” hammer is perfect for the handy man, especially if your husband is like mine, who uses a child size hammer for his work around the house.


This Star Wars inspired T-shirt – Every Great Father…Teaches the Force.


The Favorite Child mug


The Dad grill set – Give the bbq-loving dad this excellent Dad grill set.


Dad guitar pick – Give dad this stamped, “I couldn’t pick a better dad” guitar pick if you have a guitar-loving dad.


Multi-tools pocket knife – My husband always carry one of these around. And it get confiscated all the time since he forgets to leave them at home when we go to the airports or special events. So daddy can never have enough these multi-tools pocket knife. Here is another popular pocket knife on Amazon.


Best Dad Ever mug


Father’s Day keychain – “If Daddy Can’t Fix it, No One Can ” keychain.


Colorful socks – Daddy can’t help but give a big smile when he sees these really colorful socks.


Minimalist Wallet – Give daddy a nice minimalist wallet this Father’s Day. After all, less is more!


Bluetooth beanie hat – This gift will allow dad to listen to music or  talk on the phone while jogging, doing hardwork, biking around, or just hanging around the house. I want one!


Wine opener


What I love about you book – Get your kids’ funny answers to the prompts about what they love about their dad.


Donald Trump mug – Let Donald Trump tell dad what a great guy he is.


If you only knew mug – This gift will have dad pondering what other stuff you’ve done that he’s not aware of.


Daddy joke book – Give him a gift that only dad will find funny.


Funny Father’s Day card – If for some reason you want to give daddy a card that’s not from the kids or me, like these turtle flat cards, or these rocking father’s day cards then you can buy them on Amazon.


Owl poop – If you want to give daddy something to do with the kids for hours, then let them find out what’s in an owl poop.

I hope you found some great gift ideas for dad in this post.

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Happy Father’s Day!

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9 Money Saving Hacks for Etsy

9 Money Saving Hacks for Etsy

Etsy hacks to save money on your next shopping trip.


Are you as obsessed with all things Etsy as I am?

Love all the unique and cool stuff you can find on Etsy? Like this ceramic unicorn figure from Barruntando or this first birthday high chair banner?

But then you feel bummed because you don’t have the money to spend on it right now?

Yup. I know how you feel. That’s why I started putting the items I love into my “favorite” list. Then something magical happened.

I received emails from Etsy telling me my items that I favorited are now having a sale or is offering discounts.


I’ve never received these emails before?

When did this happened?

So I went into research mode and found all the goodies I can find into how the shops on Etsy do sales campaigns or promotions.

Of course, as a seller on Etsy I also started implementing some of these special promotions in my shop as well. I’ve had fun finding items at a discount. And offering my buyers huge discounts as well!


Here are the 9 money saving hacks for shopping on Etsy!


Etsy hack #1. Put the item in your favorite list

If you love an item, click on the heart, which on your desktop is on the top right hand corner of the listing.

Depending on the seller, you might receive an email with a promotion. I’ve seen 10% off to free shipping.


Etsy hack #2. Buy your item off-season.

I favorited some Christmas wreaths in November for this article that I was writing. Load and behold February came along and I started getting emails from Etsy saying this item and that item is on sale.

So if you know what you want to buy for next Christmas, Halloween, etc, favorite that item by clicking on the heart.

You might see a discount for it in the near future. It’s now March and I’m getting sales notice for Christmas stockings.

Remember not all shops do this. Sales and promotions are done by individual shop, not Etsy.  If you are buying something that is one of a kind, you might not want to wait for a possible promotion.


Etsy hack #3. Add that item in your cart.

If you’re hesitant to buy it because it might be on sale later, add it to your cart. Wait for a day or two.

You might get an email telling you you’ll get this at discount if you finish purchasing it.


Etsy hack #4. Sign up for the shop’s newsletter.

You can find the link to sign up in several possible places :

The announcement section

The About section

The Updates section

In the listing image

In the listing itself

In the shop’s cover image.

Not sure where these are? Check my image below.


Money Saving Hacks on Etsy- Looks for discounts


Once you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll be happily surprised by the extra benefits of subscribing to the newsletter. Some of these includes:

Free printables.

Early discounts for subscribers.

Discounts for subscribers only.

Helpful tips.

For example, if you sign up for my newsletter, I send you shop updates, free printables on my blog, newsletter members’ exclusive printables, and access to my printable library.

New subscribers get 35% discount.

That’s a lot of cool stuff.

Here is what my newsletter opt-in look like. Sign up and see all the FREE wonderful things!

So the next time you are on an Etsy shop, look for the newsletter link or a link to their website.

From there you should see a link to sign up for their newsletter.

Some sellers also sell more items at a lesser price on their own website.

So take the time to find that website or the subscriber link and SIGN UP for the newsletter.


Etsy hack #5. Look for discount codes, freebies, or bundle deals

You can find these information in the same places as Etsy hack #4.


Etsy hack #6. Find discount by using Etsy search function.

