Free Printable Gratitude Activity for Kids

Free Printable Gratitude Activity for Kids

A simple and fun drawing and coloring gratitude activity page to help your kids focus on the people and things that they’re thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Gratitude thanksgiving coloring and drawing activity for kids

This gratitude drawing and coloring activity is great for preschooler, kindergarten, older kids, and even adults. The printable is design to be very basic so preschoolers won’t be overwhelmed. At the same time, it has blank spaces for older kids and adults to doodle in their own art.

For my preschooler who loves to draw, I basically just asked him to draw in what he’s thankful for or people or things that he loves and he was off to drawing them. He didn’t color it all in because he had to go back to his virtual Pre-K class. But he was back at it after school ended.

completed gratitude drawing and coloring page thanksgiving activity
My 4 year old son is grateful for his mom, dad, brother, dog (depicted here pooping) and poop (shown here by a hand catching poop)!


White cardstock
Color pencils or fine point markers


Download and print out the gratitude drawing and coloring page onto copy paper or cardstock.
Supply your kid with some markers, color pencils and let her draw and color in the gratitude page.

If you want to do this activity in Procreate, download the PNG file.

Gratitude drawing coloring page done in Procreate
I colored mine in using Procreate.


Click here to download the Gratitude page PNG file.
Click here to download the gratitude page in PDF file.

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