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The year is going by fast. November is almost over and December is around the corner. Print out this free printable December 2021 calendar to keep track of all your schedules and errands.

December 2021 prinable calendar 8x10 inches with 8 different designs


Cardstock or photo paper


You can print these on copy paper, but to get a crisp and vibrant printing result, I recommend printing on cardstock or photo paper.

December 2021 monthly calendar printable DECEMBER word in red, green, and orange

Ways to use your free December 2021 calendar

1. Meal Prep- Plan out your meals for the whole month!

2. Positive motivational quotes – Keep yourself in a good vibe with a new motivational quote each day of the month.

3. Daily Doodle Challenge – Draw or doodle based on a topic each day of the month. For example, Monday is daisy doodle, Tuesday is black and white pattern day, Wednesday is rainbow doodle day, etc.

4. A Word A Day Challenge – Learn a new word a new for the whole month of September.

5. Craft Activities for the Kids – Avoid getting overwhelmed each day with a new kids’ activity theme so you’re not overwhelmed each day trying to find activities for the kids to do.

6. 7 min exercises each day for a month – Exercises can be tough for a lot of people, me included so I started doing exercises that are 7 minute or less each day because I know I can achieve that little amount of mins. Once I’ve done one 7 minute exercise, it motivates me to do another 7 minute exercise. By the end of the day, I’ve done 28 mins of exercises and feeling great!

7. Daily Gratitude – write one thing you’re grateful for each day.

December 2021 printable freebie winter berries and foliage

Download your December 2021 calendar

Permitted use: The files are for personal use only. You may not use them for commercial purposes. If you would like to share with others, please send them to this post so that they can download the files themselves.

December 2021 Calendar 8 different designs

Download your 8 x 10″ December calendars.

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