We All Scream for Free Ice-Cream and Popsicle Printable Bookmarks

We All Scream for Free Ice-Cream and Popsicle Bookmark Printables

These ice-cream and popsicle bookmarks are so sweet. They are the perfect solution to inspire you to read during the summer. Put these in your book to help keep your place and motivate you to finish your book to get your sweet treat!

Cute bookmarks to help keep your place in your favorite book. They’re also great as party favors along with a cute book. Can be used for a book party or an ice-cream social. How about giving it out at an ice-cream reading party?  Sounds like a sweet treat!

These ice-cream and popsicle bookmarks would definitely encourage your kids or YOU to read more during the summer. Reading or reading to your kids is so important! Here are some benefits of reading:

  • Improves your memory and focus

  • Helps you write better

  • Increase your vocabulary

  • Boost brainpower and imagination

  • Helps you relax

  • Helps you learn new things

  • Teaches us empathy

  • Gain new ideas to share with family and friends

  • Go on adventures without leaving your home

Awesome Ways to Use These Bookmarks

Use these ice-cream and popsicle bookmarks to encourage you and your kids to read this summer.

With all benefits of reading, it’s important to encourage your kids to read at a young age. Or reading to them if they’re babies.

For older kids, you can use the ice-cream as a reward for reading certain pages a day or when they finished the book.

Use These Printable Bookmarks as fun party favors

These ice-cream and popsicle printable bookmarks are great as party favors for a summer-themed, ice-cream themed, or book-themed party! Books are probably my favorite to give to my family and friends. Gift some fun books and include these printable bookmarks inside. It’s a cute little surprise.

Have a reading challenge with your kids

I don’t know about your kids, but my kids love a good challenge. It motivates them to start and finish things in order to get a reward. Why not start a reading challenge with your kids?

You can do the reading challenge in several ways. The simplest challenge is the first person to finish a book gets to choose the rewards. The rewards can be anything the winner chooses or you can limit the rewards. Examples of rewards might be an ice-cream, money, what to eat for dinner, a place to visit, a restaurant.

Supplies You will need:

A printer


Scissors or Paper trimmer

Ribbon or Tassel (optional)

Laminator (optional)

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Ready for Your Download?

Before you download please keep in mind that these ice-cream and popsicle printable bookmarks are for personal use only. You may not alter them, claim them as your own, or sell them.

If you like to share this post with family and friends, please link to this post, not to the printable bookmarks file itself. Please use one image and a link back to shabbymintchicparty.com.


What is included in your PDF:

  • Three ice-cream and popsicle bookmarks (size at 2.5×6 inches) designed to be printed on an 8.5×11 cardstock. I use these bright white cardstock from Accent Opaque Digital.

  • Three different designs:

    • All You Need is a Book and ice-cream

    • Reading is Sweet!

    • Books are Cool!

Freebie ice-cream and popsicle bookmarks printable


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