Free Printable Noel Christmas Buntings

Free Printable Noel Christmas Buntings

A Christmas banner is a simple way to decorate your mantel or the focal point of your home for the holiday! Print out these free printable Noel Christmas buntings to make you NOEL Banner with florals bunting for the beginning and end of your banner.

free printable NOEL bunting for christmas banner

The NOEL Christmas buntings

Each bunting is 5×7 inches. It’s a short and simple banner to celebrate Christmas. You get the letters to make the banner NOEL as well as two floral buntings for the beginning and end of your banner if you like.

Supplies and Instructions

White cardstock
Scissors or paper cutter
Small Hole punch


Download and print out the buntings on printer paper or cardstock. I prefer to print on cardstock so it’s a little bit heavier and wont curl up while hanging on the mantel.

Use a scissor or a paper cutter to cut out each letter.

Punch a hole on the top corners of each letter.

Thread the string through the holes.

Hang on wall or wherever you want.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a hole puncher, you can use clothespins to clip the letter bunting to twine or string. Or use washi tape or clear tape.



I also created these cute cupcake toppers. You can also use these as gift tags!

Merry Christmas Cupcake toppers free printable



Free Printable: Halloween Cupcake Toppers

Free Printable: Halloween Cupcake Toppers


Cute and free printable cupcake toppers to decorate your deliciously sweet cupcakes or party favor bags.

My favorite dessert for parties has to be cupcakes. They are simple to make. The kids and I easily make them with premade mix. We personally use this one. You can also buy cupcakes from the bakery or your favorite grocery store. To make it festive I add these cute Halloween cupcake toppers.

I created these 2.25″ cupcake toppers so that you can use a 2″ hole puncher. There are 5 designs to choose from. When you download you’ll get 1 pdf file with 6 pages. Each page has 9 cupcakes toppers with the same design. The last page has 9 cupcake toppers with all the different design.

mockup of Halloween cupcake toppers


White cardstock
Cupcakes or donuts or your favorite dessert!
tape or washi tape
Halloween cupcake toppers (link at end of post)
Toothpicks or lollipop stick or straws
Scissors or Paper Cutter

For gift tag

Small Hole punch
Clothespin (alternative to punching holes)

For stickers

sticker paper (if you want to use as stickers on party favor bags)


Print out your cupcake toppers printable.
Use a 2″ hole puncher or scissors to cute out cupcake topper.
Glue or tape cupcake topper onto toothpick.
Stick topper into your pretty cupcake.

If using as a gift tag, punch hole at the top of topper and tie to Halloween gift.

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mockup of halloween cupcake toppers

Get the matching Halloween banner and sign here.

Trick or treat 8x10 wall art freebie

More Halloween Cupcake Toppers

Layered Halloween cupcake toppers
Emoji ghost cupcake toppers

Love the Halloween cliparts and patterns?

Halloween patterns here.
Trick or Treat font

FREE black and white cupcake toppers printables

FREE black and white cupcake toppers printables

Having a birthday party and need to jazz it up a little bit? This black and white cupcake topper will surely do the trick.

These happy birthday cupcake toppers are created with 2.5″ square so you can use them as is or cut them into whatever shapes you want. You can use a puncher to make your cupcake topper circle, scallop, hexagon, diamond, etc.

I’ve included a bonus black and white floral birthday card at the bottom of the post for you.

modern floral cupcake mock


  • black and white cupcake topper printable. Download at the bottom of the post.

  • scissors or 2″ hole punch (any shapes you want)

  • lollipop stick or toothpick

  • tape or glue. I personally love using my glue gun for making these cupcake toppers.

modern floral cupcake topper circle mock



1. Print out the black and white cupcake toppers at the bottom of the post.

2. Cut out the shape that you want either cutting by hand or using a hole puncher.

3. Place toothpick or lollipop on the back of the cupcake topper.

4. Tape or glue the stick to the cupcake topper.


modern floral cupcake topper square


Besides using these cupcake toppers for cupcakes, you can also:

  • place them all over a donut tower like one seen here.

  • use these as gift tags. Just punch a hole on top and add a string to tie to the birthday gift.

  • reduce the size (by changing the setting on your printer) and scatter them around tables like confetti.

  • print them on sticker paper to decorate cups.

  • add them to your centerpieces. Stick one into a simple floral arrangement like this.






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Black and white cupcake toppers Pinterest

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Free black and white birthday cards

Free unicorn cupcake toppers

Free unicorn cupcake toppers


Who think unicorns are magical creatures that should be a party theme any time of the year?

If you’re looking for some a unicorn theme party that is not the unicorn with the eyelashes and the flowers on her head, then these cupcake toppers are for YOU!

They are full of fun colors.

*This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase thought my links I get a small commission, at no extra charge to you.

The last cupcake topper design I left some white space on purpose so that you can put in your own message, such as “We Love you!”, Happy 5th!”, etc.

You can also punch a hole on the top of the cupcake toppers. Add a string and you have unicorn party thank you tags.

I personally love Picmonkey to do some quick design. They no longer offer it for free, but you can do a trial and cancel before your trial is up.

Free Unicorn cupcake toppers

free unicorn cupcake toppers

Free Unicorn cupcake toppers printable

Making the cupcake toppers

1. Download the cupcake toppers by clicking here.

2. Use a round punch or cut out cupcake toppers by hand.

3. Use hot glue or double sided tape to stick the cupcake toppers to a lollipop stick.

4. Stick them on cupcake toppers and happy eating!

These cupcake toppers were made to match this cute unicorn party invitation!

Unicorn invitation printable

Totally in love with all the colors in this unicorn party invitation. You can use Picmonkey to fill in the details or just write all the info by hand. I personally love a handwritten invitation. Unless of course, you have 100 guests, then NO WAY, Jose!

Get the unicorn party invitation in the shop!

Download all three unicorn toppers by clicking the button below.

Shabby Mint Chic Party download Printables

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free unicorn cupcake toppers

Have a great magical party!


shabby mint chic party - printables for your party and home


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