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Are you ready for Halloween?

The kids getting excited about putting on their Halloween costumes and going trick or treating already?

Here is a Halloween coloring and activity book that will keep your kids entertained until Halloween.

Halloween activity and coloring book. Fun to give out or entertain the kids until Halloween

Of course, you can also make these books and add some crayons or coloring pencils to give out to the trick or treaters instead of candy.

I’ve given you two options to print this Halloween coloring and activity book out.

  • One activity per 8.5×11″ paper

  • Two activities on one 8.5×11 paper. You can leave them as is or fold the paper in half, so you have a book as I created here.


You can always print these on copy paper if you need something swift to entertain the “Mom, I’m bored!” child.

I recommend printing only on one side. I tried printing double-sided on copy paper, and it did not look too pretty. Take a look for yourself in the picture below. See how the maze on the other side of the page can be seen on this page? I’m not loving that!

Also, if your kid decided he/she wants to use a marker it will bleed onto the next activity page if you print on copy paper.

If you want to print double-sided to save paper, I recommend printing on  65 lb cardstock. I’ve used Neena Bright White, which actually is an off-white, not bright white. And I just discovered this Accent Opaque card stock. They are WHITE! So depending on what brightness paper you like you can’t go wrong with either one of this cardstock! You can print double-sided on these and color away with a marker.

There are several ways to turn your pages into a book together.

  • You can staple them together.

  • You can use decorative tapes.

  • You can sew them together.

  • You tie them together with a ribbon or twine as I did. Simply fold your pages in half. Line a piece of twine in the middle and tie it together.

  • You can glue them together.

You also have the option of just giving out one page at a time to prevent Halloween activity book overwhelm.


Free Halloween coloring book for kids with games and coloring pagesI

Lots of fun activities to do in this little Halloween activity and coloring book. You have to find the patterns, line maze, matching game, spot the difference, etc.

Free Halloween coloring book for kids with games and coloring pagesFree Halloween coloring book for kids with games and coloring pages

Free Halloween coloring book for kids with games and coloring pages

When you download the Halloween activity and coloring book printable, you get two choices.

  • One is a single activity on an 8.5×11 paper

  • Two activities on an 8.5×11 paper.

My 3 and 6 year old love this Halloween activity and coloring book. Of course, the 3 year old colors everything, while the 6 year old enjoy the mazes and matching activities.

You are so welcome to use this activity and coloring book for your own personal use.

Please do not copy or distribute this activity book and resell them.

Let your family and friends know about this Halloween activity book by sending them a link to this post.



Have a happy and safe Halloween.

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