Welcome Back to School Free Alphabet Banner Printables

Welcome Back to School Free Alphabet Banner Printables

School-Themed Free Printable Alphabet Banners


Are your kids back to school yet? Are they doing full school, online learning, or homeschooling?

Whichever you choose, why not make the first day of learning fun with these cute and colorful school-themed alphabet banner.

I’ve created several DIY school-themed free printable banner letters for you to choose from.  They are so colorful and fun to look at. I’ve created banners for students and teachers. 



back to school banner free printable for school


Each flag is 5×7 inches. There are two letters on one page.

You can download the letters and graphics one at a time or you can download the whole alphabet and graphics as one PDF file. Depending on your computer, the latter might take longer to download onto your computer.


Download the letters A and B.

Download the letters C and D.

Download the letters E and F.

Download the letter G and H.

Download the letters I and J.

Download the letters K and L.

Download the letters M and N.

Download the letters O and P.

Download the letters Q and R.

Download the letters S and T.

Download the letters U and V.

Download the letters W and X.

Download the letters Y and Z.

Download the school supplies flags.

Download the whole alphabet and school supplies design banner.


Rainbow “WELCOME” banner

This WELCOME back to school banner is for  teachers who are physically teaching in school or teaching at home. 



welcome back to school sign teacher free printable


Download WELCOME banner.

Download the whole alphabet and stripes banner.


ARTS banner

This banner is for arts and crafts teacher or for your kid’s art and crafts room. It’s the same rainbow color alphabet with the crayons and paint palette buntngs. 


alphabet banner arts and crafts printable free printable

Download “ARTS” banner.

Download the whole arts and crafts theme alphabet  banner.

These letters could be used for any other occasions! It doesn’t have to be just for back to school or teacher’s classrooms. 

You can use them for birthday parties.

Spell out your kid’s name and hang it up in their room.

You can use it to use on the first day of school especially when you have a kid that hates holding up those first day of school sign. For those kids, you just need to make a banner saying, “First Grade”, “Kindergarten”, etc. then have them stand anywhere close to that banner!