5 free Thanksgiving Invitation templates

5 free Thanksgiving Invitation templates

Thanksgiving is two and a half weeks away and you decided you want to have a Thanksgiving party with your family and friends. You’ve never had one at your place before and you’re not sure where to start.

I’m here to help.


1. Start by thinking about how many people you are going to invite. This will determine the amount of food you need to have to feed everyone you invited. Not sure how much food to have on hand for everyone? Check out this Good House Keeping post for help.


2. What kind of party will it be…yes, a Thanksgiving party. Duh. But do you want it potluck style (where everyone brings a little something)? Or will you cook everything? Cater?

    • The potluck will ease the burden on you financially and physically (spending less time cooking and more on decorating)

    • Get the last minute Thanksgiving timeline here to get everything to prepare in time to welcome your guests.

3. Will it be a sit-down party or will everyone be standing around and mingling? This helps with figuring out how many chairs and tables you might need to borrow or rent.


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4. Now you are ready for the fun part: Decorating for the party. We will start with the invitation.




It might be too late to send out Thanksgiving invitation in the mail, but it’s not too late to send an electronic invitation.

I’ve created 5 Thanksgiving party invitations that you can easily edit in Canva. It will take you less than 5 mins to put in your party information, download, and attach it to your email.


free thanksgiving invitation template for Canva turkey


Free thanksgiving invitation template gather together for Canva

free Thanksgiving intiation template for Canva - Mushroom design


thanksgiving party invitation template with fall colors for Canva.


free thanksgiving intivtation template for canva leaves and blue

Get the free Thanksgiving Invitation templates here




When you open the templates in Canva, you will see all five + a bonus template. You can delete the templates you don’t want and keep the one you want. Or you can just edit the one you want and select the page that has your invitation to download it to your computer.


Once on your computer, you can attach it to your email.




For a last-minute Thanksgiving party decoration, you really don’t need much. You can get some cute fall party decorations at your nearest dollar store. Or at the $1 bin at Target. Pumpkins are cute table centerpieces. Here is a beautiful example from Meaningful Mama. You can definitely buy most or all of the supplies for this project at the dollar store.


If you’re a lover of buffalo plaid get this runner for your table. It can be used all year round. Check out how Mariah from Giggles Galore designed her table using a plaid runner.


As for dinnerware, if you’re doing a small gathering use whatever dinnerware you have. To make it more festive you can buy placemats to place it under your plates. You can also print one out. Kristi of I Should be Mopping the Floor always has awesome printables, including this placemat printable. In order to see the words on the placemats, she recommends using clear plates. I love these because they look like real plates with gold trimmings.

thanksgiving placemat printable from I should be mopping the floor

I saw these cute thanksgiving plates at my local target and had to have them. Yes, don’t be ashamed to use paper plates for Thanksgiving dinner. You’ll be thankful you don’t have to wash all the dishes after the party.


Welcome your guests to the party with this cute Thanksgiving sign that matches one of the invitations above.

Thanksgiving sign

Download the 8×10 printable here


Have a wonderful party. Don’t stress over the party decorations or food too much.


Remember Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate all we have. That includes the laughter and joy being with family and friends.


Happy Thanksgiving!

shabby mint chic party - printables for your party and home


How to host a stress-free Thanksgiving Dinner

How to host a stress-free Thanksgiving Dinner

Are you hoping for a stress-free Thanksgiving?

Planning a party can be stressful for a lot of people. I’m no exception. I’m actually horrible at planning parties. I’m great at pinning party inspirations from Pinterest, but not party planning. I design party printables, but I do not give lots of parties.
So I’m not here to tell you how to host a stress-free Thanksgiving party because honestly I have hosted a Thanksgiving dinner once. Luckily for me, we used live close to my parents and mom is a great cook so Thanksgiving was always at her house.
I’m hoping for the same this year even though we moved to a different State.
From all the Thanksgiving pasts at my mom’s house, here are some of the things I’ve learned on how to host a stress-free Thanksgiving dinner.
stress-free thanksgiving dinner

Always plan ahead even if it’s just a day before Thanksgiving!

If you’re really into planning and writing everything down, use these checklist and party planners.

1.  Get this Thanksgiving checklist from Tabler Party of Two.



2. Holiday party planner by Moritz Fine Designs.



3. Get this Thanksgiving planner with 11 pages to plan your perfect Thanksgiving and even Black Friday. Designed by Alison of Pint Sized Treasures.


Thanksgiving Planner by Pint Sized Treasures


You don’t have to make the traditional Thanksgiving food if you don’t like it.

If you hate mashed potatoes then don’t make mashed potatoes. Fearful someone will leave your party cause you don’t have mashed potatoes? Oh well, more food for you. Just kidding. You can always ask that person to make their version of mashed potatoes. Maybe you might actually like it.
My mom always make traditional Thanksgiving food because my cousins who came from Vietnam love her Thanksgiving feast. However, she also makes Vietnamese food like egg rolls, lo mein, or shrimp salad. She also bought some Russian food cause she lives in a Russian neighborhood.


You don’t need to make everything from scratch!

Are there anything on your menu that you can just buy and then semi-make it? For example, if you’re making pumpkin pie, you can buy pie crust instead of making it. My mom actually buys dumplings and Kale salad from a Russian store. Nobody cares that she didn’t make them herself.

Have family and friends pitch in for food!

You don’t have to be the only person making food for Thanksgiving dinner. Do a potluck Thanksgiving dinner, where everyone bring a dish. You just have to assign everyone a food category so you don’t have double. Potluck is always fun because you can sample how your family and friends make different version of the same food.
You can also have everyone attached a recipe to their dishes. This way people can just snap a picture of them to make at home.


Have fun!

Remember it’s about family and friends, not spending half of Thanksgiving day in the kitchen.
Plan your party ahead of time. Decide what you will need to buy and when to buy them.
Assign guests food to make or buy.
You can make whatever food you want for Thanksgiving.
Lastly, have fun with some silly games and lively conversations.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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Free Thanksgiving Printables for a great party

Free Thanksgiving Printables for a great party

Free Thanksgiving Printables

Thanksgiving is coming up soon. Are you having Thanksgiving dinner?

How will you be decorating?

If you’re answer is a shabby chic Thanksgiving, then you are in the right place.

Here are some cute burlap and lace Thanksgiving printables for you.

After all the technical glitches, I’m finally able to get all my Thanksgiving printable finished to share with you.

Free Thanksgiving Printables. Eat Drink and Be thankful

Download “Eat, Drink, & Be Thankful” wall art HERE.

Free Thanksgiving Printables. Thanksgiving cupcake toppers/labels. shabbymintchicparty.com

Download cupcake toppers HERE.

Free Thanksgiving Printables. Give Thanks banner. Shabbymintchicparty.com

Free Thanksgiving Printables. give-thanks-banner-printable. shabbymintchicparty.com

Download Thanksgiving banner HERE. This file is big so you have to unzip the file and then open each individual PDF file. If you have any issue shoot me an email.

Free Thanksgiving Printables. kids-garland-thankful for. Shabbymintchicparty.com

These acorns and leaves are perfect for keeping the kids occupy during Thanksgiving dinner.

They write down what they are thankful far then tie a string through each acorn and leaves to make a garland.

They can also be used as place cards.

Download these HERE.

If you know anyone who needs these banners, please share or pin the image below to your Pinterest account. This would get these beauties into some lovely homes! 🙂

Free Thanksgiving Printables.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.

I’m so thankful for all of you for supporting me and my small shop.


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