Free gift tags for beary cute gifts

Free gift tags for beary cute gifts


If you  have been following me for a while, you know I LOVE Lisa Glanz. I’ve basically purchased all her cute animal and floral illustrations the moment they come out. You can say Lisa is my woman crush. I totally adore everything that she does. Don’t believe me?

Here are some freebies that I’ve created using her illustrations:

First day of school  and the matching last day of school signs

Free last day of school 2019 dog

2019 animal desk calendar


Since I have so many of her works and love what she does, I’ve decided to include more printable freebies using her illustrations.

Today, I want to give you these super sweet and whimsical bear and friends gift tags.

bear and friend gift tag mock

You can print these on cardstock and just clip them on gift bags using clothespins.

Print them on sticker paper and stick them straight to the bag.

bear and friend gift tags on bag

Or you can punch a hole and use string to tie the thank you tag to the gift bag.

Tie a nice tassel to turn the gift tag into a bookmark.

Lots of cute ideas, right?!

These gift tags are designed to coordinate with the bear and friends party invitation in the shop.

bear and friends party invitation

I’ve been wanting to do editable invitation templates in the shop for a while now. I was trying to figure out a way that you can customize it exactly how you like it without having a million back and forth conversations with me.


This week I discovered Corjl. It’s a free online editing platform for personalizing editable templates.  There is no waiting for personalized proofs. You can edit your templates right away on your computer or mobile device after purchased.


You can edit my purchased templates until you are satisfy, download it to your computer and print them at home or at your local print shop.


The other great thing about Corjl is that you can view a demo of my templates. You customized the template to see if you’re comfortable using the online editing platform before purchasing it.


Here is the demo for the bear and friends invitation:


You can’t edit this freebie in Corjl as they don’t offer it to use with free printables. You can easily personalize these using Picmonkey or Canva.

Download these bear and friends gift tag in the Printable Resource Library.

These gift tags are included in my library. It’s FREE to access. You just need a special password.

Sign up below to get access to this and tons of other cute printables.


If you love these cute creature illustrations, check out Lisa Glanz’s website.

She offers tons of freebies and tutorial like how to make these cute animal bookmarks.

She also teaches you how to draw one of her adorable bears.

Don’t forget to check her out on Skillshare.

I hope you turn into a Lisa Glanz fan, like me.

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FREE Mermaid Birthday Party Printables – Mermaid Party Bundle

FREE Mermaid Birthday Party Printables – Mermaid Party Bundle

Best mermaid birthday party printables


Do you have a little girl who wants to live under the sea and swim with the dolphins?
Does she wear her Ariel Halloween costume all year round?
I could be wrong, but she might like a mermaid birthday party!
Here are some free mermaid birthday party printables for you to decorate the most wonderful party for your little mermaid.


Mermaid Invitation


free mermaid party printables invitation

Let’s be mermaids! Where: When: RSVP: Let’s be mermaids! Where: When: RSVP:


Mermaid Cupcake Toppers


free mermaid birthday party printables - mermaid cupcake mockup 3 cupcakes-01

free mermaid party printables cupcake toppers


Mermaid Thank You gift tags


free mermaid birthday party printable thank you tag_mock1


Mermaid Notes


There are many possibilities for this note printable. You can have your child write a thank you note to all her guests or glue several pages of these together with book binding glue to make a tear off notepad.  A very nice mermaid party favor.


Free Mermaid Party printables invitation_mock



Where to buy these graphics

These beautiful mermaid graphics are from The Hungry Jpeg.


Supplies for these mermaid birthday party printables

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5 ways to decorate a party using tissue papers!

5 ways to decorate a party using tissue papers!

Decorate a party using tissue papers

Planning a party can take a lot of money and time. But most of the time it doesn’t have to cost as much as we think. The solution is use what you have or buy something really cheap and create something magnificent with it to decorate your party.


Today I’m going to give you 5 ideas on on how to decorate a party and wow your guests.


I hope you didn’t throw those tissue papers from your holiday celebrations away because you just wasted tons of good tissue papers and money for your next party.
By the way, I’m not talking about the tissue paper you blow your nose with. I’m talking about the tissue paper that you stuff into gift bags to hide the fact that you don’t have time to wrap the gifts!!! You know who you are!


Here are five ways to decorate your party with tissue papers!




Tassels will always be in style.  They are super easy to make. Here are some awesome tutorials on how to turn tissue papers into tassels. Visit Purely Katie to learn how to make these tassels.  Attached to a balloon and you got an awesome table centerpiece or a photo prop for a 1st birthday or gender reveal photo shoot. An awesome idea is to put something in the balloon to reveal the gender of the baby when popped.


5 ways to decorate your paper with tissue papers- tassels

Photo source: Purely Katie


Here is another way to use tassels. Make a tissue paper garland  and hang them all over your house. If you’re doing a 1st birthday party, you can add pictures of the baby between the tassels with cute clothespins.


