2018 is coming to a close. Time to welcome in 2019.


Are you excited to start fresh for 2019? I am. Especially when I have a desk calendar as pretty as the one below.


Here is the beautiful free 2019 desk calendar for you. Let’s take a closer look at them.

beautiful free 2019 calendar with Lisa Glanz' illustrations

This monthly desk calendar is 5×7 inches. You can print out 2 months on one 8.5×11 paper or cardstock.


These look beautiful on copy paper, but it would be more vibrant and sturdier on a cardstock. This is my favorite one.


Lovely framed or simply tape to a wall with washi tape. You can also punch a hole on top of all the calendar and tie them together. Carry them in your purse to chart down your plans.


These 2019 desk calendar is a gift for you for making this such a wonderful 2018. We are going to rock 2019 with this beautiful desk calendar.


Beautiful free calendar July-september

Each monthly calendar contains lots of white space for little notes.


This 5x7 desk calendar has lots of white space to doodle or write in your plans for the month with beautiful markers.




Download your free 2019 calendar here.


Updated (12/31/2018): I decided last minute to create these adorable calendar band so that you can give these out as gifts for your next gathering! How adorable are the dogs in the back of the band!!!!


2019 desk calendar. Wrap this band around your mini calendar and turn it into a perfect gift.

Download the 2019 animal calendar band here.


This calendar is for personal use only.


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2019 Animal desk Calendar

I realized my design isn’t for everyone, so here are some other wonderful and free 2019 calendars from other bloggers.


Grab this beautiful floral monthly calendar from Short Stop Designs for your organizational needs.


2019 Calendar Printable


Shining Mom has lots of 2019 planners and monthly calendars. This floral calendar is one of my favorite from Shining Mom.


2019 monthly calendar and planner free



If you love animals, then this 2019 watercolor animal calendar from The Cottage Market is for you.

2019 is only 5 months away...if you like to get your 2019 Calendar Early...come on in and check out our Free Printable 2019 Watercolor Animal Calendar!

Color in your own monthly calendar from Sarah Renae Clark.

Printable 2019 coloring calendar

Save some money on ink with this very simple black and white calendar from Love Create Celebrate.


Grab your FREE 2019 Calendar Printable. LOVE the design of these beautiful, modern calendars! Grab yours and stay organized this year! #calendar #organization #2019 #monthlycalendar #free #freeprintable

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