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Apple White handmade and EAster printable

Happy S(etsy)day again everyone. WOW! Two weeks just went by. Sunday will be Easter! Everything just seems so rush rush these days. It’s time for a little relaxation and stare at some lovelies to calm our minds and think of all things Spring and Easter.

{This post contains affiliate links. Should you purchase through my link, I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. See disclosure policy.}

There are literally no words for me to describe this Etsy store that I’ve been drooling over for a looooooong time now. Although I’m not sure if I would buy a tooth fairy pillow for myself (unless I’m 90 and losing all my teeth, but i don’t think I’ll keep those). I might have lost some of you over that one sentence. Sorry. Can’t hide my crazy personality. Anyway, here is today’s Etsy shop:

Apple White Handmade Etsy store.

The house and the teepees are adorable to decorate a little boy or girl’s room.  But are they just for decorations? Oh no, my friends. They are tooth fairy pillows! Yes, TOOTH FAIRY PILLOWS! Do you know what else is stinky cute about those tooth fairy pillows? The door actually opens up to hold little teeth with a little note for the tooth fairy! Really!! Just WOW!  Apple White handmade is the name of the store and Dana is the proud owner. She designs and sew all her products. Oh…Dana also makes coin purses, cork memo boards, tea towels, and pillow cases. They are all so darn cute, but I still can’t get over the tooth fair pillows!!

I almost forgot about the free printable from my shop cause I’m thinking about maybe buying the teepees for my two sons. Here it is:

Easter bunny with floral headband printable.

Oh.In case you missed it, I offer another free Easter printable in my previous post.

Have a wonderful Saturday. Happy Easter!

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