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Mother’s day is just several days away. If you haven’t gotten mom something yet, consider these simple gifts that she will love you for. Give her some flowers, handcrafted gifts from the kids and one of these. Mothers far and wide will love these!

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What’s so great about these gifts is that you can get them at your local Target, beauty store like Sephora, restaurants, or even Amazon. The trick is to package it beautifully.


1. Manicure/Pedicure

Mother's Day Gift nail color

Photo by Sabina Ciesielska on Unsplash

Give mom a gift certificate to her favorite nail salon. If you don’t know what her favorite salon is, just give her a Visa’s gift card that she can use anywhere. Or if she likes doing her own nail, then put together a nice personal at home nail salon.


2. Give her a box of her favorite treats

Mother's Day Gift treats

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Give her the whole box of cookies and tell her you’ll take the kids out for two hours so she can eat the whole box by herself…in peace.


3. Spa day

Give her a gift certificate to the spa so she can be relaxed and happy to see you and the kids again. If you can’t afford a spa treatment then put together a spa kit that includes a face mask so she can wear it while binge watching her favorite show and eating her favorite box of cookies.


4. Order her favorite meal

Mother's Day gift food

Photo by Heather Schwartz on Unsplash

Give her a meal to enjoy while binge watching her favorite show, wearing the face mask and eating cookies. And if you’re ultra nice you’ll order meals for the whole family for the week.


5. Set up a bath for her

Buy that bath tray and put all the essentials, including the wine glass and bottle. Give her the whole day to just lie there to watch her favorite shows or read her favorite book.


6. Give her a gift card

If you’re not sure which of the above you want to do for her just give her a Visa’s gift card. Mom will take care of her gift herself and she will not have to return your present. You can find gift cards almost everywhere these days. I personally know that Walgreens and Rite Aid have them. The gift cards range from restaurants to movies.


7. Give her a “One Line A Day” journal

This type of journal is all the rage right now. Give it to her and let her jot down her memories. Her one line for Mother’s day might just be : “Receiving the One Line a Day journal and leaving me to write down my thoughts in a quiet space is the best gift I received on this Mother’s day.”


8. Drop her off at her BFF’s

Photo by Colin Maynard on Unsplash

If you think mom will be bored if you leave her alone, then drop her off at her bff’s so they can be “bored” together.


9. Give mom a theater treatment

Be it a Broadway show or a movie. Just leave her somewhere alone so she can watch a movie or fall asleep at the movie theater.


10. Don’t wake her up

Mother's Day Gift breakfast

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If you truly love mom, don’t even bother waking her up to wish her a happy Mother’s Day. Just let her sleep past 7 AM. And let her wake up to a ready-made breakfast, a clean house, and no screaming children.Bring the kids back right before their bedtime.

There you have it. Ten gifts that any mom would love. Give her one or all ten gifts. The most important part of all these gifts is that you leave her alone to enjoy them! Believe me, she will love you for it.

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Have a great Mother’s Day!


Over to you:

What are you getting mom for Mother’s Day? If you’re a mom, would you be happy with these or would you want something more? What is your biggest wish for Mother’s Day?