5 ways to decorate a party with tissue papers Tassels

photo source: Tikkido




Make tons of tissue paper pom poms and flowers. Another really simple DIY.  You can make them really big or really tiny for a doll’s party. Jennifer from the Crafted Patch Blog will show you how to make these in different sizes. These are actually fun to make with your friends over a little drink,like, tea. *wink*





This gorgeous flower backdrop which is perfect for a spring baby shower, bridal shower, 1st birthday party, or any kind of party, is made from lots of tissue paper. You can learn to make them here.


5 ways to decorate a party with tissue paper

Photo source: Kojo Designs


Make these cute little flowers to use as a place setting. Attached a floral wire and put them into a little vase to make a table centerpiece.  Or can also make party favors by attaching a clip and attaching a thank you note to it. Learn how to make them here.


5 ways to decorate your party with tissue papers.

Photo source: Hub Pages





You can simply layer different color tissue papers and hang them on a baker’s twine, yarn, or whatever string you have lying around to make a tissue paper garland. You can add a little more flare by snipping it however you want. Check out this multi colored tissue garland from Pizzazzerie. Make it shabby chic by folding these doilies over the tissue paper. Or put these over the tissue garland for Valentine’s Day.


5 ways to decorate a party with tissue papers. Tissue paper garland

Photo source: Pizzazzarie




How gorgeous are these guys?! You can mix so many different colors to match your party theme. Group these guys on a wall and you got an Instagram-worthy photo backdrop! Check out the tutorial on A subtle Revelry!


5 ways to decorate a party with tissue papers. Accordian burst

Photo source: A subtle Revelry



This is a bonus  cause if you want to make it this long it might take a while, but look how awesome the end result is. It would be so fun to make and see the guests face when they enter your house.   Just make this over a movie marathon with the kids snipping lots of tissue paper. OH SO FUN, right??!!! Learn to make it from Oh Happy Day.
5 ways to decorate a party with tissue papers - Tissue Fringe Garland

Photo source: Oh Happy Day


Where can you buy tissue paper if you don’t have any:


You can buy them in almost any store. Jack’s, which I’ve frequented in Manhattan, NY have a huge selection of color tissue papers.
You can get them from the dollar store or the gift sections of Target, grocery stores, convenience stores like Rite Aid, Walgreen, etc.


Of course, you can always get them from one of my favorite online store, Amazon.

How will you be using your tissue paper to decorate a party?


Happy Tissue Paper crafting!

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How to host a stress-free Thanksgiving Dinner

How to host a stress-free Thanksgiving Dinner

Are you hoping for a stress-free Thanksgiving?

Planning a party can be stressful for a lot of people. I’m no exception. I’m actually horrible at planning parties. I’m great at pinning party inspirations from Pinterest, but not party planning. I design party printables, but I do not give lots of parties.
So I’m not here to tell you how to host a stress-free Thanksgiving party because honestly I have hosted a Thanksgiving dinner once. Luckily for me, we used live close to my parents and mom is a great cook so Thanksgiving was always at her house.
I’m hoping for the same this year even though we moved to a different State.
From all the Thanksgiving pasts at my mom’s house, here are some of the things I’ve learned on how to host a stress-free Thanksgiving dinner.
stress-free thanksgiving dinner

Always plan ahead even if it’s just a day before Thanksgiving!

If you’re really into planning and writing everything down, use these checklist and party planners.

1.  Get this Thanksgiving checklist from Tabler Party of Two.



2. Holiday party planner by Moritz Fine Designs.



3. Get this Thanksgiving planner with 11 pages to plan your perfect Thanksgiving and even Black Friday. Designed by Alison of Pint Sized Treasures.


Thanksgiving Planner by Pint Sized Treasures


You don’t have to make the traditional Thanksgiving food if you don’t like it.

If you hate mashed potatoes then don’t make mashed potatoes. Fearful someone will leave your party cause you don’t have mashed potatoes? Oh well, more food for you. Just kidding. You can always ask that person to make their version of mashed potatoes. Maybe you might actually like it.
My mom always make traditional Thanksgiving food because my cousins who came from Vietnam love her Thanksgiving feast. However, she also makes Vietnamese food like egg rolls, lo mein, or shrimp salad. She also bought some Russian food cause she lives in a Russian neighborhood.


You don’t need to make everything from scratch!

Are there anything on your menu that you can just buy and then semi-make it? For example, if you’re making pumpkin pie, you can buy pie crust instead of making it. My mom actually buys dumplings and Kale salad from a Russian store. Nobody cares that she didn’t make them herself.

Have family and friends pitch in for food!

You don’t have to be the only person making food for Thanksgiving dinner. Do a potluck Thanksgiving dinner, where everyone bring a dish. You just have to assign everyone a food category so you don’t have double. Potluck is always fun because you can sample how your family and friends make different version of the same food.
You can also have everyone attached a recipe to their dishes. This way people can just snap a picture of them to make at home.


Have fun!

Remember it’s about family and friends, not spending half of Thanksgiving day in the kitchen.
Plan your party ahead of time. Decide what you will need to buy and when to buy them.
Assign guests food to make or buy.
You can make whatever food you want for Thanksgiving.
Lastly, have fun with some silly games and lively conversations.

Happy Thanksgiving!






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