Simplify Your Thanksgiving with Free Kids’ Placemat – Keeping Little Ones Happy While You Cook!

Simplify Your Thanksgiving with Free Kids’ Placemat – Keeping Little Ones Happy While You Cook!

Print this Thanksgiving placemat that will keep your kids entertained while you mingle and prepare your Thanksgiving meal.

Thanksgiving activity placemats for kids

Thanksgiving is a special time when families come together to share gratitude and savor delicious meals. However, for parents, it can also mean a whirlwind of preparation and bustling around the kitchen. One of the challenges during this festive season is keeping your little ones entertained while you cook up a storm in the kitchen. They may not fully grasp the hours of effort and love that goes into crafting that perfect turkey, but one thing they do understand is their rumbling tummies and the anticipation of a scrumptious meal.

Engaging Kids with Thanksgiving Fun

To make your Thanksgiving gathering stress-free and enjoyable for everyone, we’ve got just the thing: a free Thanksgiving color and activity placemat designed especially for your kids. This nifty placemat is not only a creative outlet but also an engaging way to keep your little ones occupied, allowing you to concentrate on the culinary magic happening in the kitchen.

Printing Made Easy

All you need to do is print these placemats on sturdy cardstock, and voilĂ , your kids are all set for hours of holiday enjoyment. You can do this well in advance or even on the day itself, as it’s quick and hassle-free.

thanksgiving placemat for kids free printable with mazes and coloring activities

Creative Fun

Your kids can dive into the world of creativity by coloring in various Thanksgiving foods. Let them add their own personal touch to classic dishes, and they’ll take pride in the colorful, artistic spread on their plates.

Friendly Competition

How about a friendly game of tic-tac-toe to keep those little minds engaged? It’s a great way for siblings or cousins to bond while waiting for the turkey to roast to perfection.

Word Play

Unscramble letters to create Thanksgiving-themed words. It’s not just a brain teaser but also a fun way to build their vocabulary.

Navigate Mazes

What’s a holiday without a little adventure? Let your kids play their way through two thrilling mazes that will keep them entertained while you put the finishing touches on your Thanksgiving feast.

Express Gratitude

Thanksgiving is all about being thankful, and your kids can join in the spirit by writing down what they’re thankful for on the special “grateful pumpkin.” It’s a lovely way for them to connect with the meaning of the holiday.

Thanksgiving coloring and activity placemat free printable

Enjoy a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is notorious for its hustle and bustle, but with these no-prep Thanksgiving placemats, you can ensure your kids remain happily occupied, leaving you with more time to enjoy the holiday and the company of your loved ones. Say goodbye to the stress of entertaining your kids on Thanksgiving and say hello to a delightful, hassle-free get-together with our free printable Thanksgiving placemats.

Make This Thanksgiving a Cherished Tradition

This Thanksgiving, don’t let the chaos of meal preparation dampen your spirits. Instead, let your kids embrace their creative side and engage in some friendly activities while you create a feast to remember. It’s a win-win for everyone, and it’s sure to become a cherished holiday tradition in your home. So, simplify your Thanksgiving and keep those little ones happy with our free printable placemats.

Download the Thanksgiving Placemat

This Thanksgiving placement is designed to be printed on 8.5×11 letter-sized paper or cardstock. I recommend printing on cardstock if your kids will be using markers and if you want it to be sturdy enough to serve as an actual placemat.

More Thanksgiving Printables

Here are some printable Thanksgiving activity pages for kids that will keep them busy and happy all day long.

Fall Busy Book for Preschoolers

I spy Woodland Animals

Printable Thanksgiving Decoration for Your Home

Thanksgiving banner

Woodland Thanksgiving banner

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends!

40+ Beautiful and Free Christmas Printables

40+ Beautiful and Free Christmas Printables

These 40+ beautiful and free Christmas printables make decorating last minute sooo easy!

