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first day of school free printables

First Day of School Printable Signs for 2020

Celebrate the first day of school with these free printable First Day of School signs.
There are 14 signs in total for Preschool-12th grade.

free printable first day of school signs 2020

Printing and Usage

These printables are best printed on cardstocks, not copy paper. The colors are more vibrant and it’s not flimsy so kids can hold it.

These are also lovely framed and place on a table next to your kid.

Secret tips for taking awesome first day of school pictures:

1. Make it seem like it’s all their idea to take the photos. How are you going to do that? By taking them shopping for their favorite backpack and clothes either in store or online. Take a picture wherever they want. In the bathroom? SURE!

2.Take it any other day except the first day of school. The day before…the day after….it’s ok. No one will know…except you and your kids.

It can be quite overwhelming the first day of school so you might forget to take the first day of school pictures or your kids just doesn’t want to do it. So taking it before or after the first day is relaxing and fun for everyone!!! And if your child doesn’t want to take it either of those two days try again on another relaxing day! No biggie!

3. If you are a little bit tech savvy, you can modify a picture using a free online program like Canva to put the First Day of School sign next to your kid. Basically you take a picture of your child next to blank wall or anything with white space. Upload your kid’s picture and the First Day of School sign onto Canva and have fun!

Canva does not accept PDFs, which my files are, so you have to convert them to JPG.

I use this free program to do that.


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