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Strawberry-themed daily planner printables for all your summer plans!

Summer is almost upon us. It’s one of my favorite times of the year. Actually, it used to be my least favorite season because I hate the heat!!!

But since I’ve moved to the suburbs with a big yard, summer is a second favorite (Spring is first) because I get to see my garden grow! Last year was crazy tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumbers.

This year is the year of the…


They are growing like crazy. And I love going out to my yard early in the morning before the kids wake up and picking one little strawberry at a time for my breakfast!

It’s such a great feeling to just be able to raise your own food! And strawberries might be one of our favorite fruits. Actually, I would love to grow dragonfruits in our yard. It’s such a refreshing fruit! What do you have in your garden? What would you like to grow if you don’t currently have a garden?

As you can tell I’m currently obsessed with strawberries so when I saw these free strawberry-themed digital paper from Free Pretty Things for You. I downloaded them right away and went working on creating beautiful printables.


I’ve created this daily planner with different backgrounds for you to organize your hectic life.  Or if you’re in quarantined and don’t know what to do with your day, maybe it will motivate you to start doing something new to make your days easier and happier.

strawberry themed daily planner free printable

This beautiful daily planner has everything you need to feel productive throughout my day.

It has a gratitude section, which is the first thing I like to fill out in the morning while sipping my cup of tea.

The Daily Schedule, Call/Email, Meal Prep I try to do write down quickly during the last 5-10 mins before I put the kids and myself to bed the night before. Yes, my kids and I sleep at the same time so I try to get everything that needs to be done before 8:30-9 pm. I don’t stress it if I don’t cross everything off my schedule because they’re probably not that high on the priority list if I skip them. I just reschedule them for the next day or the day after until I get it done. Then I do the HAPPY DANCE!


This strawberry-themed daily planner is for personal use only. If you like to share with family and friends, please send them a link to this post, not to the files themselves.

Please do not modify, claim these as your own, and resell them. I created these for my personal use and to share with you.


  • copy paper or cardstock

  • printer

  • this strawberry-themed daily planner (link to download at the bottom of post)

There are several ways you can use this printable:

  • You can easily print these on copy paper or cardstock and write on them.
  • You can print them out and frame them and use an erase marker to write on the glass so you can reuse the daily planner week after week.
  • You can type on this calendar by using This website lets you create fillable areas of a PDF. So you can create your own editable printable planner.


PLEASE NOTE: This daily planner is for personal use only. Please do not distribute or sell this. Do not modify it and claim them as your own. If you would like to share this with your family and friends please link back to this post, not to the files themselves.


You’re awesome for stopping by!

Have a great day!

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