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Teachers are often the most under-appreciated people in the world. We never seem to have enough time to show our appreciation for them, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t afford to be generous with material gifts.

Target’s gift card lineup is a great way to pay tribute to your favorite teacher this holiday season. You can choose from cards in various amounts, so there’s no risk of getting something too little or too much.

Teacher spend so much of their own money for their students and classroom, it would be nice to give them a gift card to spend it on non-school related items.

Target gift cards come in many beautiful designs, from Santa to florals. Top that gift card with your personalized holiday card to stick those Target card to and have your child hand it to their teacher.

Target gift card holder printable freebie


Gift cards for teachers are a great way to show your appreciation and provide them with some extra resources.

Target gift card is the perfect present for teachers because it allows them to purchase what they need without any extra effort.

They can use it to buy their supplies and spend less time on shopping, so they can focus on teaching. Target will also help you with your budget and ensures that you don’t overspend which is the case with most people this time of year.

Ultimately, Target gift card is a wonderful present for teachers because it helps save them time, provides them with an easy shopping experience, and lets you stay within budget.

While I created this Target gift card holder aimed at giving to teachers, you can surely give it to your friends or family. It’s basically for anyone who loves shopping at Target.


Even though there are 5 more days until Christmas, there are only 2 more days of school for the kids. I had to get something quick for their teachers and my first thought is Target. Who wouldn’t want a Target gift card? I whipped up this cute Christmas gift card holder to jazz up the Target gift card a little bit and add a personal touch with my sons’ handwritings.



You can edit this gift card holder in Canva, which is a free online editing program. It’s totally free to sign up.

To edit the name, select the name on the gift card holder and type in the person you want to give the card to. Select the name next to From and edit that.

After you are satisfy with the gift card holder printable, download as “PDF PRINT”.

I recommend printing the gift card holder on 65 lb. cardstock so that it’s sturdy.


There are two versions of the Target gift card holder. You can easily edit the names using Canva. Or you can download the version without the names so you can handwrite them in yourself.

Have a great Christmas!