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Instead of handing out candy to your trick-or-treaters this Halloween, give them something just as sweet – DIY Halloween Bookmark Party Favors! These bookmark favors are the perfect way to hand out treats this Halloween. Guests will love how spooky and cute these bookmarks are and will be sure to use them again and again.


halloween bookmarks free printable

What You’ll Need

Cardstock or regular paper


– Scissors or paper trimmers– Make sure to use the proper scissors, like paper scissors, and not craft scissors, since the paper will dull the blades on craft scissors and make them less effective.

Hole punch – This is optional, but it will make your life easier when making your bookmarks.

_Tassels -This is also optional, to add more flare to your bookmarks.

Candy – If you’re planning on handing out candy with your bookmarks, make sure to double-check what you’re allowed to hand out.


How to Make DIY Halloween Bookmark Party Favors

Halloween bookmark party favors
Halloween printable bookmarks

– This is one of the easiest ways to make Halloween Bookmark Party Favors. All you need to do is download my free printable Halloween bookmarks. You’ll get 5 bookmarks.


– Once you have your design, you’ll need to print it out. If you’re printing on regular paper, make sure to double-check the ink settings on your printer and select the best paper setting for your printer.
If you’re printing on card stock, the printer settings will be significantly different. You’ll want to select the thickest paper setting and make sure your printer can handle card stock.

– Once your design is printed, you can start cutting out your bookmarks. Use a paper trimmer to make the cut more accurate and smoother.

– Next, use a hole punch to make a hole in the top.

-Thread some strings or tassels to more it more festive.

More Free Halloween Printables

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Let’s take a look at the 5 bookmarks you’ll be downloading today.

5 free printable halloween bookmarks
Halloween printable bookmarks in 5 different spooky and cute designs.

Potion Printable Halloween Bookmark

This cute and festive bookmark features lots of potions to conjure up magic and helps you keep your place in your favorite book as well.


Skulls and Potions Halloween Bookmark

Whether you’re reading a scary story or a children’s book, this bookmark will bring a little spooky charm to any page. This bookmark pattern is a quick and easy way to make your favorite books even more special. You can use any yarn and any colors you like to make these bookmarks suit any mood or reading material. This cute and spooky skulls and potions bookmark is sure to bring a little Halloween magic to any book.

Love The Halloween patterns?

Kate and Jean Co Etsy shop for patterns and cliparts
Halloween patterns from Kate and Jean Co on Etsy.

I used these Halloween patterns created by my very good friend, Jean Martin, from Kate and Jean Co for these bookmarks. She is kindly giving you a 20% discount in her store. You’ll get the discount code in your download.

Bats, Mummies, and Pumpkins Halloween Bookmark

This spooky and fun bookmark is sure to put a little Halloween spirit in your books. The bookmark features several Halloween favorites, like mummies, bats, potions, and an eye.

I’m Batty About BooksHalloween Bookmark

This Bat bookmark is super cute, especially with the purple background. Comes with a not-so-spooky quote, “I’m Batty About Books”. For readers who love bats, this bookmark is a must-have accessory. Not only do bookmarks help you keep your place, but they are also great conversation starters. For example: “What do you think this Bat symbolizes?”

Bat Free printable Halloween bookmark
Printable Bat Halloween bookmark


Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Bookmark

Fall is the time for pumpkins and Halloween. What a great way to celebrate both with this Jack-O-Lantern Bookmark. Kids will love using these bookmarks themselves or give away to friends.


printable Pumpkins halloween bookmark
Jack-o-Lantern bookmark

Easy Peasy Halloween Bookmark Party Favors

Instead of just printing out these Halloween bookmarks, let’s make them more fun by adding some accessories. Here are 4 ways to do that.

Halloween bookmarks with accessories
  1. Punch a hole at the top of the bookmark and add a string, yarn, or tassel.
  2. Wrap the borders of the bookmark with washi tapes.
  3. Protect your bookmarks by putting them into a photo booth sleeve and attaching a tassel. These sleeves come with a hold punched already at the top.
  4. Use colorful clothespins to attach your bookmark to the page.

Halloween is the perfect time to get creative with DIY Party Favors. Besides mine, you can find tons of free Halloween bookmarks online. Here are some I found that you might like:

1. Cute Halloween color bookmarks
2. Another Halloween coloring bookmarks
3. ReaD Monster bookmarks

Whether you use my Halloween bookmarks or one of the many other free ones, These bookmark favors are the perfect way to hand out treats this Halloween.

Happy Halloween! Safe Trick or Treating!