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Mother’s Day is Sunday!

My ideal Mother’s Day would be just to sleep past 7 AM without a kid in my bed, eat flan for breakfast, and watch my favorite shows all day long!

It would also be ultra sweet to get that hand-made Mother’s Day card from the little one before he leaves me alone. (Laugh out loud)

Here are some last minute Mother’s Day printables that your kids can do.   Maybe discreetly show your husband this blog post and gently nudge him to have the kids do them!

Click on link inside parenthesis for download.

Mom and Me book.

Mommy and Me book (via Hello, Wonderful)

Mom Newspaper. Mother's day printable.

Mother’s Day Newspaper (via Martha Stewart)

Mother's Day printable craft.

Mother’s Day Questionaire Card (via lil’luna)

Mother's Day Card

I love you because…(via imom)

Mother's Day Card for moms and

Newspaper for Mom and Grandma (via scholastic)

Mother's Day card/book. Mother's Day Printable.

Five Things I love About You (via Carrie Elle)

Below are some cute Mother’s Day art, gift tags, and cards:

Mother's Day Printable

Mother’s Day Art (via Diaper Style Memoirs)

Mother's Day Printables.

Mother’s Day card, sign, and gift tags (via Fedex)

Mother's day cards

Mother’s Day Cards (via Shabby Mint Chic Party)

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! What does your ideal Mother’s Day look like? Share in the comment what you did on Mother’s Day and if you got any cute gift from the kid(s)!