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The bookmark is an underrated gift. It is an accessory that gets overlooked and relegated to a place in the bookshelf or on the floor. But when you give a bookmark along with a book as a gift, it shows that you care for someone enough to know what they like and what they don’t like. Today I’ll be sharing with you three cute floral bookmarks in a black and white version and an already colored version.

example  of black and white Flower theme bookmarks in 4 designs

The black and white version you can simply print and give it as a minimalist bookmark for someone who loves floral line or you can give it as a coloring bookmark for that person to color in and make them their own. These bookmarks can be colored in using fine point marker or crayons. You can use Procreate or another editing program to color them in digitally. I will include a PNG version for digital coloring. The colored version of these bookmarks were colored in using Procreate on my Ipad.

You can print out these unique black and white bookmarks to give to your friends, family members, teachers, or anyone who loves reading.

Example of the 2x6 inches floral bookmarks in 4 different designs.

If you rather give a colored version, I’m sure you’ll love these very colorful floral bookmarks above! I’ve digitally colored them in using my Procreate program with some really lovely colors.


If you’re still undecided on what to give this Christmas, print one of these cute floral bookmarks in black and white or colored in. Pair it with some reading accessories, such as a floral journal and pen to make the perfect gifts.


If you are coloring in your black and white floral bookmark, I recommend printing on cardstock so that your markers or crayon wont show through the other side.

Coloring your bookmarks is a quick and easy way to personalize them. The best supplies for this are markers/pens and a fine point crayon. Try to find a pack of markers that have different colors, so you can choose the color that you want for your bookmark. You may also want to use a metallic marker or a glittery gel pen for some added decoration. You further personalized the bookmarks by writing the name of the person you are giving it to or use one of these alphabet stickers.


Merry Christmas and happy reading!