Free Printable Christmas Gift List

Free Printable Christmas Gift List

Keep track of all your friends and family organized in this free printable Christmas gift list.

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Christmas shopping list

The holidays can be very stressful. Keeping track of everyone who you think deserves a little something special on Christmas can be a little bit challenging. If you’re like me you might scribble on a piece of paper here and there something you think or see that might be the perfect gift. Then you can’t find that paper because you either misplaced it or the dog ate it. That is why I created this simple Christmas gift list that will help you be a little more organized and sane this holiday.

This list is very easy to use. It not only keep you organized, but also within budget. If you’re limited on cash, I recommend setting a budget for each person on your list. I set mine at $20-$30, except for my parents and older adults. With this budget, I get even happier when I find that same item on sale for a lot less! Who doesn’t want that?!!!

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Supplies and Instructions

You’ll need a printer and copy paper to use this Christmas gift list printable. Then use a pen or pencil to jot in the person you want to give the gift to, the description of what you’re getting that person, your budget and how much you actually spend on the gift. That is all there is to it. But believe me, it makes your life so much easier just by writing these things down and not running around trying to figure out what to buy.

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Happy Christmas shopping!