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Tell mom how much you love her with this cute personalized Mother’s Day photo card. You can fully edit this 5×7 photo card to fit your style using Canva, a free online editing program. It’s easy to use. I’ll work you through the steps to edit the text, photos, and add more photos and details to your card.

Editable photo Mother's Day card on top of envelope

You can personalized this card by only changing the words and photos that I have. Or you can add more text, photos, graphics, etc. You can also have your kid color in the card to make it even more special.

Back of Personalized Mother's day photo card on envelope

Here is another personalized card that you can edit in Canva. You can get the template at the bottom of the post.

I will use the MOM card in the tutorial, but the steps to edit the one below is the same.

mother's day photo card heart shape with flowers and the words Happy mother's day

In order to edit this personalized Mother’s Day photo card you need to first open it in Canva. If you don’t have an Canva account, it will ask you to register. There is a free and a Pro version. You only need the free version to edit this card. If you want to add certain cliparts to your card, you need a Pro version. However, if you are just editing the photos and adding text, the free version is all you need.


Sign up below to get your link to the Canva greeting card. Once you click on GET FREEBIE, the Canva template will pop up. You don’t need to wait for an email from me.


Personalized photo card mother's day canva

Above is the template for the card. Simply click on USE TEMPLATE to open it in Canva.


how to upload photos into canva

Upload your photos onto Canva using the UPLOADS icon on the left side menu. The uploads menu will show up, click on UPLOAD MEDIA–>DEVICE (if your photos are on your computer). You can also drag and drop your photos into UPLOADS.

Once you upload your photos, select one of your photos. Drag it over one of the photo placeholders I created on the card. Your photo should replace my photo within the circle or the heart.

If you don’t want the photos, simply select the photo and hit Delete on your keyboard twice (to delete the photo and the photo placeholder (Canva calls them Frames). Or you can select the photo, click on the garbage can on the upper right. Select DELETE FRAME.


adding text to canva screenshot

To replace the name under the heart, highlight the name and write your text. If you want to add text to the card, click on the Text icon on the left side menu. Start typing. Here you can change the font, FONT colors, size, lettering spacing, etc. You can also add some cool EFFECTS to your text. Don’t be afraid to play around!


Once you are done, download your card to your computer.

how to download Mother's day card in Canva

Click on Download on top right hand corner. Save it as PDF PRINT. This gives you the best print quality. Save personalized Mother’s Day photo card to your computer or other desired location.


If you want to add more cliparts such as florals, you can search Canva wide selections of graphics by clicking on ELEMENTS icon on the left side menu. Some of the graphics have the yellow crown. This means that it is part of Pro Canva, which is a paid version. If you really want to use the graphic you have to pay $1 when you download your card. Each Pro graphics/elements are $1. You also have the option of trying out Pro Canva for free for 30 days, making all the crown elements of Canva free to use. Just remember to cancel before your trial is up so you don’t get charged.


I recommend printing these on high quality white cardstock. Use a scissor or paper trimmer for a more accurate and neater cut of your card. Fold the paper in half to complete your card.

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