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Do your kids love cats, lions, and mermaids?!

Well, they’ll definitely love these cute coloring pages.


If you’re tired of the kids watching Netflix or Disney+ for 3 hours straight print these adorable caticorns, unicorn, and even caticorn mermaid coloring pages for some quality peaceful time together.

Coloring with your kids can be a great bonding time.  It also teaches you to be more present with your kids.  I know for me, I’m more relax and less tempted to look at my cell phone or tablet.

It has also struck some really interesting conversations. There were really deep questions from my 7-year-old about the current pandemic when we colored in these coloring pages for the people on the frontline fighting the coronavirus.

Possible questions or statements for your kid after he finishes coloring or during your coloring activity:

  • I see you colored the unicorn’s horn this color. Why did you pick that color?

  • Do you believe in unicorns?

  • Do you think unicorns have magical powers?

  • What are some of the unicorns magical powers?

  • What are some of your magical powers?

  • If you can be a caticorn, a unicorn, or a caticorn mermaid, which would you be?

As your child is telling you about his coloring page, write down the answers directly on his coloring page. Ask your child’s permission first to write on his wonderful piece of art. Some kids get really upset. So be respectful of your child’s work. My kid did not mind me doing so. If he does mind, just write what he says on a post-it note or another piece of paper and attach it to the drawing. It’s fun to go back and read these with him when he’s older. My 7-year-old loves reading his early drawing and coloring pages.

Coloring and talking to your kid will also encourage reading and writing in the future. After watching me write, my 3-year-old is now writing me love notes and asking me to read them to him.

What kind of conversation will you have with your child about unicorns, caticorns, and caticorn mermaids?


You are welcome to use these any way you want personally. Please do not claim these as your own and resell them.

You can print these on regular 8.5×11 copy paper. If you’re using markers or watercolors I recommend printing on 65 lb cardstock so that it doesn’t bleed through your paper.

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Color these gratitude signs for healthcare professionals as well as postal workers, delivery trucker drivers, and teachers who are working during the 2020 pandemic. There are also motivational signs such as this Spread Love Not Germs floral coloring page.

Appreciation and Positive Affirmation Coloring Pages for Kids and Adults

Happy coloring!