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dinosaur themed christmas activities for preschoolers 7 pages

Dinosaur-Themed Activity Pages for Preschoolers

It’s a happy and very busy time of year for everyone, especially moms. Presents to buy and wrap, dinner to plan, party to decorate and an endless to do list. Let me help you just a little bit. I’ve created these cute dinosaur-themed Christmas activity pages for preschoolers with colorful dinosaurs and all things Christmas.

These Christmas activity pages are so fun for preschoolers and educational as well. Kids also work on their pre-writing skills, scissor skills, counting skills, and so much more.

Word Search

Simple Word Search will keep your preschooler glued to the page for a little while. Wonderful ways to learn word recognition. Now that I’ve looked at at the word search, I should have put pictures next to them for preschooler to correlate the words to the picture. Next time! So for this activity you might have to sit down with your preschooler and go over the words. Older kids will be able to do this on their own.

dinosaur theme word search printable freebie

Dinosaur Tracing

A very simple activity to work on pre-writing skills and pencil control!

Winter Activity Book Tracing Dinosaur Christmas Theme

Counting dinosaur

Have your kid cut these into square and then cut the squares into half. Then they will have to count 1 and 2 to put the dinosaur back together. To make it harder you can miss up all the dinosaurs. You kids will have to put the right dinosaur together.

Winter Activity Book counting dinosaur

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Christmas Maze

Your child can use their hands or a pencil/crayon to follow the path to get the dinosaur to the Christmas tree so he can put down all the presents.

Winter Activity Maze Dinosaur find Christmas tree free printable

Simple Dinosaur Christmas puzzle

Cut out all the squares and try to put it back together to make a dinosaur(s).

Winter Activity cut and put together dinosaur christmas puzzle printable

Download your Dinosaur-Themed Christmas Activity Pages

Printing your Activity Pages

You can print these on copy paper or cardstock depending on if you want to make activity pages sturdier and keep for future usages.

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If you have a kid who loves to color and dinosaurs, check out this website with tons of dinosaur coloring pages.

Have a wonderful Christmas!