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When it comes to throwing a birthday party for your little one, the options can be endless. But if you’re looking for an adorable and unique theme, why not go with a spring panda birthday party? These black-and-white creatures are sure to make any celebration special.

I’ll show you some ideas for parties of all sizes, from banners and tablecloths to favors and decorations. So gather your friends and family together and prepare to have a ton of fun with these spring panda birthday party ideas!

The Birthday Shirt

First and foremost, don’t forget the birthday shirt! A panda birthday party is not complete without one. You can find these shirts online or in stores. They come in all different sizes, so make sure you get one that fits your panda perfectly. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even have a custom shirt made with your panda’s name on it.

Mom, you might like this panda shirt for yourself!

The Panda Party invitation

The most important part of the party, besides the party kid, of course, is the panda invitation. This will set the tone for the party. You want something fun and colorful but also includes all the important information like time, date, and location of the party. A great way to do this is to create a custom panda invitation. You can do that with this free spring panda party invitation I’m giving you today.

SPRING panda party  Canva invitation template
Click on the image above or here to edit your Spring Panda Invite in Canva.

How to Edit and Save the Invitation in Canva

The free version of Canva is all you need to edit this template. If you don’t have Canva already, you do need to sign up to their Free version. There is no cost, unless you want to use certain features of Canva. You can try out their 30-day trial, play around with it, and cancel before your trial is up.

Edit the Invitation

Editing the invitation is fairly simple. Select the text that is already there and type over it with your own information.

Save the Invitaton

Once you are done editing your invitation, click on DOWNLOAD at the top right corner. Select PDF PRINT from the down menu if you are printing at home. Select JPG or PNG if you are sending it to online photo places that do not take PDF file.

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Panda Party Banners & Decor

One of the first things guests see when coming to your party is the party decorations, such as a birthday banner or welcome sign.

This spring color panda banner is perfect for your birthday party. You can edit it using Canva, a free online editing program. The file comes with the HAPPY BIRTHDAY! bunting. However, you can easily edit this to say whatever you’d like for your special occasion.

Panda Welcome Sign

Welcome guest to the party with this cute 8″x10″ party sign.

Panda party welcome sign 8x10 inches

Panda Party Tableware

The next thing you need to think about is what kind of Panda Party tableware you will use. Panda plates, cups, and napkins such as the one below are sure to cause some pandemonium among your little guests.


Consider purchasing a tablecloth that you may utilize for another occasion. It’s rather simple to do with a panda-themed party. Purchase a black or white tablecloth and decorate it with additional colorful or panda-related accessories.


These panda plates and napkins are too cute for words and will be perfect for your panda birthday party. Plus, they’re disposable so you can easily clean up after the party is over.

Place these palm leaf dishware underneath your panda plates and you’ll have a lovely, more elegant dining set in no time.

Panda food and snacks

Panda Cupcake

These panda cupcakes are sure to be a hit with your guests. If you don’t want to make your own cupcakes, buy some from your local bakery or grocery stores. BJs has good cakes and cupcakes. Turn your plain cupcake into panda theme by placing one of these cupcake toppers on them. You can personalized this as well in Canva.

Another option to make these deliciously wonderful panda donuts.

See all the Spring Panda templates you’ll be getting for free here.

Panda cake

You can make any cake a panda cake simply by putting these adorable panda figurines around and on top of the cake.

Check out this simple cake that uses rolled wafers as bamboo.

Watch the video below to see how I edit the Welcome sign, cupcake toppers, thank you tags easily in Canva.

Panda-worthy Activities

You can’t go wrong with a panda pinata at your party. Who doesn’t love getting candy or toys out of a pinata? Plus, it’s a great way to keep the kids entertained.

In addition to the pinata, you can also set up a few other panda-themed activities for your partygoers. A panda coloring station is always a big hit, as well as having some panda stuffed animals around for the kiddos to play with.

If you want to get the kids moving, try this panda bean bag toss game. It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor parties.

Another fun game is this Pin the nose on the Panda . Simply blindfold your guests and have them try to put the nose on the panda.

You can also set up a panda-themed photo booth.

Panda Party Favors & Gifts

Don’t forget your Spring Panda Birthday party favors! These panda-themed favor bags are perfect for your little guests. Fill them with panda stickers, panda erasers, and other small panda toys. These slap bracelets are super adorable and make for a great panda party favor. This panda keychain is a little pricey, but your guests will love them!

If you are throwing an Adopt a Panda party, I highly suggest getting these pandas.

These white paper gift bags are great for a panda party because your kid can use Panda stickers to decorate the bags. No goodie bag is the same when the birthday boy/girl helped decorate the bag. Use Panda stickers to make it unique to the birthday boy/girl.

If you don’t have time to DIY a gift bag, then try some of these panda-themed gift bags!

Spring Panda Birthday Party Thank You Cards

Don’t forget to send out panda thank you cards after the party! Your guests will appreciate the thoughtful gesture, and you’ll be able to look back on the amazing memories you made together.

Looking for more panda party ideas? Be sure to check out my panda Pinterest board for even more inspiration.

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With these ideas in mind, you’re sure to throw the best panda party ever!

Happy panda birthday! 🙂