FREE 2019 Monthly Mandala calendar

FREE 2019 Monthly Mandala calendar

Free Mandala November and December 2019 calendar.

Is your mind constantly cluttered with to-do lists?


I get so anxious about forgetting to buy milk or cleaning the house, or take the kids to their after-school activities.


My kids do not participate in 200 after-school activities, so I used to think that I can just keep in my head or set the alerts on my phone to let me know when something is coming up soon.


But I realized I’m still anxious because I don’t get to see the days leading up to the activities to help me fully mentally and physically prepare for it.


I’ve always had some form of a planner that I got from TJ Maxx or Home Goods for $4 and write down my plans, but then I realized I don’t open it up often enough. Or I simply lose the planner somewhere around my cluttered house. We’ll talk about decluttering the house to declutter the mind on a later post!


There must be a way to plan and be relaxed at the same time.


In come these mandala coloring monthly calendars.


mandala november 2019 mock

The purpose of these monthly mandala calendars is to write down all your activities in the NOTE section. I hope I left enough space for you! Or you have to write extra small! Sorry!

Or you can write and doodle wherever there is white space. That is what I love to do.


I find it helps to color code my activities. So I would write appointments in BLUE, school closing in RED, etc.  Then I would circle the dates in that same color.


You can color in part of all of the mandala should you need a break from planning out your month.


Or you can award yourself with a job well-done by relaxing and coloring the mandala in when you’ve written all your activities down.

These work great for me.


I do realize that some of you might like to write your plans under the days, so I’m going to create the 2020 planners that way.



FREE 2019 mandala december calendar


You can print these on 8.5x 11 copy paper if you are coloring them with crayons or color pencils. Or if you just like the black and white design.

If you are planning to use markers or brushes, then I would recommend thicker paper so it won’t bleed through. I recommend and have used these cardstocks from Neena and Accent Opaque.


Below are my recommendations for coloring pens and markers.  I have personally used Staedtler pencils and pens. I have had these pens for more than four years, and they are still good. Except for the ones that my 3-year-old got hold off!!!

Don’t you love these mandalas? I personally created these myself using a great Illustrator add-on! I’m obsessed with it. I purchased a Christmas mandala maker as well.

If you are interested in finding out what it’s all about, check out Drifter Studio’s Mandala Creator.




I find that using these planners in conjunction with my phone alert helps me relax and love looking forward to the many activities that are planned for the month.

I hope that they will help you as well.

Thanks for stopping by.

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