Free Printable Watercolor Flowers Milestone Stickers

Free Printable Watercolor Flowers Milestone Stickers

Snap some fun pictures of your little one in these beautiful printable watercolor flowers milestone stickers.

floral monthly baby milestone stickers printable

Day 14 of November of Giving Free Printables.

Today I’m sharing with you these beautiful watercolor floral baby milestone stickers. Each circle is 4 inches. They are not made for a specific label. Just print on any sticker paper and then cut out the circle.


Sticker paper or White cardstock


Download and print out the printable watercolor floral milestone stickers onto sticker paper or cardstock.
Cut out the circles with a scissors.
If you used cardstock you can just place it on the bodysuit or close to the paper. Or you can use double sided tape to put on the bodysuit.

Floral monthly milestone stickers  free printable

Check out all the printable baby milestone stickers in the store.

Baby milestone stickers on baby bodysuit in etsy shop


Month 1-4
Month 5-8
Month 9-12

Alternative uses for baby milestone card/stickers

1.   Make a first year birthday garland with baby’s picture.
2.   Scale these to smaller size and put them into a frame with baby pictures.
3.   Divide baby clothes by month by making a slit on the printable and putting it over the top of hanger.
4.   Tape these outside of drawers to separate clothes by months.
5.   Scale these to smaller size to put into a scrapbook.
6. You can print these onto magnet paper and turn them into refrigerator magnets to hold all of baby’s cute pictures or important note.

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