Free Fall/Thanksgiving Printable Gift Tags

Free Fall/Thanksgiving Printable Gift Tags

Use these free fall/Thanksgiving printable gift tags to finish off that perfect gift.

Tags are the perfect way to decorate holiday gifts and these fall/Thanksgiving gift tags are cute, quirky, and oh-so-festive!

Fall thanksgiving gift tags in different sizes exclusive freebies

With so many options to choose from, looking for a unique Thanksgiving gift tag is easier than ever before. With 9 different gift tags to choose from, these will help you find the perfect one.

Make someone’s day by letting them know in a few choice words how much you care about them and adding a personal touch to their gift.

These tags doesn’t have to be used just during Thanksgiving, you can use some of these tags all year round, like the pink wreath round tag, the hot chocolate tag, and the porcupine tag.

Most of the fall/thanksgiving gift tags are 2×3″. In the last row the round and frame tags are 2.5×2.5, while the rectangle tag is 1.5×3″.

Supplies and Printing Instructions

White cardstock
Scissors or Paper Cutter
Small Hole punch

Print these gift tags on white cardstock.
Use a scissor to cut out your gift tags.
You can punch a small hole on top of your gift tag, tie a string or twine to it and attach to gift.
Use double sided tape to attach to gift.

Print these on sticker paper and stick onto gift bags and boxes. Or use as a an envelope sealer by scaling these smaller in your printer setting and print on sticker paper.

Gifts to say “Thank You”

A perfect gift is one that’s well-matched to the receiver’s preferences and tastes. You have to know your recipient really well to get the most awesome gifts.

If you have a person that loves to cook, then you can gift her a coupon to a cooking class. If you have a person that loves to learn graphic design, a year membership to Skillshare is a must.

During Thanksgiving holiday, food is always a good option. If you’re invited to a Thanksgiving dinner, bring or bake an apple or pumpkin pie and attached one of these cute tags to it.

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