Been busy and seriously have not decorated or ready for Christmas at all? It’s ok. I’m also a last minute person. Honestly, even if I decorate way before hand, I always come up with something I really want to do several days before Christmas. It can be stressful so I want to make it easy for you this Christmas.

I created these printables that will allow you to take a break from the stress of looking for that special decoration while still celebrating the holiday season in style. I also have some printable gifts, such as milestone stickers and closet dividers that would look lovely with a cute kids’ outfit.

Over the years I’ve created many free Christmas printables. Here are all of them for you to download and enjoy!


Peace love and Joy Christmas Wall Art Prntable

Christmas Deer Wall Art

Merry & Bright Wall Art

Free Christmas Wreath Wall Art Printable

Merry Christmas + Free Printable

Cute Deer Christmas Wall Art

Floral Christmas Wall Art

Ho Ho Ho Santa hat Wall Art


free printable NOEL bunting for christmas banner

NOEL Banner and Christmas cupcake toppers


Target gift card holder printable freebie

Target Gift Card Holder


Christmas gift tags free printable 9 different designs and sizes

Minimalist Christmas gift tags

Fun and Colorful 2021 Christmas Gift Tags

Free Square Christmas Penguin Gift Tags

Fox and Floral Gift Tag

Woodland Animal Gift Tags

Free Printable Christmas Cat Gift Tags

Free Christmas Advent Calendar Tags

Free Printable Watercolor Christmas Gift Tags

Free Printable Colorful Christmas Gift Tags

Christmas floral gift tags

christmas gift tags with cat designs

Free Printable Reindeer Christmas Gift Tags

Christmas Angel gift tags

Free Cute Animal Christmas Gift Tag Printable

Winter Berry Gift Tags

Winter Branches and Heart

Cute Animal Gift Tags

Cozy Christmas Gift Tags

JOY Christmas Gift Tags

Fun Cat Christmas Gift Tags

All things Christmas Gift Tags

Christmas Tree Gift Tags


5x7" printable note with angel, toy soldier and christmas tree with and without lines free printable

Neutral Rainbow Monthly Milestone stickers/cards

Neutral Rainbow Closet Dividers

Woodland Milestone Cards

Free Printable Christmas Gift List

Free Christmas-Themed Printable Notes

Christmas coupon book for kids

mockup of a baby bodysuit and a 1 month rainbow baby stickers for photo props

Watercolor floral milestone stickers/cards

Kawaii Fruits Closet Dividers


dinosaur themed christmas activities for preschoolers 7 pages

Free Christmas Mandala Coloring Pages

MERRY CHRISTMAS puppy number sequencing puzzle

Dinosaur-Themed Christmas Activities for Kids

Free Printable Winter and Christmas Coloring Bookmarks: 3 Designs to Color

Free Cute Floral Bookmarks and Gift Ideas for Readers


For the printable wall art, I recommend printable on these photo papers for a crisp and colorful result.

Use these sticker papers for your baby milestone stickers.

There you have it. 40+ Christmas printables to make your holiday a little bet less stressful.

Relax and enjoy your Christmas!

Fun Number Sequencing Puzzles for kids

Fun Number Sequencing Puzzles for kids

Cute Christmas Number Sequencing Puzzles for Kids

Want something very simple for your kid to do this Christmas? Simply print out these super adorable Christmas number sequencing puzzles for kids, along with a pair of scissors and let the fun begin.

Your kid will have fun and work on many skills as well. He/she will work on her cutting skills, problem solving skills, attention/focus, number recognition, and number sequencing. She’ll learn to do number sequencing from 1-7 and 1-11. There is also one without any number for her to work on problem solving and recognition of the puppy.

Pinterest pin of the Christmas puppy number sequencing puzzle for kids from number 1-11

There are two designs. One is the adorable Christmas puppy. The other design is of the words Merry Christmas in read on top of white snow. With both puzzles you get the options of downloading just the photo without the numbers at the bottom, downloading the easy level with numbers 1-7 or harder level with more strips and numbers 1-11.

