How to Edit The Unicorn Coloring Pages in Canva

How to Edit The Unicorn Coloring Pages in Canva

So you bought a super cool coloring pages from my shop and now need to edit it for you kid’s party or homeschool. Here are the steps on how to open your template in Canva and how to edit the coloring pages. If you haven’t, click here to buy it so you can follow along.

Access your coloring page template

When you bought the coloring pages in my Etsy shop, you should have received a PDF that looks like this:

coloring pages link in canva

When you click on Unicorn Coloring Pages, you should see the following pop up.

access to the canva coloring page

Click on USE TEMPLATE. This will open up your coloring pages.

Watch this quick video to see how I do open the template.

Editing Your Coloring Pages

To change the text that is already there, simply select it by double clicking on your mouse, highlight the text and type in your own text. Click out of the blue text box to see your final result.

If your text is too long, you can resize it by dragging the corners of the blue text box.

Changing font type and size

Once you highlight the text, your text options will show up on the top with the name of the current font, it’s size, color, etc. Simply change these settings to what you want.

See video below:

How to change how much your text is curve

If the text highlighted, the text options shows up on top of the color pages, select EFFECTS then scroll down to CURVE. Move the bar below it to control the text’s curve.

How to save your final coloring pages

Once you are done editing your coloring pages, click on the download button on the top right corner. Select PDF print. You can select to print all the pages or print only one page, etc. Click Download.

You did it!!! Yay! Now it’s time to print them out for your kiddos!

Here is a bonus tip for you!

You can add more graphics such as stars, hearts, and rainbows straight in Canva. On the left hand side menu, click on ELEMENTS. Search for what you want and click on the three lines next to the search bar to filter only FREE elements. The ones with the yellow crown will cost you $1. If you want to use them for free, I recommend doing the 30-day Pro Canva trial. This will allow you personal use of all the yellow crown elements. If you want to use these elements for commercial use you have to follow Canva’s licensing.

Printing Your Coloring Pages

If you are just using it around the house, you can simply print these coloring pages on copy paper.

For parties, I recommend heavier paper, such as these 32 lb. paper or even sturder cardstock. I use the later for my party decorations.

Buy your unicorn-themed coloring pages here.

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