Yup. You can just type in “discount”, “sale”, “% off” and whatever product you are looking for.

Here is a screenshot of what I got when I search for mermaid party decor sale.

By the way if you write “sale mermaid party decor”, Etsy will somehow autocorrect it to SCALE.

You won’t get as much sale listings that way!

etsy hack Mermaid party decoration

Etsy hack #7. It SAVES to read the product listing.

I’m guilty at not reading the whole listing before hitting the “BUY” button then realized it’s not I was looking for.

If you don’t read the whole listing you might miss out on the fact that you could have bought something for a lot less or even free!

Some owners will tell you that the items are free if you use a link that redirects to their website.

If you read the whole listing descriptions you might end up getting what you want and saving lots of money.


Etsy hack #8. Buy in bulk.

I don’t mean buying a lot of items from different stores. Individual store will offer a set/bundle deal.

Here are some ways to find them:

  • You can browse through the listings for one that says “SET” or “BUNDLE” like the listing below for the Mermaid mason jars.

As you can tell from the image, buying a set of 10 mermaid mason jars is cheaper than buy 10 indvidual ones.

  • Look through all the image listing pictures. You should go through every listing pictures because it will give you information about your potential purchase, but also how to get free or discounted items.

  • You can find the information in the listing itself.  It might say something on the line of “buy 2 get 1 free with code freebie”, “Looking to buy more than one? Click on this link!”. Remember to read the listing carefully. It really does pay off!

Here is an example from my shop.

It’s not advertised as a bundle,but you can see that there is a deal for 3 donut printables for $9.00 compared to 3 for $18.75. Bear in mind, that you can use the 35% off code if you sign up for my newsletter for this $9 listing as well.

If you don’t want to sign up, you might get another discount by just putting in your favorite list listing or leaving it in the cart.

By the way, Etsy doesn’t let you use more than one code.

So do all the hacks and see which one gives you the best bang for your buck!


ETsy hack buying in bulk

  • Lastly, you can find discount information right at the top of the main shop page in the cover picture.


9. Click “ON SALE” on Etsy search result page. 

Right before I hit published on this post, I found this one last hack.

Just type in what you want, hit “SEARCH”, You’ll get a tons of results. Now filter them for sales items by clicking “ON SALE”. Your results will now only contain items with sales.  Easy peasy.

Etsy money saving hacks - special offer

There you have it. Nine hacks for saving money on Etsy.


Remember to do all the money saving hacks above on your next shopping trip.


Over to you:

Have you tried any of these?

Do you have other tricks, besides emailing the seller and begging pretty please for a discount?

Happy saving!

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Beautiful Hair Bows and Headbands for Spring!

Beautiful Hair Bows and Headbands for Spring!

My gal friend just had a baby girl. She’s so tiny and sweet. I want to give something for the baby that is small and doesn’t take up space. We all know how many things a newborn gets these days. Clothes are just overly given.

Through my research on Pinterest, I found that hair bows and headband are the answers to my gift dilemma. What is also great about hair bows or headbands? They make great photo props. They go great with a white shirt or a naked baby!

So below, I researched for you and for myself, the cutest and sweetest hair bows for girls for every day, special photos, or a party.


The Flutterbye Bowtique

Cherrie has some adorable bows in her shop. Some of the bows you can personalize with name or number (for birthdays).

Little Girls Ballerina bows

Mermaid personalized bow by Flutterbye Bowtique


Chubby Bunny Happy Home

This shop makes cute headbands and hair bows, some of which come with matching barefoot sandals. There is also a monthly bow subscription. Starting at $13.50 month with free shipping in the USA. The more months you sign up the more you save and you get bonus bows. Check out the info here.

Etsy Hair Bows CBHH


Lavendar hair bows


The Lottie Lemon

Whitney’s shop offers lots of neutral tone bows and headbands that will match any outfit.

summer baby bows by lottie lemon

summer headbands by Lottie Lemon 4


Opal Boulevard

These bows make me smile. They are definitely not just for back to school. Such fun colors and patterns.

Bows from Opal Boulevard on Etsy


Splendid Bee

This shop has many vibrant and playful bows. I’m so happy just looking at them. It also has my favorite bunny pattern on a bow. Can you find it in the store?

colorful print bows by Splendid Bee

Etsy Hair Bow Watermelon bow


My Monday’s Child

These bows are available as headbands or hair bows. I’m particularly fond of the hand-tied bows.

leather knot bows by My Monday's Child


felt flower headband by My Monday's Child


There you have it. Six Etsy shops that sell the cutest, prettiest, most adorable hair bows and headbands. I’ve only included 24 bows and headbands here, but each shop offers so much more. These would make such a wonderful baby shower, newborn, or birthday gift for little girls.

Which of these bows is your favorite? I LOVE THEM ALL!

If you love these bows or know someone who would love them please send them the link to this post or pin the image below to your Pinterest board!

Shabby-Mint-Chic-Party-Pinterest-spring girl hair bows

As always, thanks for visiting! Have a wonderful day!

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