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Happy Independence Day or 4th of July to you and all your family! How are you celebrating 4th of July? Are you watching the fireworks? Watching a parade? Or Are you have a little gathering with family and friends for some bbq fun and pool party? If yes then print this 4th of July sticker sheet out to add to the fun.

independence day stickers

I wanted to create my own cliparts for Independence Day so I started with the simpliest design: a star, the cone, and then the jar. The red, white, and blue color themed is for the colors of the United States flag. The stars and stripes are perfect for celebrating American pride. Of course, I had to add some flowers to make it beautifully shabby chic. The flower cliparts are from Creative Fabrica.

These 4th of July stickers are trendy, fun, and can be used as a great decoration or party favor! Put them on your car’s window or laptop to show your patriotism. It doesn’t have to be used just for Independence Day!

Supply and Instructions

Print this Independence Day sticker sheet onto sticker paper. Use a scissor to cut out the stickers. You can put these into goodie bags or let the kids stick them onto their cups and use as name labels. Seal your goodie bags with them. So many fun ideas!

Turn these into tattoos by printing on tattoos paper.

Did a quick party decoration? Print these onto cardstock. Cut them out. Punch holes and use a string to make a mini banner or as gift tags. Glue to toothpick to use as cupcake topper.

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Have a wonderful celebration with your family and friends this Independence Day weekend. Put on your firework music and have fun!


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