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Earth Day is a special day when we all come together to celebrate our planet. There are so many things to love about Earth, from the stunning landscapes and creatures that inhabit it, to the resources that allow us to thrive. Today, and every day, we should go for a walk outside, smell the flowers, and pick up trash on our walk to show our appreciation to Mother Earth.

Ways to Celebrate Earth Every Day

Here are some activities you and your kid can do today and every day to celebrate Earth:

  • bike instead of driving your car
  • plant a flower
  • Get a plant for inside your home
  • Turn off the water when you are brushing your teeth
  • Take shorter showers
  • Reuse plastic bags
  • Turn your vegetable and fruit leftovers into compost
  • Recycle batteries and electronics
  • Buy secondhand
  • use cloth napkins instead of paper
  • Switch from plastic straw to biodegradeable or stainless steel straw

Can you think of some other activities that you can do to help save the planet earth?

Earth Day Activity Pages

If you find yourself trapped inside today, I’ve collected a collection of free coloring pages and activity sheets for kids. Print them out and spend some quality time together while showing your love for our beautiful planet. You may also take these printables to your local park or any other green area in your community, set up a picnic blanket , and enjoy some time outside while you color and do the Earth Day activity pages.

10 free Earth Day activity pages for kids Prek-K.

All of the activity pages can be colored in because everything is in black and white. There are two mazes, two I-Spy activities, a page to write down how to help Earth, and lots of coloring pages.

Free printable Earth Day activity pages coloring
free printable Earth day activity pages

These activity pages do not require much preparation. Simply print on copy paper, give your kid some crayon or color pencil, and let them have fun.

To save paper, print only what you need on both sides of the copy paper. Don’t forget to recycle these activity pages when you are done with them or turn them into your own handmade paper.

Here is a great video on how to do just that:

Check out this video on how to make plantable paper:

Here are a few of my favorites Earth Day activities from other bloggers:

100+ Earth Day Activities for Kids by Natural Beach Living

Earth Day Windsocks from I Heart Crafty Things.

35+ Best Earth Day Activities for Kindergarten by Natural Beach Living


PLEASE NOTE: All printables on this blog are for personal use only. Please do not redistribute or sell them. If you would like to share with family and friends, please send them to this post and not directly to the file. Thank you.

If your child love I-Spy activity pages, I recommend this I Spy Tulip page, or this I Spy Spring Garden page.

I hope you all have a fun and safe Earth Day! Let’s work together to protect our planet every day.

No matter how you decide to celebrate Earth Day today, make sure to take a moment to appreciate all that our planet has to offer us. We only have one earth, let’s take care of it!

Please feel free to share your own favorite earth day coloring pages and activities in the comments below.