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No matter how small your party is, you need a plan to execute it. You want to keep track of who to invite, who responded, who is allergic to what food, what decorations to use, and how much food do you REALLY need for the party.

Here are some party planning printables for you to plan and execute a non-chaotic and lovely party!

Every party must have guests. Write down all your guests so that you don’t forget Aunt Susie for Charlie’s first birthday party!

It’s a very simple guest list because all you need are names, contact info and their responses. Under “Response/Remarks” I would also include guests that might have allergies to food or other preferences.

Put all the details of your party down so that you don’t miss something on the day of the party.


I recommend you place all your party, games, and eat-ware all in one place so you’re not running around looking for that pinata last minute.


I went to a party at a karate studio and  the parents forgot the candle to the birthday cake. Luckily,in the end there was a candle that got blown out!  Here’s hoping that does not happen to you. Put everything in one place!!


If you’re having a party at home or in a park, it’s always good to have a few games in mind to play if the kids get antsy. I found out from experience that you really just need 1-2 games. Most of the time kids just love runny around and they will entertain themselves. So if you’ve planned 10 games for that 3 hour party, don’t feel bad if only 1-2 games were played!

birthday reminder printable


Here’s an added bonus for downloading my free party planning printables.This cute birthday reminder printable. What a beautiful way to keep track of everyone’s birthday so that you’re all ready to plan the next party with these free party planner printables.

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Party Planner Printable


Happy party planning.

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