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It’s hump day! Time for Motivational Wednesday! We all need it!
Do you have that feeling sometimes where you want time to just stop so you can get things done?! Have you been just so exhausted you can’t do anything, but you know you should get on it, otherwise things will just pile up?

I’ve been feeling that way all through March. Mostly, it’s due to my really bad sleeping habit (bed sharing with a preschooler can be a challenge) and my ever growing belly (7.5 months pregnant with increase urge to pee and intense Braxton Hicks).  All this while trying to add inventory to my Etsy shop, updating the blog, and posting to all the social media. I have managed to get one or two things done this month, but I didn’t put my heart into them. Then I realized I’ve been too busy trying to keep up with my blog, shop, and promoting on social media that I forgot about doing things for me. So today, I will write this one post. Then I will be on a grand adventure with my son!

For Motivational Wednesday I want to share this quote with you:

Motivational Wednesday. Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life

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