Fun Number Sequencing Puzzles for kids

Fun Number Sequencing Puzzles for kids

Cute Christmas Number Sequencing Puzzles for Kids

Want something very simple for your kid to do this Christmas? Simply print out these super adorable Christmas number sequencing puzzles for kids, along with a pair of scissors and let the fun begin.

Your kid will have fun and work on many skills as well. He/she will work on her cutting skills, problem solving skills, attention/focus, number recognition, and number sequencing. She’ll learn to do number sequencing from 1-7 and 1-11. There is also one without any number for her to work on problem solving and recognition of the puppy.

Pinterest pin of the Christmas puppy number sequencing puzzle for kids from number 1-11

There are two designs. One is the adorable Christmas puppy. The other design is of the words Merry Christmas in read on top of white snow. With both puzzles you get the options of downloading just the photo without the numbers at the bottom, downloading the easy level with numbers 1-7 or harder level with more strips and numbers 1-11.

Easy activity tip: You can recreate the same number sequencing puzzle simply by printing out your favorite family photo, cutting it into strips, and writing numbers on the bottom.

Merry Christmas number sequencing puzzle for kids



These puzzles would be best printed on photo paper or cardstock to really show the beautiful colors of the design and for sturdiness. You can also print this out onto copy paper and laminate it.

This puzzle is 8.5×11″. If you want it to fill the entire paper, you need to set your printer setting to borderless printing, otherwise you will have a little bit of white border around the design.

Before downloading, please be aware that this puzzle is for person use only. You can not redistribute or sell it. This is a non-commercial use digital download.

This Christmas puppy photo was taken by Jakob Owens on Unsplash.
The red Merry Christmas saying on white snow was taken by Jamie Street on Unsplash.


  1. Easy – Print out two copies of the 1-7 number sequencing puzzle. Cut one of the printable into strips and leave the other one for your kid to see the result to help him/her put the puzzle together.

  2. Hard- Print out one copy and let your child put together the puzzle without seeing what it should look like.

  3. Hardest – Print the design without the numbers. Have him/her look at the printable, cut it into strips and put the puzzle together with only recollection of what she saw at the beginning.

There you have it! Two beautiful and fun puzzles to play several different ways!

Have a great Christmas!