Cool Easter Basket Alternatives Every Kid Will Love

Cool Easter Basket Alternatives Every Kid Will Love

Cool Easter Basket Alternatives Every Kid Will Love

For this Easter why not switch things up a little bit and get some non-traditional Easter baskets for your bunnies? The kids will love them. You will love that the basket can be used throughout the year or longer. Here are some of my favorite non-traditional Easter egg baskets.


1. Backpacks

A backpack is a fun and functional “basket” that you can use to pack all those Easter goodies. After Easter is over, your kid can use it as storage for their books and toys. They can help you carry their snacks and drinks during trips.  And when they’re ready for school, it can be use for those lovely school books and projects. Love this cute bunny backpack? Check out these other bunny backpacks. Not fond of bunnies? Here are some non-bunny backpacks.


Yes. Umbrellas! What kid doesn’t love using an umbrella in the rain or on sunny days, especially when it’s cute?! Just open the umbrella, fill it up with some goodies and you’re set. The umbrella will get use more often then the traditional Easter baskets. More umbrella options here.

3. Beach Wagons

Beach wagons are great for those summer days at the beach, for tugging toys around the house, and for holding all those Easter goodies. Actually, this beach wagon is all set for Easter. You just need to add a little Easter-related goodies, like maybe a beach book and of course, the eggs. More wagons here.

4. Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are great for the same reasons as the beach wagons. They are wonderful for holding those cool Easter goodies. Extra fun for dumping them all out. Here are some other dump trucks if you’re not into pink and purple.

5. Fishing Tackle Box

This tackle box would be great for your future fisherman or fisherwoman. It comes with tackles. Add little worm candy, a fishing book, and a little fishing rod and you are good to go. More fishing tackle box options here.

All these non-traditional baskets are great if you only have to 1-3 kids to buy for, but what if you have an army of kids at an Easter party? It would cost an arm and a leg if you bought each kid any of the non-traditional baskets above along with toy or candy goodies. How about a basket of little goody bags in an inflatable baby pool?

This baby pool definitely makes me think of spring and Easter. What kind of goodies can go in here? Summer fun things like bubbles, beach towels, sunglasses,sweet treats, etc. What’s even better is when the kids take out all the goodies, the basket can be turn into a mini pool of balls or water for splashing. Great for toddlers and babies. The baby pool pictured above holds only 1 toddler comfortably. Here is one for more than 2 kids. More baby pool options here.

Do you use something else besides baskets for Easter?

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