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You have the Easter baskets, now what to put into them instead of candies. Here are some of my favorite things to put into your traditional and non-traditional Easter baskets for little girls.


Easter Baskets Peppa pig               Easter Baskets thumper                          Easter Baskets mouse book

I believe books are a great gift for any occasions. If you’re looking to read to the kids, Amazon has 10 short Easter stories audio for free on their Kindle. You don’t have to give Easter books. It could be any kind of book, but it would be fun to match it with your non-traditional baskets. For example, if you use a dump truck as a basket, give a truck book.


Easter baskets color bath                 Easter Baskets filler                             Easter BAskets filler

These color bath drops are tablets that turn boring bath water into fun water. Mix colors for cool new color combinations. The washable sidewalk chalk are great to get their kids outdoor and coloring the sidewalk to their hearts content. Shopkins are super cute and buying them in pack will save a bundle. You can divide this 12 Shopkins into 4 little gift bags with 3 shopkins in each. You can do the same thing for the chalk if you’re trying to save some money.

3. Eggs

Easter Baskets eggs                                                 easter baskets egg sea creatures                      

No Easter basket would be complete without the eggs. Buy them pre-filled with goodies or in fun animal  shapes like the octopus or turtle egg to fill up with stamps, stickers, etc.

4. Bunny       

Easter Baskets bunny                                    easter baskets bunny                                      easter baskets bunny

Top your little Easter basket with a bunny. Who doesn’t love a pastel multicolor bunny? Or a fruity bunny? Or a spring floral bunny?

What will you be putting into your Easter baskets?

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