Freebies: Printable Mother’s Day Cake and Cupcake toppers

Freebies: Printable Mother’s Day Cake and Cupcake toppers

Celebrating Mother’s Day during Quarantine!

This Sunday is Mother’s Day! You might not be able to take Mom out for brunch, but you can still definitely give her a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration at home with these wonderful celebration ideas!

1. Order from her favorite restaurant (if they’re open). You’ll give mom her favorite food and help out your local business. I know my favorite place for sandwiches and soup delivers. Can you guys guess what it is?! Panera!!

2. The kids can make mom a simple cake or cupcakes (We use a cake mix. The easiest way to make cake ever!). Decorate them with these lovely cake and cupcake toppers I designed just for you! You can download them at the bottom of the post.

3. Got some rice Krispy? Make her this cute heart shape rice Krispy treats instead of cupcakes. You can still stick those cupcake toppers on them.





The party is never complete without a banner. Print out the matching Happy Mother’s Day banner and hang on your mantel or above the cake.

4. Have the kids make mom a nice handmade gift, like this bowl that she can put her jewels in. Or this suncatcher Mother’s Day card.

3. Pamper her with some lovely gift sets. I’m hinting to my husband to get me this gift set or this care package that includes an adorable tumbler.  If these don’t get there on time. Your local drug store such as Walgreen or CVS might have some cute gift sets. If you’re worried about going to the store ask if they offer deliveries of those items along with essentials.

4. Make a beautiful Mother’s Day gift set yourself. Buy some of her favorite makeup or nail polish. Add in her favorite snacks that she can’t normally eat in front of the kids and a card. She’ll love you for it.

5. If mom loves flowers, you can still get them at your local grocery store as well as home improvement stores, such as Home Depot. My husband got me some peonies from Home Depot and planted them for me in our garden. He’s awfully sweet that husband of mine!

6. The best gift you can give mom during this time of quarantine is a clean house and maybe 2 hours of quiet time after you eat the homemade Mother’s Day cake.

There you have it. Some very simple ways to give mom her best Mother’s Day yet! Set up the house for a party with banners, cake, and cupcakes. Gift her with her care package and some love this Mother’s Day!



Download your Mother’s Day cake and cupcake toppers and banner here.

Paper and Usage

These printables are for personal use only.

These Mother’s Day printables are best printed on cardstock because they can hold up better than copy paper.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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