Free Father’s Day Coloring Card for Preschoolers

Free Father’s Day Coloring Card for Preschoolers

Looking for an easy activity for your preschooler to do for dad this Father’s Day? Print out this 5×7″ foldable Father’s Day coloring card for preschoolers to color in.

Father's Day coloring card with the words My dad rocks free printable

While this coloring activity looks like just a fun activity for kids to do for dad, it offers many benefits for preschooler.


child coloring in father's day card

1. Helps develop hand strength- Preschoolers are just beginning to build their muscles so coloring will help them strengthen their hand strength. Hand strength is important for so many activities, especially handwriting. It will also help them with develop proper pencil grip.

2. Encourages creativity- Coloring offers kids creativity. Even if you give 10 kids the same exact coloring pages, each one will look different in the end. One child can color the sun purple, while another color it yellow. Some might color everything in black. Another child might want to draw something new and color that in. Coloring let the kid be control of what their art look like.

3. Helps with early writing skills – Eye-hand coordination and pencil grip are important aspect of handwriting. With coloring, a preschooler practice control of the crayon (how much pressure is exerted on the crayon to make darker color or lighter color), the speed, and the direction. Not only does coloring prepare preschooler for writing, but also use of other utensils, such as scissors, grooming and hygiene tools,

4. Promote patience and focus – Coloring for preschooler as well as for older kids and adults is a great activity to slow down and focus on one task. It takes patience to color within the line and focus to bring the final result from the child’s mind onto paper.

5. Language development – Coloring and discussing their final result helps the child use descriptive words to describe and rationalize why they choose a particular color. When you look at your child’s finish art piece instead of saying how nice it is, say, ” I see you color this in purple, why did you pick that color?” Or you can simply say, “Can you tell me a little bit about your art?” and see what your child says. It might surprise you at to why they do things.

6. Self expression- Drawing and coloring is a form of self expression. This is their way of expressing how they feel when they can’t find the right words. My friend’s kid was sad when she sees all the animals at the shelter not getting adopted so she drew a picture and color it in. This helped her mom to see how she’s been feeling and thus leads to discussion on feelings, animal adoption, etc.

7. Color recognition – Coloring helps them understand what primary colors are and explore color combinations.

8. Bilateral Coordination – Coloring promotes the use of both hands, which is a very necessary skill for writing, cutting, and daily activities. When coloring, a child hold the paper with one hand while the other hand colors.

Father's Day coloring card back and front of card says my dad rocks

This Father’s Day coloring card is 5×7″ when folded. I’ve also include the same design in 8.5×11″ size in PDF and PNG files. You can digitally color the PNG files in Procreate.

Supplies and Instructions

Creating the card is fairly simple.

1. Print it out on cardstock either at home or at a printing shop.
2. Cut out the card with a paper trimmer or scissors.
3. Fold it half.
4. Have your child color it in using crayons, color pencils, or markers.
5. Write inside card.
6. Give to dad!
7. If you want to put it inside an envelope, I recommend these. You can also make your own envelope.

Father's day coloring card daddy rocks front and back

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You can find these Father’s Day coloring cards in the shop.

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Happy Father’s Day!

Free Printable Winter and Christmas Coloring Bookmarks: 3 Designs to Color

Free Printable Winter and Christmas Coloring Bookmarks: 3 Designs to Color

Christmas coloring bookmarks 3 bookmarks to color in

Download these winter and Christmas coloring bookmarks for when you need a quick activities for the kids to do, and you’re busy getting ready for the holiday. These would also make cute Christmas party favors along with a small Christmas book.

Simple Winter and Christmas Coloring Bookmarks

Coloring is such a fun activity for little kids. It gets their creative juice going and also helps with their prewriting skills. And when combined with a good book, foster reading in your child.

Today, I’m going to give you three winter and Christmas coloring bookmarks along with some book recommendation for Christmas.

Christmas Books for kids 3-6 years old

Download and Print the Winter/Christmas Coloring Bookmarks

White cardstock
Scissors or Paper Cutter
coloring pencils or markers

Click on the button below to download your free Winter/Christmas coloring bookmarks. You can also find these in the Printable Resource Library along with 100+ freebies! To access the library you need to sign up for my newsletter for the password. The sign up form is on the top and the bottom of this post.

The bookmarks are each 3×7″ for kids to easily color in. When printing these out make sure that your printer is set to print “actual size”. You can print these on copy paper if that’s all you have. Cardstock would be better for sturdier bookmarks.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Free Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Page

Free Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Page

Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Page to keep the little ones entertained.

If your kids love coloring as much as mine, you’ll want to have lots of coloring pages on hand leading up to Thanksgiving day and on the day of. Give them something to do while you cook and they anxiously wait to eat. And to avoid the repetitive “I’m hungry” or “Is the food ready?” moments.

You need an arsenal of coloring pages to entertain your little ones so today I will be sharing with some wonderful coloring printables that have helped me through past Thanksgivings.

But first, I want to share with you my most recent one, the “Give Thanks” coloring page.

Thanksgiving coloring page freebie Give Thanks

 This “Give Thanks” page allows your kids to coloring in all things fall and Thanksgiving has to offer. For the kids that are able to write, you can ask them to write down what they are thankful for.

Usage and Printing

  • These coloring pages are for personal uses only. Please do not copy and resell these printables.
  • These can be printed on regular copy paper. It is best on cardstock if you are intending to use markers or watercolors. I use Staedler Watercolor pencils and markers from Muji.
  • If you like the black and white look, you can easily print, frame, and hang it up.
Thanksgiving coloring pages Give Thanks
  • Use this coloring page to lower your anxiety. This time of year brings anxiety to a lot of people. So grab this coloring page, sit down and color this Thanksgiving coloring page in. It will help you relax and focus on all the small things you are thankful for. For me, it has helped me be more present with my kids and truly enjoy being with them. It distracts me from all the horrible things happening in the world, and appreciates the little boys that I have. You can also write down on this coloring page all the things you are grateful for.
  • If you like coloring in Procreate, there is a PNG file in the Download section below. You can color with JPG files as well, but PNG files allow you to fill in the drawing simply by dragging the colors to that area. I have repetitive injuries on both hands due to typing fast since I was 8 years old, so Procreate has really help me enjoy coloring while limiting stress on my fingers.
Give Thanks Thanksgiving coloring page done in Procreate
Colored in Procreate


Before you download, please remember that the printables I create are for personal use only. Please do not sell them.
If you like to share the printables with family and friends, please link to the posts, not the files themselves.

Download 8×10 PDF file

Download 8×10 PNG file


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Support our nurses and professionals with these coloring pages
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Thanksgiving coloring page freebie Give Thanks


As always, I appreciate you stopping by! Stay healthy and safe!

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