Easy activity tip: You can recreate the same number sequencing puzzle simply by printing out your favorite family photo, cutting it into strips, and writing numbers on the bottom.

Merry Christmas number sequencing puzzle for kids



These puzzles would be best printed on photo paper or cardstock to really show the beautiful colors of the design and for sturdiness. You can also print this out onto copy paper and laminate it.

This puzzle is 8.5×11″. If you want it to fill the entire paper, you need to set your printer setting to borderless printing, otherwise you will have a little bit of white border around the design.

Before downloading, please be aware that this puzzle is for person use only. You can not redistribute or sell it. This is a non-commercial use digital download.

This Christmas puppy photo was taken by Jakob Owens on Unsplash.
The red Merry Christmas saying on white snow was taken by Jamie Street on Unsplash.


  1. Easy – Print out two copies of the 1-7 number sequencing puzzle. Cut one of the printable into strips and leave the other one for your kid to see the result to help him/her put the puzzle together.

  2. Hard- Print out one copy and let your child put together the puzzle without seeing what it should look like.

  3. Hardest – Print the design without the numbers. Have him/her look at the printable, cut it into strips and put the puzzle together with only recollection of what she saw at the beginning.

There you have it! Two beautiful and fun puzzles to play several different ways!

Have a great Christmas!

Free Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Page

Free Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Page

Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Page to keep the little ones entertained.

If your kids love coloring as much as mine, you’ll want to have lots of coloring pages on hand leading up to Thanksgiving day and on the day of. Give them something to do while you cook and they anxiously wait to eat. And to avoid the repetitive “I’m hungry” or “Is the food ready?” moments.

You need an arsenal of coloring pages to entertain your little ones so today I will be sharing with some wonderful coloring printables that have helped me through past Thanksgivings.

But first, I want to share with you my most recent one, the “Give Thanks” coloring page.

Thanksgiving coloring page freebie Give Thanks

 This “Give Thanks” page allows your kids to coloring in all things fall and Thanksgiving has to offer. For the kids that are able to write, you can ask them to write down what they are thankful for.

Usage and Printing

  • These coloring pages are for personal uses only. Please do not copy and resell these printables.
  • These can be printed on regular copy paper. It is best on cardstock if you are intending to use markers or watercolors. I use Staedler Watercolor pencils and markers from Muji.
  • If you like the black and white look, you can easily print, frame, and hang it up.
Thanksgiving coloring pages Give Thanks
  • Use this coloring page to lower your anxiety. This time of year brings anxiety to a lot of people. So grab this coloring page, sit down and color this Thanksgiving coloring page in. It will help you relax and focus on all the small things you are thankful for. For me, it has helped me be more present with my kids and truly enjoy being with them. It distracts me from all the horrible things happening in the world, and appreciates the little boys that I have. You can also write down on this coloring page all the things you are grateful for.
  • If you like coloring in Procreate, there is a PNG file in the Download section below. You can color with JPG files as well, but PNG files allow you to fill in the drawing simply by dragging the colors to that area. I have repetitive injuries on both hands due to typing fast since I was 8 years old, so Procreate has really help me enjoy coloring while limiting stress on my fingers.
Give Thanks Thanksgiving coloring page done in Procreate
Colored in Procreate


Before you download, please remember that the printables I create are for personal use only. Please do not sell them.
If you like to share the printables with family and friends, please link to the posts, not the files themselves.

Download 8×10 PDF file

Download 8×10 PNG file


More Coloring Pages

5 Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Kids
Fun Printable Thanksgiving Placemats
More Free Printable Thanksgiving Placemats
Make your own turkey headband
Free Color by number Thanksgiving pages
Free Printable Build a Turkey Coloring Page

Non-Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Support our nurses and professionals with these coloring pages
Cute Bunnies Coloring Pages
Easter Coloring Pages
Mandala Coloring Pages

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Thanksgiving coloring page freebie Give Thanks


As always, I appreciate you stopping by! Stay healthy and safe!

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