Crafts to make with mom for MOther’s Day + Free Mother’s Day Card Printables

Crafts to make with mom for MOther’s Day + Free Mother’s Day Card Printables

Do you love making crafts with your kids? Some cute for the kiddies?! Well, how about making some crafts with the kids that you would love and so will they?! This Mother’s Day why not ask your kid or hubby to get you one of these kits so you can spend family time making these cuties?

Earring painting kit by JillMakes

Jill Makes makes beautiful jewelry and accessories. Now she is letting you on the fun with your own earring painting kit.

pottery painting kit etsy

 Creative Art Kit has some beautiful pottery that you can paint with your family including these succulent planters.



Give mom some flowers, brunch, and one of these Mother’s Day cards.  One is for the modern chic mom and the other card is for the cottage chic mom. These print on 8.5 x 11 paper.  You trim down to 4×5.5 card size.

Mother's day cards


Download Your Free Mother’s Day Cards

Pink furry heart with black and white background card
Pink Floral Mother’s Day Card

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and all moms out there!

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Freebies: Printable Mother’s Day Cake and Cupcake toppers

Freebies: Printable Mother’s Day Cake and Cupcake toppers

Celebrating Mother’s Day during Quarantine!

This Sunday is Mother’s Day! You might not be able to take Mom out for brunch, but you can still definitely give her a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration at home with these wonderful celebration ideas!

1. Order from her favorite restaurant (if they’re open). You’ll give mom her favorite food and help out your local business. I know my favorite place for sandwiches and soup delivers. Can you guys guess what it is?! Panera!!

2. The kids can make mom a simple cake or cupcakes (We use a cake mix. The easiest way to make cake ever!). Decorate them with these lovely cake and cupcake toppers I designed just for you! You can download them at the bottom of the post.

3. Got some rice Krispy? Make her this cute heart shape rice Krispy treats instead of cupcakes. You can still stick those cupcake toppers on them.





The party is never complete without a banner. Print out the matching Happy Mother’s Day banner and hang on your mantel or above the cake.

4. Have the kids make mom a nice handmade gift, like this bowl that she can put her jewels in. Or this suncatcher Mother’s Day card.

3. Pamper her with some lovely gift sets. I’m hinting to my husband to get me this gift set or this care package that includes an adorable tumbler.  If these don’t get there on time. Your local drug store such as Walgreen or CVS might have some cute gift sets. If you’re worried about going to the store ask if they offer deliveries of those items along with essentials.

4. Make a beautiful Mother’s Day gift set yourself. Buy some of her favorite makeup or nail polish. Add in her favorite snacks that she can’t normally eat in front of the kids and a card. She’ll love you for it.

5. If mom loves flowers, you can still get them at your local grocery store as well as home improvement stores, such as Home Depot. My husband got me some peonies from Home Depot and planted them for me in our garden. He’s awfully sweet that husband of mine!

6. The best gift you can give mom during this time of quarantine is a clean house and maybe 2 hours of quiet time after you eat the homemade Mother’s Day cake.

There you have it. Some very simple ways to give mom her best Mother’s Day yet! Set up the house for a party with banners, cake, and cupcakes. Gift her with her care package and some love this Mother’s Day!



Download your Mother’s Day cake and cupcake toppers and banner here.

Paper and Usage

These printables are for personal use only.

These Mother’s Day printables are best printed on cardstock because they can hold up better than copy paper.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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Free MOM banner for Mother’s Day

Free MOM banner for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12.

Are you ready to make mom feel special?!

Show mom how much you love her with this very simple mini banner.

Free MOM banner for Mother's Day

Ways you can surprise mom with this banner:

1. Hang this MOM banner on the bathroom mirrow when she wakes up.

2. Hang it across her car’s rear view mirror.

3. Print it smaller and put it in mom’s lunch box.

4. Hang it inside her wardrobe closet.

5. Hang it up behind her chair.

6. Scale the banner down and put it on a cute little cupcake or donut.

7. Turn this into a banner card by putting inside an envelope.


Download your free MOM banner here.


There are tons of freebies in my Printable Resource Library, like this 2019 unicorn calendar and donut wall art. You will also get a discount code to my shop and newsletter exclusive printables. Sign up below.

If you need a card, here are two cards to choose from.

Here are some other last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas and printables.


 Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely moms out there!

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Mother’s Day Gifts that I personally would love!

Mother’s Day Gifts that I personally would love!


Mother’s Day. The one day a year we take the time to celebrate moms. Can I just say I hate these kinds of holidays?! Moms should be celebrated every day. Same for dads.


Anyway, I was going to write about what I really want for Mother’s Day in a lovely sinfully bad grammar post, but Andrea from Selfies to Selfless said it best so here is the link to her post:


Mother's Day gift
Did you get to read it? No? I’ll wait…la di da di da.


Done? Is she so right, moms? On Mother’s Day I like not to be mommy-ing. I would LOVE a good 5-hour nap. I also want not to be mommy-ing for my birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day!


Besides that one gift here are some other things that I might like for lovely Mother’s Day.


1. A “thank you” from my 4-year old for being the BEST MOM EVER. I remember one time my son said “Thanks for the meatballs. They are great (thumbs up!). I was elated…that Trader Joe’s made such wonderful microwavable meatballs for under 2 minutes and I get to take the credit for it.


2. A professional cleaning service for my messy apartment. I don’t even want to get into it. Ever wonder why I never post pictures of my work space?

3. While we’re at it, I would also love a professional organization person to come organize my house. What are those people called? Google tells me they are called professional organizer. Duh!


4. A massage once a month for the rest of my life. I realized I start sitting and sleeping in all weird positions after having kids. Care to see all the wonderful sleeping position you might encounter or have encountered if you sleep with your kid? Check this diagram from How To Be A Dad. If you haven’t check this website out you should. Here is a great post about transforming the toddler car into a cool car. Or this Universal Child Birth Reaction Assessment.


5. Maybe flowers and a card. Ok. I admit it! I will take some flowers and a card. I’m a sucker for cards. I really just want a day off from mommy-ing and a card.



Here are two Mother’s Day cards I designed for you to download to give your mom/wife who loves cards as much as I do.

Mother's Day card - Floral

Download Happy Mother’s Day card here.


Mother's Day Card- Furry heart

Download “Mom. I love you” card here.

I understand not everyone wants what I want so here are some great natural health gift ideas for mom.

These are my favorite personalized jewelry that I found on Etsy, my go-to place for everything unique. Click on item or link at bottom of pictures for more info.


birthstone necklace//silhouette necklace//handwriting rings//fingerprint necklace//key chain//heart bracelet


Image Map

Here are my favorite gifts for moms of boys. Why just boys?! Because I have BOYS. Good enough reason?

ear plug//Bringing up Boys t-shirt//Mother & Son picture frame//Son wall art//Wine glass

Image Map

Let me know if you want some more gift guides. Maybe gift guide for a moms who love wine.

Have a great Mother’s Day. Pick up the phone and call her. ANY.DAY.OF.THE.YEAR. Not just Mother’s Day!!!

Check out all my Mother’s Day printable in the free Printable Resource Library. It’s all free for personal use. You just need a password, which you can get by signing up below.

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